Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 167

Han Long took the lead out of the elevator, followed by Gu Dongchen and Zhang Beichen.
When he first got out of the elevator, Han Long was talking and laughing with Gu Dongchen, but while talking, he found that Gu Dongchen’s voice stopped abruptly.
Following Gu Dongchen’s gaze, Han Long suddenly saw a scene that made his back chill.
His capable man, Liu Bao, is actually kneeling before Chen Shao!
Although the weather was late autumn, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Han Long’s forehead.
“Master Han!”
So dying, Liu Bao shouted excitedly at this time.
Han Long walked to Liu Bao with a black face.
Before Liu Baoye spoke, Han Long kicked his mouth, and kicked the word for the Lord back into his mouth abruptly.
Liu Bao, who was kicked to the ground, was immediately stunned.
Han Ye…Why do you kick yourself?
The Yue Ling behind him is also confused. Didn’t Liu Bao say that he is a capable man of Han Ye? Ye Han even planned to let him take over in the future?
But now…
Yue Ling was still wondering why Han Long kicked Liu Bao, but the next moment, Han Long walked up to Chen Feng, bent over, bowed, and the whole action was done in one go!
“Shao Chen! I’m sorry, I’m late.” The cold sweat on Han Long’s forehead is getting more and more, he can only pray now, Liu Bao has not done anything excessive, otherwise, even he will suffer Liu Bao. Implicated.
Chen Shao? !
Hearing this name, Liu Bao’s mind exploded with a bang, and a huge wave rose in his heart.
how is this possible?
Ye Han actually called this door-to-door son-in-law, Shao Chen? !
At this moment, Yue Ling was also pale, and even her calf began to tremble uncontrollably.
If Xia Hao appeared in front of her now, she would definitely tear Xia Hao!
This idiot! He even said that Chen Feng was a waste of soft food.
Last year, my mother’s wasted! Yue Ling had an urge to explode.
Chen Feng waved his hand and smiled slightly: “It’s okay.”
“Shao Chen, this idiot…” Han Long couldn’t help but glanced at Liu Bao, and said in a deep voice, “Shao Chen, I am not strict in discipline, and I can’t help you. Please Chen Shao for punishment.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “No, it’s not a big deal.”
Don’t look at the face of the monk to see the face of the Buddha. After all, Han Long is now his own. He still has to take care of Han Long’s face. Moreover, Liu Bao did not treat him like anything, and he did not bother to care about Liu Bao.
Seeing Chen Feng letting Liu Bao go, Han Long couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief. It didn’t seem to be a big deal.
“Idiot! I just thanked Shao Chen for coming!” Han Long glared at Liu Bao coldly and shouted.
“Thank you Chen Shao! Thank you Chen Shao, you have a lot…” Liu Bao almost crawled to the feet of Chen Feng, kowtow to Chen Feng.
After seeing Chen Feng’s energy, he knew that if Chen Feng wanted to kill him, it was just a matter of one sentence.
But Chen Feng generously let him go, so he was grateful to Chen Feng from his heart at the moment.
“Capital crimes are forgiven, living crimes are inevitable! You idiot, just kneel here for three days, and reflect on yourself, why you are so stupid!” Han Long snorted coldly. Although Chen Feng said he didn’t care about Liu Bao, he I still have to give Chen Feng enough face and let Liu Bao kneel here for three days, which can be regarded as an explanation for Chen Feng.
“Yes, Lord Han, mine must reflect on myself.” Liu Bao nodded hurriedly, and compared to being able to get his life back, it was nothing to kneel for three days.
“Well, let’s go in, business matters.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Yes, Master Chen.” Several people nodded hurriedly to follow.
Then everyone entered the luxurious suite.
Throughout the whole process, Chen Feng didn’t even look at Yue Ling.
However, Yue Ling slumped directly to the ground like mud in the beach, with a sorrowful smile on her face.
Thinking back to her behavior just now, she felt ridiculous for a while. She actually thought that when she scolded Chen Feng, Chen Feng did not respond because she was afraid of her.
Now it seems that Chen Feng simply disdains to care about her.
Chen Feng is like a tiger, and she is like an ant that doesn’t know the height of the sky, and the ants and tigers clamor, will the tiger care about the ants?
will not!
I have lost my identity!
What’s even more ridiculous is that Xia Hao, an idiot, thought that a person with such a huge energy was a waste.
No wonder he will never be among the upper circles of Cangzhou.
But Fan Xia Hao had a little brain, and he hugged Chen Feng’s thigh, Xia Family, it would not be in the current state of not being able to fit! Yue Ling thought angrily.
After this incident, she would not take the initiative to contact Xia Hao, let alone tell Xia Hao, Chen Feng’s true identity.
She is now anxious that Xia Hao will provoke Chen Feng, and then Chen Feng will tidy up.
Soon, Yue Ling went downstairs.
When she saw Koenigsegg parked downstairs again, she only felt extremely mocking.
At this time, even if you think with your toes, you can think that this Koenigsegg belongs to Chen Feng.
But because of her own stupidity, she missed this Koenigsegg from the beginning.
At this moment, in the box, Gu Dongchen, Han Long, and Zhang Beichen all dare not show up.
Chen Feng called them together so solemnly, there must be something major to announce.
The next Cangzhou, I am afraid that there will be a bloody storm.
“How is your injury?” Chen Feng didn’t go straight to the subject at first, but first cared about Gu Dongchen. After all, Gu Dongchen was abused by Bai Guangyi last time because of him.
“Thank Chen Shao for your concern. Old Gu’s little injury would have healed long ago.” Gu Dongchen smiled, just as the saying goes. He couldn’t even think of killing him. Chen Fengcheng was not far away, alone like Jinling, and rescued him from the tiger lair in Longtan.
This is a real life-saving grace!
At the same time, he also has a new understanding of Chen Feng, absolute righteousness!
Anyway, he couldn’t do it by himself, he put himself in danger in order to save a little brother.
Therefore, for Chen Feng, he is admiring him sincerely at the moment.
In Cangzhou in the future, if anyone dares to say that Chen Feng is not the case, Gu Dongchen is the first one to refuse!
Chen Feng nodded, then his eyes moved to Han Long and Zhang Beichen.
“You all know each other, right?” Chen Feng asked. Zhang Beichen is his true confidant and a back hand left to him by his mother, so Chen Feng has no doubt about Zhang Beichen’s loyalty.
When Lin Lan auctioned Xia Mengyao’s first night power last time, he used Zhang Beichen and asked Zhang Beichen to put Shen Junwen together.
“Knowing and knowing, Zhang Shao’s name, I’ve heard about it a long time ago.” Han Long smiled. In fact, he was already secretly frightened on the way here. After all, the Zhang family is in Cangzhou and is also a top-tier first-line family. How weak.
I thought that Chen Feng was only related to the Shen family, but now it seems that even the Zhang family and Chen Feng have a layout.
In Cangzhou, how many other players did Chen Feng have yet to show?

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