Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 17

Chen Feng was not surprised by this. He knew very well that the urination of such a large family, the position of the head of the family, would always be passed on from male to female.
“Hey, there are some people who think of themselves too much. They really think that if you sleep with Lin Zongwei, you can do whatever they want?” Xia Zilan sneered. After finishing speaking, she deliberately glanced at Chen Feng. He smiled and asked: “Chen Feng, you still don’t know how your wife talked with the boss of Rendingfeng Company yesterday for business.”
“Huh?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
“I heard that the two of them opened a presidential suite in the Hilton Hotel and talked for two to three hours.” Xia Zilan added extra effort to provoke a divorce.
“and then?”
Chen Feng pretended to be surprised and asked. How Xia Mengyao negotiated business with Lin Zongwei, he knew better than anyone else, is Xia Zilan, a stupid woman, filled with cement in his mind?
“What then? Chen Feng, are you mentally disabled? Lin Zongwei is so handsome and gold, and Xia Mengyao is so beautiful. They are lonely and widow. I said they were doing homework for two or three hours in the hotel, do you believe it?” Xia Zilan If he didn’t get angry, Chen Feng, a idiot, himself hinted that it was so obvious, why didn’t he understand.
“Believe it.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly. “They are doing homework together, Mengyao told me when they came back.”
Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but laughed, she had naturally noticed that Chen Feng was pretending to be dumb, playing Xia Zilan as a monkey, when did this bastard become such a chicken thief.
Seeing Xia Mengyao smile, Xia Zilan finally realized something was wrong, but at this time, she could only bite her teeth and bit her scalp and said: “Chen Feng, you idiot, Xia Mengyao gave you a cuckold, do you know!”
“Oh, I see.” Chen Feng said seriously.
Xia Zilan choked, knowing that you are still so calm?
“Chen Feng, are you still a man? Are you not angry when you are cuckolded by your wife?” Xia Zilan cursed.
“Why should I be angry?” Chen Feng asked rhetorically.
“You… really are a trash!” Xia Zilan had nothing to say.
“It’s not that he didn’t dare to be angry, but he didn’t dare to take Xia Mengyao when he was angry.” Xia Hao sneered. He looked down on Chen Feng from the bottom of his heart and felt that Chen Feng had lost the face of a man. He was in the Ancestral Temple that day. He humiliated Chen Feng so much that Chen Feng didn’t even put a fart.
“Xia Hao, I heard that you were beaten yesterday. Are you okay?” Chen Feng’s face was sincere. People who didn’t know really thought he was caring about Xia Hao.
“TM’s, Lao Tzu, what a waste of you!” Xia Hao’s face suddenly distorted. He was cast into a psychological shadow by Lin Zongwei yesterday, so now, what I hate most is someone mentioning it.
By the way, Chen Feng still sprinkled salt on his wound.
“I just care about you, why are you angry?” Chen Feng sighed and said.
“Fuck! I don’t need you to care about the trash, you are a trash with a green hat, and you dare to be angry and dare not say anything, what right do you have to care about Lao Tzu!” Xia Hao roared.
Xia Mengyao was stunned looking at him, as if he had met Chen Feng for the first time. Is this still her only husband? Why did his mouth hurt so much, Xia Hao ran away in a few sentences.
“Is there a contradiction between being given a green hat and caring about you? Could it be that I can’t care about you if I have a green hat?” Chen Feng still looked sincere.
“Shut up for Lao Tzu!” Xia Hao was already frustrated and wanted to jump up and kick Chen Feng’s feet. He originally planned to show off in front of Xia Mengyao today and hit Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng was so disturbed, but he was hit.
Xia Mengyao smiled brightly at the corner of her mouth. Why hadn’t she noticed before that Chen Feng had such an interesting side.
“What are you laughing at, bitch?!” Xia Hao was already in a bad mood right now, but seeing Xia Mengyao smiling makes his mood even worse.
“Xia Hao, keep your mouth clean!” Xia Mengyao’s willow eyebrows raised, and her temper came up immediately.
Chen Feng’s expression also cooled, Xia Hao scolded him, he didn’t need to mind, but scolding Xia Mengyao, this was challenging his bottom line.
“You bitch, did I give you a face? Don’t think you can sleep with Lin Zongwei, and you can walk sideways in the Xia family. Our Xia family is not a bitch like you. It’s the final word.” Xia Hao’s words were horrible, Xia Mengyao’s breasts rose and fell sharply, and he was obviously angry.
“You try to scold Mengyao again!” Chen Feng’s face was cold and terrifying.
Faced with Xia Hao, who was facing Chen Feng’s cold eyes without any emotion, he couldn’t help but shudder, but he still said bluntly: “I’m just scolding, I’m his cousin, can’t I scold her? But you , A mere door-to-door son-in-law, eat our Xia family’s and use our Xia family’s. What are you going to do? You dare to beat me and fail?”
Chen Feng slapped, Xia Hao of the fan turned around in a circle, two teeth were lost.
“Sorry, you’re right, I really dare to hit you.” Chen Feng said lightly. The dragon has Ni-Lin, and it will be angry if it touches it. Xia Mengyao is his Ni-Lin!
Xia Hao can humiliate him anyway, but humiliating Xia Mengyao is just looking for death!
Xia Hao, who slapped the fan, stared at Venus. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was actually beaten by Chen Feng’s trash? !
For Lin Zongwei to beat himself, what is Chen Feng? Why beat himself! Xia Hao was immediately angry.
“Chen Feng, I’m damn your mother!” Xia Hao roared and rushed towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng dismissed a smile, just Xia Hao’s small body, it is no exaggeration to say that he can hit ten!
With another slap, Xia Hao turned around again like a top.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing! Do you know if it is illegal to hit others?” Xia Zilan panicked and wanted to stop Chen Feng.
“Shut up to Lao Tzu! Let’s fight with you again!” Chen Feng said viciously.
Xia Zilan stopped speaking immediately.
Chen Feng didn’t have any thoughts of pity for Xiangyu, and he had already seen Xia Zilan displeased. Xia Zilan said more, he didn’t mind letting Xia Zilan feel the smell of big ears.
After being slapped twice by Chen Feng, Xia Hao was completely dumbfounded.
Is this still the waste son-in-law of the Xia family who can’t fight back or scold him? Why is it so cruel today?
Seeing Chen Feng walking towards him again, Xia Hao couldn’t help but rise in fear.
“Chen Feng, you…what are you going to do? I’m the only heir to the Xia family. You are going to hit me with a problem. Grandpa won’t let you go!” Xia Hao threatened.
Chen Feng sneered and said, “Do you think I’m afraid of Xia Yunsheng?”
“Are you… are you crazy!” Xia Hao’s eyes widened, and Chen Feng dared to call Xia Yunsheng’s name.
“Great rebellion!”
“Just looking for death!”
“Kick him out of the Xia family!”

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