Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 171

“Too little? You don’t want to sell it.” Ye Mingwen took a sip of the red wine in the glass and sneered. He could guess that if Xia Hao came in such a hurry, something must have happened at home. It may be the real person in charge of Yuquan Mountain. Xia Mengyao is back, so Xia Hao will rush to throw out the project in his hand. , When will you wait to lower prices?
Not to mention 20 million, Ye Mingwen suspected that Xia Hao would sell it if he paid 15 million.
“Manager Ye, can you add more? Just as you said, 3.5 million apiece. Anyway, for you, it means paying an extra 4.5 million.” Xia Hao smiled. , 3.5 million yuan for a project, he can also earn an extra 4.5 million yuan.
The four and a half million smashed on Yue Ling, and Yue Ling’s legs, who could definitely be smashed, spread out and left him at his mercy.
For Yue Ling, Xia Hao’s heart is itchy now, especially when he thinks of Yue Ling’s enchanting figure and Xia Hao’s lower abdomen, it feels hot.
“That is to pay four and a half million more money?” Ye Mingwen raised his brows, suddenly got up, pointed at Xia Hao’s nose and yelled: “Your money for being a Laozi is not made by the wind! Why do you give it? You pay four and a half million more!”
“Manager Ye, I didn’t mean that…” Xia Hao was frightened and waved his hand to explain that Ye Mingwen was standing behind Ye Mingwen, but if he annoyed Ye Mingwen, he wouldn’t know how to die.
“I don’t care what you mean, today you have to sign this contract, and you have to sign if you don’t sign it!” Ye Mingwen didn’t bother to pretend to Xia Hao anymore, he tore his face directly, and began to threaten Xia with a fierce face. Ho.
“Manager Ye, don’t be angry. I sign, I’ll sign now.” Xia Hao said with a trembling voice. He could tell that Ye Mingwen is a robber at all. If he dares not sign, he will not leave the club today. problem.
“Huh, waste.” Seeing that Xia Hao didn’t even resist, he signed the contract. Ye Mingwen cursed with disdain. He dared to pack the ticket. If the Xia family was handed over to Xia Hao, it would not be three years away. , It will go bankrupt.
Although Ye Mingwen was scolded for trash face-to-face, Xia Hao didn’t even dare to put a fart. Instead, a flattering smile appeared on his face: “Well, Manager Ye, from now on, these projects have nothing to do with me. ”
Seeing Xia Hao eager to put aside the relationship, Ye Mingwen couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Why, are you still afraid that your cousin will take these projects back from me?”
Xia Hao smiled, he did think so. If Xia Mengyao knew that he had sold several key projects in Yuquanshan at a price of several million, he would definitely trouble him, or find those buyers himself. Go back to those projects.
Once the project is required to go back, Ye Mingwen will inevitably find him to settle accounts, and he will also vomit out the 20 million he has.
“Relax, your cousin, if you dare to come to me for a project, I will definitely let her come back and forth!” Ye Mingwen snorted and said, even if you don’t count Ye Haitang’s line, the current Ye family is Cangzhou Zhenger The first-line families of the Eight Classics, and even the first-line families, are considered top-notch.
If you add Ye Haitang, you can say that the Ye family is the number one family in Cangzhou.
What Shen family, Li family, have to stand aside!
If Xia Mengyao dared to trouble the Ye family, it would be no different from breaking ground on Tai Sui’s head. He would let Xia Mengyao know what regret is!
“Manager Ye, I’m not worried. My cousin is here to ask you for the project.” Xia Hao hesitated and said.
“Huh? What do you mean?” Ye Mingwen frowned. Xia Mengyao didn’t want to work. Who wanted it? Could it be Xia Yunsheng came here in person?
“Manager Ye, do you know the door-to-door son-in-law of our family?” Xia Hao didn’t say directly, but was ready to knock on the side.
“My son-in-law?” Ye Mingwen raised his brows and said, “Your cousin and her husband?”
Xia Hao nodded and said, “It’s him, Manager Ye. It is unlikely that my cousin will find you for the project, but her husband, if she knows about this, 100% will come to trouble you.”
“Xia Hao, do you think I can’t deal with someone who eats soft food?” Ye Mingwen’s face went dark, and after a long time, he thought it was a terrible person who was going to trouble him, but the result was TM A door-to-door son-in-law.
He, Ye Mingwen, was also the housekeeper of the Ye family anyway, Xia Hao unexpectedly felt that he could not deal with a waste of soft food.
Seeing Ye Mingwen a little angry, a thin layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on Xia Hao’s forehead, and he hurriedly explained: “Manager Ye, I don’t mean to look down on you. But my cousin, her trash husband, is indeed a little capable. Lin Zongwei, the person in charge of Peak Real Estate, has a classmate relationship. At that time, if he puts pressure on you through Lin Zongwei…”
Before Xia Hao finished speaking, Ye Mingwen waved his hand to interrupt: “Lin Zongwei is just a dog of the Chen family, what’s to be afraid of.”
“If the Chen family personally pressured me, I might still give your cousin face, but Lin Zongwei, hum, he doesn’t deserve to be put in my eyes.” Ye Mingwen coldly hummed and added, Chen family, that is The real super giants, looking at the entire China, there are few families that can match the Chen family.
Even to be an exaggeration, all the families and underground forces in Cangzhou are now united, and it is not enough for the Chen family to run a finger.
No matter how mad, Ye Mingwen dare not ignore the Chen family.
But the Chen family is the Chen family, and Lin Zongwei is Lin Zongwei.
Lin Zongwei is a senior worker at best. Ye Mingwen does not think that Lin Zongwei will provoke the Ye family behind him for a door-to-door son-in-law classmate. After all, the Ye family is not vegetarian.
Ye Mingwen has said so, and Xia Hao is not good to say anything more. In fact, his original intention is to let Ye Mingwen notice Chen Feng. It is best to teach Chen Feng. Of course, if Chen Feng is awesome, he can teach Ye Mingwen a lesson. Yes, after all, Ye Mingwen just humiliated him.
However, Xia Hao didn’t expect much of Chen Feng. He still knew about the Ye Family’s forces. Although Ye Haitang stayed simple and simple, he was not seen.
But her two elder brothers, Ye Haidong and Ye Haicheng, have been screaming outside.
The real estate company that the two established a few years ago has now accounted for more than half of the real estate industry in Cangzhou City. There are more than seven engineering teams with more than 1,000 people.
This kind of power is not comparable to the Xia family. Chen Feng may be able to lean on Lin Zongwei and jump in front of the Xia family, but if he dares to provoke the Ye family, he will just hit a lantern in the pit to find shit.

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