Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 183

“It doesn’t matter what you are.” Wang Yunna pouted dissatisfiedly, but she was even more curious about Chen Feng’s identity.
Not to mention Chen Feng, Xia Hao became more and more curious about the origin of this Koenigsegg, he was not as stupid as Lin Lan, he would think that this car was rented by Chen Feng.
Can those who can afford more than 20 million cars lack the money for renting a car?
So Chen Feng must have bought this car.
But the point is, where did Chen Feng get so much money?
“Xia Mengyao, isn’t it you?” Xia Hao looked at Xia Mengyao fiercely again.
“What’s me?” Xia Mengyao was confused.
“Did you give this rubbish money and let this rubbish buy a car?” Xia Hao asked angrily.
Xia Mengyao laughed angrily: “Xia Hao, do you think I have so much money for Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng?
After hearing this name, Wang Yunna on the side was shocked. She couldn’t even think of killing her. The young man driving a luxury car in front of her turned out to be Chen Feng!
The famous Xia family abandoned son-in-law Chen Feng!
Since coming to the company, Wang Yunna has heard Chen Feng’s name hundreds of times every day.
Xia Hao hated Chen Feng utterly, and other Xia family members talked about Chen Feng.
This led Wang Yunna to always think that Chen Feng was the mud that the beach couldn’t support on the wall, and was an incompetent wimp.
So when Chen Feng came down from Koenigsegg, she never thought that Chen Feng was the son-in-law of the Xia family.
Because she felt that the door-to-door son-in-law couldn’t drive such an attractive car.
Unfortunately, Chen Feng opened.
It’s no wonder that Xia Hao would become angry, presumably Xia Hao didn’t know, Chen Feng suddenly bought such a car, Wang Yunna immediately sorted out everything.
“You don’t have that much money, but the company does!” Xia Hao glanced at the more and more people around the company’s door, and said viciously.
“Xia Hao, what do you mean?” Xia Mengyao’s face was cold.
“What do I mean, don’t you know it in your heart?” Xia Hao sneered, then pointed to Chen Feng’s nose and said: “Xia Mengyao, don’t think I don’t know, this waste car was bought by you embezzling the company’s engineering funds .”
“Xia Hao! Do you still have any brains?!” Xia Mengyao was furious, “The company’s engineering funds, every embezzlement requires Grandpa’s signature…”
“Don’t use Grandpa as a shield!” Before Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she was interrupted coldly by Xia Hao.
“You have always been in charge of the Yuquanshan project. If you want to make financial fraud, it is simply too simple. Grandpa is not a god, how could he know everything.” Xia Hao snorted coldly. In fact, he knew it in his heart. It is very unlikely that Xia Mengyao would embezzle the company’s engineering funds to buy a car for Chen Feng, but at this time, he had to buckle this shit bowl on Xia Mengyao’s head.
Because if Xia Mengyao had a pot of shit on her head, she went to find those things Xia Yunsheng told, and Xia Yunsheng would not believe it all.
When the time comes, he and Xia Mengyao will stand alone, and Xia Yunsheng will have a high probability on his side.
Wang Yunna naturally saw that Xia Hao was planting a crop. She was very smart, and instantly reacted. Xia Hao was paving the way for Xia Yunsheng to ask him to appoint herself as the vice president of the company, so she hurriedly said: “Xia Mengyao, truth be told Let me tell you, Brother Hao appointed me as the vice president of the company to investigate your embezzlement of project funds. If you are acquainted, you should honestly explain everything! Don’t wait for me to find out and explain it again, so that everyone will save face. Can’t make it through!”
“You nonsense! Xia Hao appointed you obviously out of selfish intentions!” Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth, and she naturally understood that Xia Hao and Wang Yunna wanted to embezzle her in front of so many people in the company. Shit basin, but she has one mouth, how could she have two mouths.
“Nonsense?” Wang Yunna sneered and said: “When I show evidence, you will know if I am talking nonsense.”
Seeing Wang Yunna’s confident look, the many employees around the door immediately began to whisper.
“It seems that President Xia really embezzled the company’s engineering funds to buy a car for her waste husband.”
“It doesn’t seem to be, it’s for sure! Her husband just delivered the takeaway, you don’t know. A takeaway wants to buy more than 20 million luxury cars, is there any other way besides corruption?”
“Hey, I didn’t expect President Xia to be such a person. She looks pretty decent on weekdays.”
“Decent? That’s all for everyone to see!”
“Mr. Xia is too mindless. If you embezzle the engineering money, you should embezzle the engineering money. It’s still so high-profile. You actually bought a luxury car worth more than 20 million yuan for this waste. That’s it. Let’s expose it.”
Everyone, with a word of you and a word of mine, almost completely qualitative the matter.
Chen Feng’s expression was a little gloomy. He hadn’t settled Xia Hao’s account of selling the Yuquan Mountain project, but Xia Hao was here to pick things up first, so blatantly discrediting Xia Mengyao, when he didn’t exist?
“Xia Mengyao, you’d better explain it as soon as possible. How much project money you misappropriated from the company? If you wait for Yunna to find out and explain it, it will be too late.” Xia Hao threatened coldly. He was already determined to pay attention, regardless of Xia Mengyao. If he misappropriated the project funds, he would bribe the finance company to make a fake account that Xia Mengyao misappropriated the project funds.
“Xia Hao, let me say it for the last time. I have never embezzled a part of the company’s project funds! You can check it!” Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth. After speaking, regardless of whether Xia Hao believes it or not, she prepared to enter the company to get her own things .
“Stop!” Wang Yunna grabbed Xia Mengyao and sneered: “Want to go? Have you asked my opinion!”
“Let go!” Xia Mengyao was furious.
“What if I don’t let it go?” Wang Yunna gave Xia Mengyao provocatively. When Xia Hao was not with her, she dared to beat Xia Mengyao. Now Xia Hao is by her side, and she has nothing to fear. If Xia Mengyao refuses to accept, She hit Xia Mengyao suit.
As for Chen Feng, what is there to be afraid of?
Anxious Xia Mengyao slapped Wang Yunna’s face with a backhand.
This slap slapped Wang Yunna directly, and did not get over for a long time.
“Bitch, you’re looking for death!” After the reaction, Wang Yunna’s eyes suddenly turned red, and she threw her teeth and claws toward Xia Mengyao.
At this time, a big hand grabbed her from behind.
“Try moving her finger?” Chen Feng’s voice was cold, and Wang Yunna dared to hit Xia Mengyao in front of him. How would this not take him seriously!
“Trash, do you want to die!” Wang Yunna screamed, Chen Feng is so useless, why should he do it to himself!
“Let go of Yunna!” Xia Hao also stood up angrily. No matter what Wang Yunna said, he was considered half a woman. If he watched Wang Yunna being beaten, then he would be a man.

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