Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 186

However, many Xia’s employees onlookers took this seriously.
“I think President Xia did the right thing. If you can really get along with the Ye family, let alone selling the Yuquanshan project at a low price, it would be nothing to give the Yuquanshan project to the Ye family.”
“That is, the Ye family is the leader of the real estate industry in Cangzhou. One of the top five first-line families, ordinary families, who want to enter the Ye family circle, don’t even have a door.”
“With the Ye family relationship, who will look down on our Xia family in the future? I also think President Xia has done a good thing for the Xia family this time.”
Everyone’s whispers were heard in Xia Yunsheng’s ears, but his heart was even more sad. I didn’t expect the Xia family to have so many short-sighted idiots.
Let’s not say the truthfulness of Xia Hao’s remarks.
Step back ten thousand steps and say, even if what Xia Hao said is true, this group of people don’t want to think, Ye Family, why would they be the Xia Family?
These years, verbal promises are the least reliable thing.
Only benefits are eternal!
The Xia Family wanted Ye Family’s help, unless the Xia Family could bring the Ye Family’s heart-warming benefits, if not, the Ye Family would never be able to help the Xia Family!
Even when the Xia family is in distress, they will even fall into trouble!
Xia Yunsheng, who had lived for decades, understood this truth better than anyone else.
Taking a deep breath, Xia Yunsheng said coldly: “Nie Hu, I don’t care how you babble, and I don’t care what the Ye Family promises you, I will give you three days now!”
“You go and sell the projects that were sold at a low price, and all of them will be returned to me! I can do nothing…”
“Grandpa, it’s impossible!” Before Xia Yunsheng had finished speaking, Xia Hao hurriedly interrupted and asked him to go to Ye Mingwen and those second-line families to do the project. Isn’t this asking him to die? Those people are all people who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. He Xia Hao has no power and power, so he can ask for anything.
Xia Yunsheng slammed his crutches on Xia Hao’s face, and immediately cast a red mark of finger length on Xia Hao’s face.
“Niezi, I’m not negotiating terms with you!” Xia Yunsheng was full of anger and shouted: “If you don’t come back to those projects, you will get out of the Xia family!”
“Grandpa, you just killed me, and I won’t come back to those projects.” Xia Hao gritted his teeth. At this time, he is also a dead pig and is not afraid of boiling water. He is going to ask Ye Mingwen and others for the project. He will definitely die, but don’t do it. Although Xia Yunsheng would punish him and even kick him out of the Xia family, he could save his life.
“You bastard! I really didn’t dare to kill you?!” Xia Yun was furious, and raised the crutch in his hand high, his teeth creaked, as if there was a tendency to throw the crutch on Xia Hao’s head at any time.
Xia Hao was heartbroken and closed his eyes simply. He was betting that Xia Yunsheng dared not do anything to him.
I have to say that he was right.
After a while, Xia Yunsheng couldn’t get it right after all. He knocked on the crutches in his hand heavily, and cursed angrily: “My family is unfortunate! My family is unfortunate!”
At this moment, Xia Yunsheng’s intestines would be regretful. He would never have thought that the Xia family would be destroyed in the hands of a person with no eyes.
Xia Yunsheng’s face was depressed, as if he was ten years old in an instant.
Chen Feng looked on coldly. In fact, he had expected that the Xia family would be where they are today.
Xia Yunsheng is too patriarchal and always feels that only Xia Hao can inherit the Xia family. As for Xia Mengyao, who is a hundred times better than Xia Hao in ability and character, he directly ignored the past and even deliberately suppressed it.
It is conceivable that the stupid and short-sighted Xia Hao will bring the Xia family into a difficult situation.
“Grandpa, don’t be too angry.” At this time, Xia Zilan, who had been hiding in the crowd, stood up with a smile.
Xia Yunsheng leaned on a cane, closed his eyes, and did not take Li Xia Zilan.
Xia Zilan was not embarrassed either. After taking a look at Xia Mengyao, she couldn’t help but said, “Grandpa, in fact, those projects don’t come back.”
“Do you have a way?” Xia Yunsheng opened his eyes and asked in a deep voice.
Xia Zilan shook her head hurriedly and said: “I can’t help it, but…” Having said that, Xia Zilan glanced at Xia Mengyao again and said, “I think Mengyao has a way.”
“Mengyao?” Xia Yunsheng shifted his gaze to Xia Mengyao, but when Xia Mengyao glanced at Xia Zilan expressionlessly, he said coldly, “Why do you think I have a way?”
“Dingfeng Real Estate’s general manager Lin Zongwei, but your husband’s classmate, and you and Lin Zongwei are now colleagues. Your husband and wife have a very close relationship with Lin Zongwei. If you come forward, let Lin Zongwei put pressure on the Ye family and the Ye family. Naturally, the project will be returned to our Xia family.” Xia Zilan took it for granted that the general manager of Ding Real Estate and Chen Feng are classmates, and it is no secret in Xia’s family.
Almost everyone in the Xia family knows that when they chat after dinner, many people laugh at Chen Feng about this incident secretly. Lin Zongwei who came out of the same school became the general manager of a tens of billions of real estate companies, but Chen Feng, Became a takeaway and also became the son-in-law of the Xia family.
Fully explained what is the gap between people.
“Why do you think Lin Zongwei will help us pressure the Ye family and the others? Besides, I sold the project to the Ye family and the others?” Xia Mengyao sneered again and again. Xia Zilan let her know what shameless people are, and the world is invincible.
In the past, even if Xia Zilan knew that Chen Feng and Lin Zongwei were classmates, she still prevailed over the Xia family to exclude and suppress Chen Feng, and ridiculed Chen Feng because she felt that the Yuquan Mountain project had been discussed and Chen Feng had lost its use.
But now, the Yuquanshan project has a problem, but Xia Zilan remembers that Chen Feng and Lin Zongwei are classmates, and want to continue to use Chen Feng.
Besides, as she said, the project was sold by Xia Hao to the Ye family, and Xia Hao took the advantage of it alone. Now that he is in trouble, she and Chen Feng are allowed to clean up the mess.
Is there such a bully!
Xia Zilan’s expression was a little unnatural, but she said righteously: “Mengyao, how can you say that, our Xia family is a whole, all prosperous and shameless. No matter who sold the project. Now the Xia family has a problem. As the Xia family, it is necessary to contribute to the Xia family. Otherwise, if the ship of the Xia family sinks, everyone will have to drown.”
“Zilan is right, Mengyao, you can’t be so selfish. If the Xia family goes bankrupt, you won’t be much better.”
“That’s right, Chen Feng and Lin Zongwei are classmates. There is such a relationship, so don’t use it for nothing.”
“This rubbish has been eaten and drunk in our Xia family for three years, so he should do something.”
Several distant relatives of the Xia family spoke one after another. They more or less owned some of the shares of the Xia family. The Xia family’s interests were damaged, which meant that their interests were damaged.

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