Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 189

“Chen Shao, in your name?” Gu Dongchen didn’t react for a moment. In his name, what Chen Feng said was in the name of his Xia family’s son-in-law or the heir of the Chen family.
In response, Chen Feng just said two words lightly: “Xia Family.”
“Okay, Chen Shao, I understand.” Gu Dongchen nodded hurriedly. Since he was the son-in-law of the Xia family, he naturally couldn’t reveal his identity during the notification process. People like the Ye family had to think it was Chen Feng personally informed.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, then hung up the phone, only to find Xia Mengyao looking at herself with complex expressions.
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng couldn’t help but said softly.
“Chen Feng, let me talk to them first tomorrow? I want to try.” Xia Mengyao said lightly, she had already seen that Chen Feng’s current behavior meant to push her to the stage. Obviously, Chen Feng wanted her to be independent, and Xia Mengyao had no time to think about the reasons behind this.
The only thing she can do is to live up to Chen Feng, strengthen herself as soon as possible, and be able to stand alone instead of standing behind Chen Feng forever and enjoying Chen Feng’s protection. This negotiation with the Ye family and the others is just one Great opportunity to exercise.
“Okay, you will talk to them tomorrow.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. He could more or less guess the thoughts in Xia Mengyao’s heart. Of course, he would also unconditionally support it. After all, this was his original intention.
“Chen Feng, thank you.” Xia Mengyao smiled in relief. She was originally worried that Chen Summit would not let her participate in this negotiation because she was afraid that she would be harmed.
“Thank me for what I do?” Chen Feng smiled and said: “Meng Yao, tomorrow’s negotiation, I have only one request for you.”
“What’s the requirement?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but ask.
“Don’t wrong yourself.” Chen Feng said seriously, “Remember, you are my woman. No matter when and where, I will protect you behind your back. As long as I stay in this world for one day, you can’t be wronged!”
“Well, I will.” Xia Mengyao nodded gently.
Soon, the time came to the next day.
Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao came to Guyue Villa early, and Chen Feng had thought about bringing everyone from the Ye family here because it was Gu Dongchen’s site.
Today, if these people honestly handed over the project, it would be okay, if they were not honest, it would be convenient to clean up.
“Chen Shao, Miss Xia.” Gu Dongchen personally greeted him, with A Hao and other direct descendants behind him.
“Are everyone here?” Chen Feng asked lightly.
Gu Dongchen shook his head and said, “Shao Chen, a few strangers have not come, but the Ye family and the persons in charge of Shanshui Real Estate and Kang Yun Real Estate have all come.”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded slightly. He had anticipated this situation a long time ago. Those who didn’t come would have the same strength as the Xia family. One part didn’t want to give him face, and the other part was slightly jealous of the Xia family. I plan to express my attitude by not taking Lixia’s family.
As for the Ye family and the people from Shanshui Real Estate and Kangyun Real Estate, they all have considerable confidence and are not afraid of Xia family at all. The reason for coming here is purely with a play mentality. The family can recover the project from them.
“Make a list of those who haven’t come, and turn around and break a leg.” Chen Feng lightly ordered that since these people don’t give him face, then he doesn’t need to give them face.
“Yes, Shao Chen.” Gu Dongchen stunned and nodded hurriedly.
“Ahao, you will go in with Mengyao for a while to protect Mengyao.” Chen Feng turned his gaze to Ahao again. Although he agreed to let Xia Mengyao go and talk to the Ye family, he wouldn’t do nothing. .
“Shao Chen, what about you?” Ahao was stunned, isn’t Shao Chen planning to go in with Miss Xia?
Chen Feng smiled slightly and said: “I’m just outside, I will come in as soon as I have anything to do.”
“Okay, I must protect Miss Xia.” A Hao nodded. Chen Feng must have Chen Feng’s reason for doing this. He wouldn’t doubt it.
At this time, in the box, Ye Mingwen and two middle-aged men with big bellies have begun to covet themselves. Next to the three, there are also a few exposed women who are peeling grapes and pouring red wine for the three. It can be described as an emperor’s enjoyment. .
Outside the box, a dozen sturdy bodyguards in black suits and headsets were separated into two rows.
“Manager Ye, why can’t that waste come?” In the box, a fat middle-aged man who was a bit greasy couldn’t help but speak. His name is Kang Haibo, the person in charge of Kangyun Real Estate, which works as Cangzhou City. One of the top ten real estate companies, coupled with the second-tier family Kang Jia, the financial resources are almost to the extreme, the company’s scale has even approached 5 billion.
As the manager of the Kangyun real estate project department, Kang Haibo himself also has an annual income of over 10 million. Originally, he didn’t intend to pay attention to Chen Feng’s clamor. But after hearing that Chen Feng has a wife who looks more than a god, he After changing his mind, he usually likes to play with young women from the good family. Of course, this opportunity cannot be missed.
Ye Mingwen took a sip of red wine and slowly said, “What’s the hurry? The one that should come will come sooner or later. Besides, if this waste doesn’t come, isn’t it just what you want? You don’t have to return the projects you bought. Up.”
“Hey, Manager Ye, you can really make a joke.” Kang Haibo smiled, “I didn’t always plan to give the waste face and return the project. The reason why I came here was purely for the wasteful wife.”
“Are you looking at that wasteful wife too?” Ye Mingwen hadn’t spoken yet, but the other middle-aged man with gold glasses started to speak in surprise.
“Wang Haishan, what do you mean by that? What do you mean, maybe you kid, you want to intervene?” Kang Haibo’s expression is a little uncomfortable. The man with golden glasses is named Wang Haishan. He is the general manager of Shanshui Real Estate, Kang Yun Real Estate and Shanshui Real Estate doesn’t deal with Shanshui Real Estate on weekdays, so his relationship with Wang Haishan is not much better.
“Why, do you have an opinion?” Wang Haishan sneered and did not deny that, unlike Kang Haibo, he had seen Xia Mengyao from afar. After that time, he was fascinated by Xia Mengyao, so he has been trying to get close. Xia Mengyao did not make any progress until Xia Hao gave him the opportunity to acquire Yuquanshan’s project,
“Hmph, I don’t have any opinion, I’m afraid that the yellow-faced woman in your family has opinions.” Kang Haibo snorted coldly. There is a tigress in Wang Haishan’s family. This is a well-known thing. It is said that the tigress is related to the Li family. Relationship, if Wang Haishan dared to steal fishy outside, the tigress at home would not be polite to Wang Haishan.

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