Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 195

Then, Chen Feng’s gaze naturally fell on the tea cup in front of Xia Yunsheng.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing!”
At this time, Xia Hao walked in, followed by a few key members of the company.
“Nothing, just want to hand over the contract to Grandpa.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Contract?” Xia was stunned, and said, “What contract?”
Chen Feng glanced at Xia Hao, and said, “Of course it’s the contracts you sold, so what else can be.”
Xia Hao’s pupils suddenly tightened, some of them couldn’t believe it: “Have you got back those contracts from the Ye Family?!”
Chen Feng did not speak, but threw the contract on the table and motioned to Xia Hao to see it for himself.
Xia Hao walked to Chen Feng in a few steps, took out the contract, and swept them one by one.
After confirmation, Xia Hao’s mind suddenly set off a huge wave.
This waste, actually did it!
And it took less than a day!
“How did you do it?” Xia Hao swallowed and asked in disbelief.
“No comment.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“What’s the matter with the chairman?” At this moment, someone finally noticed something wrong with Xia Yunsheng.
Xia Hao shifted his gaze to Xia Yunsheng, and pretended to be tentatively speaking: “Grandpa?”
Called several times in a row.
Xia Yunsheng didn’t react at all.
“Did Grandpa fall asleep?” Xia Hao asked suspiciously, full of acting skills.
“It doesn’t seem to be. Go and call the doctor!” A relative of the Xia family shouted anxiously.
A few minutes later, Xia Yunsheng’s personal doctor arrived, took out professional equipment, and checked Xia Yunsheng.
“What happened to Grandpa?” Xia Hao asked concerned.
“Chairman…” The doctor glanced at Xia Hao embarrassedly and said: “Chairman he seems to have become a vegetable.”
Inside the office, the needle dropped quietly and could be heard.
“What are you talking about?!” Xia Hao was agitated, and as he said, he grabbed the collar of the private doctor and shouted: “Grandpa, he was fine before, how could he suddenly become a vegetable!”
“That is, did you make a mistake in the inspection? In the afternoon, I don’t think there is any problem with the chairman.”
Several relatives of the Xia family are also anxious. Xia Yunsheng is the Dinghai Shenzhen of the Xia family. If something really goes wrong with him, then the Xia family will probably be restless next.
The personal doctor wiped the cold sweat from his head and said: “I can’t check it wrong. The chairman’s current heart rate and breathing state are completely consistent with the condition of a vegetative person.”
Everyone in the Xia family suddenly became ashamed, the doctor said so, I am afraid that Xia Yunsheng has really become a vegetable.
I have to say that this news was too sudden.
Everyone in the Xia family had no psychological preparation at all.
“Grandpa, wake up.” With a puff, Xia Hao knelt in front of the office chair, grabbed Xia Yunsheng’s hand, and his eyes started to turn red.
Chen Feng watched indifferently throughout the whole process. He had no feelings for Xia Yunsheng, so Xia Yunsheng became a vegetable, and his heart would not fluctuate.
“Why did Grandpa become like this?” Xia Hao gave a choked look at the middle-aged doctor.
“The chairman’s body has always been healthy before. He suddenly became like this. I am afraid it was stimulated.” The middle-aged doctor pondered.
“Excitement?!” Everyone in the Xia family looked at each other, not knowing why.
“Yeah.” The middle-aged doctor nodded and continued: “Most of this stimulus is emotional. For example, something happened that made the chairman unacceptable and caused the anger of the chairman. If it is too late, the central nervous system will be disordered and become a vegetable…”
Everyone in the Xia family couldn’t help but fall on Chen Feng.
When they followed Xia Hao in the door before, only Chen Feng stood in front of Xia Yunsheng in the office.
“Is it you?!” Xia Hao also suddenly moved his eyes to Chen Feng.
“What does it have to do with me? I came in for less than a minute.” Chen Feng gave Xia Hao a cold look, this idiot, acting skills are good.
“You say it’s a minute? What evidence do you have?!” A senior in the Xia family said in a cold voice. At present, it seems that Chen Feng is most suspicious!
“I have no evidence.” Chen Feng suppressed the anger in his chest and said.
At present, it seems that he just broke in unluckily and hit the muzzle.
Maybe there was something wrong with this cup of tea, even Xia Hao did it, but if he said it, the Xia family would not believe it, but would think that he was planting something, so the best way is to deny it directly.
“Fart! You must have said something that made Grandpa angry!” Xia Hao said angrily. He hadn’t thought of planting this incident on Chen Feng, but now Chen Feng hit him. Moreover, everyone in the Xia family was also on his side, so he would never miss such a good opportunity.
“Xia Hao, do you really think I don’t know what you did?” Chen Feng gave Xia Hao a cold look. There is no doubt that he was cheating on Xia Hao. If Xia Hao did it, Xia Hao will naturally reveal it. Horse feet.
“What did I do?” Xia Hao was a little guilty, but he did behave stiffly: “As soon as I walked in, I saw you standing in front of Grandpa, and Grandpa was lying on a chair. You did what you did. What, not me!”
Xia Hao’s words naturally led the Xia family’s people to think randomly.
I have to say that he succeeded.
Almost as soon as the speech fell, many relatives of the Xia family became furious.
“It must be this waste!”
“Yes, it’s this rubbish. He had done it against the chairman before, and this time he had to return the contract, and his tail would not reach the sky.”
“Call the police and let the police come over, this matter can’t be forgotten!”
“Things that have no conscience, the chairman is so kind to him, and he doesn’t repay the chairman, even if he makes the chairman become a vegetable.”
Everyone in the Xia family will directly determine the nature of this matter with one word and one word.
Chen Feng did it!
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and everything he said was sophistry.
But when the police really came, he wasn’t afraid, after all, he was not afraid of the shadow leaning.
Ten minutes later, not only the police, but almost all the senior officials of the Xia family arrived here.
Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan were naturally there, and it was no small matter that Xia Yunsheng became a vegetable.
“Chen Feng, how are you?” Xia Mengyao came to Chen Feng the first time, with a bit of worry in her beautiful eyes. She didn’t believe that Chen Shengeng did such a thing, and made Xia Yun vegetative.
Because it is not necessary at all.
But the rest of the Xia family thought otherwise.
Driven by some caring people, everyone in the Xia family at this moment has almost reached the point of condemning Chen Feng.
“I’m okay.” Chen Feng shook his head. How do the Xia family have nothing to do with him? Anyway, he doesn’t have less meat.

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