Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 198

“Huh?” Gu Dongchen was shocked: “Open Audi?”
“Well, drive the Audi.” Chen Feng nodded and smiled. The Audi was bought for him by Xia Mengyao. After buying it, it hasn’t been driven a few times. This time it just happened to be driven out.
“Shao Chen, why don’t you drive that Koenigsegg?” Gu Dongchen couldn’t help but ask. In his opinion, only the Koenigsegg could be worthy of Chen Feng’s identity.
Moreover, although Audi is regarded as a luxury car in the eyes of ordinary people, Audi is no different from a tractor in this kind of race with supercars. Is Chen Feng not afraid of losing his share when he drives an Audi?
Chen Feng sighed and said, “Old Gu, you are usually smart, why are you so stupid today?”
“Stupid?” Gu Dongchen touched his head, where is he stupid?
Chen Feng nodded and said with a smile: “I’m going to drive Koenigsegg over, how to find out the news, Ye Haitang is not blind, she will definitely find someone to investigate.”
Gu Dongchen patted his head, and said with some embarrassment: “Shao Chen, look at my brain, and forget that you were inquiring about the news in the past.”
“It’s okay, let people get the car over as soon as possible.” Chen Feng smiled and said.
“Well, Chen Shao, I suggest you go there in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. The number of hotels in Bohai Bay is limited. If you are late, I’m afraid you will have no place to live.” Gu Dongchen said.
“Okay, I’ll be there in the afternoon.” Chen Feng nodded.
Soon, Gu Dongchen’s people drove the car over, and after filling up the gas, Chen Feng drove directly on the road.
The Bohai Bay is the intersection between Cangzhou and Nanning.
The most famous attraction here is the winding bay track. Every year, many racing events are held here.
On weekdays, there are also many rich second generations who like to drag racing in Bohai Bay.
Of course, there are not a few deaths from drag racing.
At the foot of the mountain, shattered luxury car parts can be seen everywhere.
When Chen Feng’s car drove to the foot of the mountain, it was already early evening. As the race was about to start tomorrow, the hotel at the foot of the mountain was already overcrowded.
Chen Feng asked several in a row, all of them were full.
Helpless, Chen Feng had to continue driving up the mountain.
The Bohai Bay Road at night, but the famous ghost gate, the track here is winding, the road conditions are complicated, and the lights are in disrepair for a long time, which is dim.
If you are not careful, there is a risk of car crash.
Therefore, there is a saying among the drivers who have been in the Bohai Bay all the year round. Those who dare to drive in the Bohai Bay at night are all death drivers!
Chen Feng didn’t know this sentence, but even if he knew it, it would not affect his driving at night.
At a speed of 180, Chen Feng forced the Audi out of Lamborghini.
On the mountain path, only a phantom can be seen passing by.
At the same time, a few masked men crept out of the grass on a must-go road on the mountain road.
“Boss, you won’t kill anyone.” A thin man said weakly.
“The life of a fart!” The mighty man in the lead glared at the thin man and said: “This is Bohai Bay at night, and the speed of the people going up the mountain is 50 or 60. The speed of 50 or 60 can be a fart thing. ”
With that, the mighty man will spread dozens of long nails evenly on the road.
“What if someone drives to 100?” the thin man asked carefully.
“One hundred?” The mighty big man snorted coldly, and said, “If you don’t want to die, you will drive to one hundred.”
As soon as the voice fell, a phantom appeared in the sight of several people.
In the first second, the white car lights were still hundreds of meters away, and in the next second, the white car lights came one after another!
In an instant, several masked men were frightened to their legs!
too fast!
People don’t even have time to react.
Naturally, it was Chen Feng who drove. In fact, he did not expect that someone would stand in the middle of the road at this late hour.
Slammed on the accelerator.
The tires rubbed sharply against the ground, and an extremely harsh sound cut through the tranquility of Bohai Bay.
In the end, Audi stopped at an inch in front of several masked men.
There was a “puff”.
The thin man was so scared that he slumped directly on the ground, just a second before he entered the ghost gate.
The mighty man was also scared into cold sweat and his calves were soft.
But after all, he has seen a lot of worlds. After calming down, he immediately drew a wrench from his waist and angrily came to Chen Feng’s car door.
“How did you drive!”
The mighty man patted Chen Feng’s car door heavily and roared.
Chen Feng frowned, then pushed the door open, got out of the car, and glanced at a few people.
“Robbery?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. These people are also interesting. In the big evening, they ran to the Bohai Bay track to robbery, really not afraid of death.
That is to say, he is quick to react. This is about to run into a slow reaction. There is no time to step on the brakes, I am afraid they will all die tonight.
The mighty man was stunned, Chen Feng’s brain circuit. Why is it a little different from normal people? Shouldn’t normal people cry for father and mother when they encounter robbery, why should Chen Feng ask the question?
“Knowing that I’ve robbed him, don’t hurry down on my knees!” Although surprised, the mighty man didn’t think much about it. He directly threatened with so many people, and they all had weapons, so they were not afraid of Chen Feng doing anything Moth.
“Yes, kneel down! Call out all the valuable things on your body!” The thin big man also started yelling. He was almost scared to pee by Chen Feng just now. Now that he caught the opportunity, he naturally had to return.
“Are you sure you want me to kneel down?” Chen Feng smiled playfully. He hasn’t done anything for a long time. If these strange flowers are ignorant today, he would just loosen his muscles.
“Boy, if you don’t kneel, you will die!” The mighty man threatened with a grin. This is Bohai Bay, and it’s normal to die.
“Okay.” Chen Feng sighed. Since a few people are so obsessed, he doesn’t bother to say anything.
Just about to start, at this moment, a red Ferrari drove over.
Although the scene in front of him was obviously not right, the red Ferrari did not intend to ignore it, but stopped the car directly beside a few people.
The door opened, and a man in a floral shirt and a tall young girl in a black silk dress got out of the car.
The figure of the man in the flower shirt is a bit bloated, and his face is full of fat, but this fat has an inexplicable sense of joy.
The young girl next to him has a slender and graceful posture, as if a gust of wind can blow it down. A pretty face without pink and black looks very stunning under the car lights, and the young girl’s temperament is also very gentle, and The joy of Fatty formed a sharp contrast.
“What are you doing?!” The man in the flower shirt snorted carelessly, obviously meant to be in charge.

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