Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 203

“Okay, must, must!” Chen Feng was helpless, did he seem to be such a troublemaker.
“Sun Quan, this dog thing, obviously wants to hug Deng Shiqi’s thigh.” Zhu Guangquan glanced at Sun Quan angrily, and cursed. Since Deng Shiqi appeared, Sun Quan has been like a pug and has been around Deng Shiqi. Deng Shiqi licked the sole of his shoe.
“Let him hold it, it doesn’t matter who is the thigh.” Chen Feng said with a playful smile.
“How can I let him hold it? If this dog hugs Deng Shiqi’s thigh, treating you is not the same as playing.” Zhu Guangquan said.
Chen Feng laughed, it’s the same? Just rely on Deng Shiqi? He really didn’t put Deng Shiqi in his eyes.
“By the way, Deng Shiqi is also really rich. I heard that he spent almost 1.5 billion on the preparation of the Black Dragon team. After the preparation of the team, the maintenance of the team will cost two to three billion every year.”
“Of course, the Heilong team, which he has spent such a great price to train, has no strength to say. Almost all major domestic racing events can take the place.”
“This time, he will be the champion of the Cheshen Cup.” Zhu Guangquan slapped his tongue.
“Is he interested in Ye Haitang?” Chen Feng asked. Obviously, Deng Shiqi did not come for the 100 million bonus. Maybe the 100 million bonus is very attractive to ordinary people, but at his level, a Billion is no different from 100,000 yuan, so it can only be for Ye Haitang.
“Well, Deng Shiqi likes Ye Haitang, it’s no secret in the circle.” Zhu Guangquan nodded, and said: “It is said that in the past few years, Deng Shiqi set up nine pieces at the door of Ye Haitang in order to chase Ye Haitang. Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine roses have created a sea of ​​roses.”
“and then?”
“Then Ye Haitang set off a fire and it all burned.”
“Huh?” Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t notice that Ye Haitang was still violent.
“Brother Chen Feng, I don’t think Ye Haitang likes Deng Shiqi, so you still have a chance.” Zhu Guangquan patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and joked.
“I already have a wife.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Of course, even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have anything to do with a thorny rose like Ye Haitang.
“Do you have a wife?” Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide, as if he could lay an egg.
Even Zhu Jiayan, who has always been calm, couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng in surprise. He has a wife, and he came here to see Ye Haitang. Chen Feng is not a scumbag.
“Well, we have been married for three years, and our relationship is very good.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Then you are still here, aren’t you afraid to go back to the washboard?” Zhu Guangquan asked.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “I am here indeed for Ye Haitang, but it is not what you think.”
“It’s not what I thought?” Zhu Guangquan was puzzled. It wasn’t for Ye Haitang’s people, what else could it be?
“You will understand in the future.” Chen Feng sighed and said.
At this time, Sun Quan walked over here with a few people.
Zhu Guangquan subconsciously stood in front of Chen Feng.
“Get out of the way!” Sun Quan gave Zhu Guangquan a cold look.
“What are you going to do?” Zhu Guangquan looked at Sun Quan without showing weakness, and did not move.
“Get out of the way! I have something to do with him!” Sun Quan pointed at Chen Feng and shouted sharply.
“What’s the matter?” Zhu Guangquan refused to give in.
“Zhu Guangquan! Don’t be shameless!” Sun Quan clenched his fists, tending to get angry.
At this moment, Chen Feng stood up and said, “Old Zhu, please get out of the way, he is here to find me.”
“Brother Chen Feng…” Zhu Guangquan gave Chen Feng anxiously.
Chen Feng shook his head, gave a relieved look, then moved his gaze to Sun Quan, and said lightly: “What’s the matter?”
“I’m going to compete with you in the supercar for a while.” Sun Quan said with a gloomy face. For him, the supercar is a good opportunity for revenge, because every year, so many people die on the court. This year, Chen Feng can also be on the death list.
“I can’t drive.” Chen Feng shook his head. He naturally knew Sun Quan’s thoughts, but his time was precious and there was no need to waste Sun Quan.
“Are you persuaded?” Sun Quan sneered, somewhat provoking Chen Feng.
“Well, I was persuaded.” Chen Feng nodded and admitted directly.
“You…” Sun Quan said, before he cursed two words after a while: “Trash!”
“He doesn’t compare with me, you come to compare with me!” Sun Quan turned his somber gaze to Zhu Guangquan again.
“Why do I compare with you?” Zhu Guangquan curled his lips. Although Sun Quan’s driving skills are at the level of an amateur driver, he is much better than him. Compared with Sun Quan, his chance of winning is almost zero!
“You don’t compare with Lao Tzu, believe it or not I will let your Zhu family go bankrupt now?” Sun Quan sneered and took out his cell phone as he spoke.
The reason why he proposed to compare with Zhu Guangquan was not to humiliate Zhu Guangquan, but to use Zhu Guangquan to elicit Chen Feng. If Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan’s relationship were deep enough, then Chen Feng would certainly not stand idly by.
“Sun Quan, don’t go too far!” Zhu Guangquan’s face flushed. Sun Quan did grasp his weakness, and Sun Quan’s words were not intimidating him. Sun Quan really had a way to make the Zhu family bankrupt now.
“Lao Tzu is so excessive, you bite Lao Tzu.” Sun Quan was very arrogant.
“Okay, I can compare with you!” Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth. Now, he can only catch the ducks on the shelves. If he doesn’t race with Sun Quan, the Zhu family will go bankrupt. Race with Sun Quan. If you lose, at best Sun Quan was humiliated, but he was not unacceptable.
“Brother…” Zhu Jiayan is a little anxious. Zhu Guangquan is not Sun Quan’s opponent at all. He really wants to force a comparison. Losing is a trivial matter. I’m afraid that Sun Quan will make a bad move in the middle, and Zhu Guangquan will have an accident on the court.
“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter who loses and who wins.” Zhu Guangquan waved his hand and said solemnly.
“Forget it, let me compare with him.” At this time, Chen Feng stood up. He didn’t want to pay attention to Sun Quan, but Sun Quan resorted to this trick to disgust him. I have to say that Sun Quan has a good vision. I can see that his relationship with Zhu Guangquan is not shallow.
He couldn’t just watch Zhu Guangquan being humiliated.
“No! Brother Chen Feng, you haven’t been on the field at all. Supercars are different from your usual driving, and the field is changing rapidly, and the response to people is very demanding. If there is a slight difference, the car will be destroyed… “Zhu Guangquan is anxious. Although he has only been in contact with Chen Feng for less than a day, he really regards Chen Feng as his brother, so he really doesn’t want Chen Feng to have an accident.
And the most important thing is that Chen Feng has never driven a supercar, and is not familiar with the performance of supercars. If he really wants to go on the field, the probability of an accident is as high as 100%!
“Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten pork, haven’t you seen a pig run? I drove a supercar, but it’s really not good. It’s a big deal. I’ll drive slower.” Chen Feng interrupted with a smile. In fact, he didn’t. Worried about any problems, as a chemist, he has enough confidence to deal with no matter what happens on the court.

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