Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 218

Although Chen Feng said bluntly as the most unstable factor in Cangzhou, Ye Haitang was not angry, and even a little bit of joy.
Since being hit by Chen Feng one after another, Ye Haitang has developed a sense of frustration. He feels that in Chen Feng’s eyes, he is a dispensable existence, but now, Chen Feng’s remarks prove that she is in In Chen Feng’s mind, he still had that status.
“What does Mr. Chen want me to do?” Ye Haitang smiled sweetly and asked. Chen Feng said that it was obviously not in vain to help her resist the pressure of the Deng family.
“I want to… let you help me protect someone.” Chen Feng paused.
“Xia Mengyao?” Ye Haitang raised her eyebrows, but she was still a little surprised when Chen Shengeng made such a request. She thought that Chen Shengeng asked her to submit, but unexpectedly, Chen Shengeng asked her to protect Xia Mengyao.
Ye Haitang suddenly became curious about what kind of person Xia Mengyao was that could make Chen Feng pay for her like this.
“Not bad.” Chen Feng said bluntly.
“Mr. Chen, Shu Haitang said frankly, Haitang can’t do this.” Ye Haitang shook her head. She was always arrogant and asked her to protect another woman and serve as a bodyguard for that woman. She couldn’t do it. .
“Miss…” Aunt Qing couldn’t help speaking. She didn’t expect that Ye Haitang would refuse. In her opinion, Chen Feng’s condition was already very attractive, but Ye Haitang was asked to protect Xia Mengyao without any other requirements. It simply gave Ye Haitang a lot of face, but Ye Haitang was still like this, which was a little bit ignorant.
It’s a good thing to be arrogant, but it’s a good thing to be too arrogant.
“Why can’t it?” Chen Feng smiled and asked. Ye Haitang refused. He was not surprised. She is an arrogant woman who has to fight first in everything. Let her protect another woman. , Is to make her bow her head invisibly, so she refused, which is normal.
“There is no reason, it just can’t be done.” Ye Haitang put his hands around his chest, quite a bit of breath.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “Well, since Miss Ye can’t do it, then Chen won’t force it.”
Aunt Qing sighed, but she didn’t expect that the talk would collapse so soon, Ye Haitang was still too young and energetic after all.
“Mr. Chen, Haitang is not sensible. Please forgive Mr. Chen.” Aunt Qing said, Ye Haitang was ignorant, and she had to be sensible. The Ye family is already in dire straits. There is a strong enemy like the Deng family on the outside. There is a fault of warrior, if you make Chen Feng this super wealthy heir unhappy, then Ye Family is really hopeless.
“Aunt Qing is serious, Miss Ye’s mood, I can understand.” Chen Feng waved his hand, he is not the kind of stingy person, not just because Ye Haitang rejected him, he was dissatisfied with Ye Jiaxin.
“Ms. Ye can’t do this request. Chen has another request. Would you like Miss Ye to listen?” Chen Feng asked.
“Mr. Chen, please speak frankly.” Aunt Qing said with joy and hurriedly spoke, unexpectedly there was still room for maneuver.
Although Ye Haitang did not speak, he also pricked his ears.
“I hope Miss Ye can take a shot once in the future when my wife encounters a danger that cannot be resolved.” Chen Feng laughed. In fact, this is his real goal. Xia Mengyao is also paving the way for the present.
“No problem, Mr. Chen, I agreed to this for Haitang.” Before Ye Haitang could say anything, Aunt Qing hurriedly spoke. She was afraid that Ye Haitang would be stupid again, and she would say something that would collide with Chen Feng. This condition of Chen Feng can be said to be so generous that he can no longer be more generous, only to let the Ye Family take a shot instead of tying Ye Family to Xia Mengyao to death. In exchange for Chen Feng to take a shot and resist the pressure of the Deng family, they didn’t even think about it before.
“What do you mean by Miss Ye?” Chen Feng glanced at Ye Haitang with a smile. Ye Family, after all, was in charge of Ye Haitang.
“No problem.” Ye Haitang’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and Chen Feng had already shown full sincerity. If she refused again, she would be suspected of ignorance.
“Then thank Miss Ye first.” Chen Feng smiled and said. Ye Haitang is obviously the kind of person who promises a lot of money. Chen Feng is not worried that Ye Haitang will regret it in the future or pretend to ignore it.
“Mr. Chen is polite, just take what you need.” Ye Haitang said indifferently. In fact, in terms of what the two parties paid, Chen Feng was at a disadvantage. After all, he had to face it. He might be the dark master of the Deng family, and she , Although he wanted to help Xia Mengyao once, it was obviously not a strong opponent to deal with.
“In this case…” Chen Feng smiled and got up, preparing to leave, but at this moment, there was a sound of heavy objects falling to the ground outside the courtyard.
The gate of the courtyard was torn apart by a kick, and pieces of wood flew across.
Outside the door, Wu Jiuyou stood with his hands in his hands, his expression proud.
Deng Shiqi on the side was breathing fire in his eyes, hatred to the sky.
“Bitch, did Laozi ruin your good deeds?” Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth and gave Ye Haitang a cold look.
Ye Haitang smiled meaningfully: “Yeah, you broke my good deeds. If you come here later, it will be fine.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. This lady is a typical watch of the excitement and it is not too big a problem. Deng Shiqi already hates her and herself enough. She is still adding fuel to the fire, for fear that Deng Shiqi hates it not deep enough?
“Bane! People!” As Chen Feng expected, Deng Shiqi’s teeth were almost broken when Ye Haitang said what he meant.
“This rubbish, how is he better than Lao Tzu!” Deng Shiqi looked at Chen Feng with blood red eyes. If Ye Haitang likes a man with a better family background and better than him, then forget it. However, Ye Haitang fell in love with Chen Feng. Such a waste.
A son-in-law who has a soft meal! In the past, he would never look at this kind of garbage, but now, Ye Haitang kicked him away for such a garbage!
This makes Deng Shiqi, how can he not be angry!
“Brother Feng is better than you everywhere.” As if to anger Deng Shiqi intentionally, Ye Haitang took the initiative to take up Chen Feng’s arm, and even changed her name to Brother Feng.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, did not break free, just let Ye Haitang hug him.
But Deng Shiqi’s blue veins on his forehead were about to burst open.
“Let go of her, I will spare you not to die!” Deng Shiqi yelled at Chen Feng. He couldn’t tolerate it. Chen Feng had nothing to do with Ye Haitang.
“What if I don’t let it go?” Chen Feng gave Deng Shiqi a playful look.
“Don’t let go?!” Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth, “If you don’t let me go, I will kill you all!”
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, killing him all? Deng Shiqi is a idiot, read too many novels, it will kill people at every turn.
Deng Shiqi trembled all over, and Ye Haitang didn’t care if he looked down on him. Why should Chen Feng look down on him for such trash!

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