Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 223

Zhu Guangquan stopped speaking. What Zhu Jiayan said was cruel, but it was true.
Born in this kind of wealthy family, there is no family affection at all. If he can use his life alone to change the safety of the Zhu family, the Zhu family’s high-level officials will definitely raise their hands and feet in favor.
“Oh, my bad life, if it is gone, it will be gone. It is the brothers Chen Feng.” Zhu Guangquan sighed. When going up the mountain, Chen Feng’s Audi was punctured by the robbers. He was kind enough to take it away. After Chen Feng’s journey, it was so hard to die. After arriving at the hotel, the narrow-minded Sun Quan saw Chen Feng and Zhu Jiayan walking together…
Needless to say, Chen Feng first slapped Sun Quan in the face. , And then offended Deng Shiqi again, making things very difficult.
The thing Zhu Guangquan regrets most now is that he shouldn’t take Chen Feng when he goes up the mountain.
“Brother, do you still care about him? You can hardly protect yourself now.” Zhu Jiayan glared at Zhu Guangquan a little bit irritably. She really didn’t know why Zhu Guangquan had such a big heart, and she almost couldn’t save her life. There is also the mind to control others.
“Sister, look at what you said, I care about what happened to Brother Chen Feng? If it weren’t for the two of us who caused Brother Chen Feng, Brother Chen Feng would never have a grudge against Sun Quan, let alone offend Deng Shiqi…
” Okay, don’t tell me, brother, I’m not letting you care about him.” Zhu Jiayan interrupted Zhu Guangquan impatiently, and said: “Let’s go home quickly, brother, I’ll be home in a while, Grandpa Second If they asked sin, you do not own a silly person embrace, Sun Quan said they take the initiative to provoke something, in addition, to admit that the wrong attitude to be honest, they do not talk back to my grandfather. ” ” Do
not worry, brother
You’re not stupid yet .” “You’re not stupid yet…”
At this moment, in the Zhu family’s living room, the Zhu family seniors were almost there, but everyone’s faces were gloomy as if dripping water, and the atmosphere was depressing and suffocating.
“That wicked animal hasn’t come back yet?!”
After a while, Zhu Fengchun, the old grandfather of the Zhu family, who was sitting in a high position, said with an angry face.
Everyone in the Zhu family shuddered.
“Dad, Guangquan, he… is still on the road.” A rich middle-aged man who was as fat as Zhu Guangquan looked at the old man of the Zhu family with a wry smile and said.
“Still on the road?!”

Just let him die on the road! Why come back!” Zhu Fengchun scolded. After receiving the news last night, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He couldn’t think of killing him, his grandson. , For the sake of a door-to-door son-in-law, at the same time offending Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi these two wealthy young masters.
Zhu Fengchun really couldn’t figure out why Zhu Guangquan would do such a stupid thing.
For the sake of a door-to-door son-in-law, against the eldest of Nanning Deng’s family? !
This is because the brain is kicked by the donkey!
“Grandpa, President Sun of China Merchants Bank just called me again. He said…”
“President Sun said, give us three more days to the Zhu family. Three days later, if the loan is not repaid, They went through the proceedings and auctioned off the restaurants in the east of our Zhu’s home.” At the bottom, a young man in a black suit gritted his teeth. His name is Zhu Kangle, Zhu Guangquan’s cousin.
“What, go through the litigation process!”
“It’s over, this is over. If the bank is sued by the court, then our Zhu family will really be over!”
“That’s a five hundred million loan, our Zhu family, now it’s completely Can’t get it out.”
“Damn Zhu Guangquan! It’s not good to offend anyone, but he wants to offend the Sun family member, that Governor Sun, who is Sun Quan’s cousin, must vent his anger for his nephew at this moment.”
Many relatives of the Zhu family accused Zhu Guangquan. Zhu Guangquan’s wealthy middle-aged man sighed and said: “This matter is indeed something that Guangquan did wrong. As a father, I have a great responsibility. From President Sun, I will talk to him. I will try my best to let him give us the Zhu
family a few days of grace .” “A few days of grace? Does it work? It’s nothing more than death sooner or later.” Someone snorted, very dissatisfied.
“Yes, it’s nothing more than death sooner or later. Besides, the idiot Zhu Guangquan offended not only President Sun and his family.”
“And the Deng family!”
“Offended the Sun family , our Zhu family may still have a way to survive, but it is offended. The Deng family, our Zhu family, there is no way to survive!”
“Damn idiot, even if you die by yourself, you have to drag the entire family to his burial…”
The accusations from many of the Zhu family’s relatives are endless, and Zhu Haodong has some He sighed helplessly. Now that he said nothing is useless, Zhu Guangquan has already committed public anger.
“Grandpa, I’m back.” At this moment, Zhu Guangquan stepped into the door.
“You bastard, you still have a face to come back!” Zhu Fengchun was furious, picked up the teacup on the table, and slammed it towards Zhu Guangquan’s face. Zhu Guangquan did not dodge, letting the teacup hit his face, hot. The tea splashed across his face.
“Grandpa, I’m sorry.” Zhu Guangquan lowered his head.
“I’m sorry? I’m sorry, do you want to expose everything!” Someone made a strange voice.
“Don’t kneel down yet!” Zhu Fengchun yelled with hatred for iron and steel, and
Zhu Guangquan also knew it and knelt on the ground.
“Grandpa, this matter is all my fault. How you punish me, I will admit it.” Zhu Guangquan said in a dejected voice like an eggplant beaten by cream.
“Punish you? If you punish you, we don’t have to pay back the five hundred million from the Sun family?!”
“If you punish you, the Deng family won’t bother us!” Zhu Fengchun asked angrily.
Zhu Guangquan was speechless. Indeed, Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi would not give up dealing with the Zhu family because of his punishment.
“From today, the seat of the heir of the Zhu family will be handed over to Kang Le. Do you have any comments on my decision?” Zhu Fengchun asked coldly. The Zhu Kangle in his mouth was the black suit who had just reported to President Sun. The young man is Zhu Guangquan’s cousin.
“No comment.” Zhu Guangquan shook his head like a dull gourd.
Although he became the heir of the Zhu family, Zhu Kangle was not excited at this time, and even a little bit lamented. After all, the Zhu family is now a mess. It is said that it is the heir, but in fact it can’t be inherited. .
“In addition, from tomorrow, you will kneel in front of the gate of Sun’s house, admit your mistakes to Sun Quan, and ask Sun Quan for forgiveness. When will Sun Quan forgive you, when will you come back.” Zhu Fengchun said solemnly, Sun Quan He is the heir of the Sun family. As long as Sun Quan promises to let go of the Zhu family, the Sun family will not have trouble with the Zhu family.
Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth a little humiliatingly and told him to confess his mistake with Sun Quan by putting his face on the ground and letting Sun Quan step on it. This is more uncomfortable than letting him eat shit, but he also understands that the Zhu family has come to life and death. At the stall, if he can’t let go of his face, then the Zhu family is really over.

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