Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 225

Deng Yuze was shocked and hurriedly took possession of his arm and helped him: “Master Zhu, don’t make it, don’t make it, get up quickly.” “Huh
Everyone in the Zhu family was dumbfounded, their mouths were wide open, as if two eggs could be packed into Deng Yuze. Are you guilty? Why is it impossible to use it now?
Zhu Guangquan also looked dumbfounded. Is the old man in front of him really from the Deng family?
Although puzzled, he dared not get up because Zhu Fengchun hadn’t spoken yet.
“Guangquan, you should get up first.” At this moment, Zhu Fengchun said in a deep voice. He could see that Deng Yuze’s attitude did not seem to be a fake. He was very likely. It was really not for Zhu Guangquan to question him.
“Yes, grandpa.” Zhu Guangquan agreed in a muffled voice, and then got up.
Deng Yuze breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Deng Shiqi told him to be polite to Zhu Guangquan, but when he came over, Zhu Guangquan knelt in front of him on one knee and almost messed up the matter.
“Master Zhu, my young master asked me to come over.” After a bit of indulgence, Deng Yuze spoke slowly.
“If you have anything to do with Mr. Deng, just come at me. I caused the disaster alone and it has nothing to do with the Zhu family.” Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice, and one person took all the responsibility.
Deng Yuze shook his head lightly, smiled and said, “Master Zhu misunderstood. I came here on this trip and didn’t mean to offend the Zhu family.”
Everyone in the Zhu family was taken aback and didn’t ask for trouble?
“Then Mr. Deng…?” Zhu Guangquan glanced at Deng Yuze suspiciously.
“That’s it, my young master, when he was on the mountain, there was a little conflict with Zhu Gongzi and Mr. Chen. Afterwards, my young master was very sad and felt that he was a little too reckless at the time.”
“So the old man came on this trip because he wanted to make amends to Young Master Zhu on behalf of my young master.” Deng Yuze bowed slightly, full of sincerity.
Everyone in the Zhu family is like a sculpture, all sinking into petrification.
The young master of the Deng family, Deng Shiqi, had to pay Zhu Guangquan for it! !
How can this be!
Everyone feels like they are separated from each other, and they have a feeling of living in a dream.
Deng Yuze shook his head. He also knew that no matter how good his words were, the Zhu family would not believe him.
Fortunately, he also prepared a generous gift.
Deng Yuze waved his hand, and a crowd of bodyguards in black suits and headsets filed in behind him.
Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked and took a step back subconsciously.
Then I saw that many bodyguards in black suits were holding a silver safe in their hands.
One by one, the safes are placed flat on the ground, enter the password, and the boxes open.
A large swath of red banknotes lay quietly in the safe, and the unique red light of the 100-yuan life coin gleamed in the sun.
Nearly a hundred silver password boxes are neatly placed together, and the bright red light that comes out together is dazzling and shocking!
Everyone in the Zhu family stood there, not even daring to breathe.
So shocking!
Except for shock, they couldn’t think of any other words that could describe the scene before them.
The bills of unclear value have almost piled up into a mountain!
Everyone in the Zhu family has never seen such a scene.
No, to be more precise, they have never seen so much money!
After a long while, someone’s throat surged and swallowed, breaking the silence.
Zhu Fengchun, who had seen many big scenes at an age, also had a dry throat at this time and couldn’t help but say: “Old Deng, you…what do you mean?”
“Apologize.” Deng Yuze smiled slightly, although the appearance was light , But blood was dripping in his heart, and he didn’t know what the background of the Chen Feng who Deng Shiqi offended was so scared that Deng Shiqi had prepared so much just for apologizing.
“Compensation…a guilty gift?”
Many people in the Zhu family have their tongues knotted. The money in front of them is at least hundreds of millions of dollars to start. The hundreds of millions of guilty apologizes, when did Zhu Guangquan’s face become so big?
“Well, apologize.” Deng Yuze nodded slightly and said: “This is five hundred million.”
“Five hundred million!” The
audience shouted in amazement , and even several timid Zhu family members could not stand firmly and were Sitting on the ground in shock.
Although they had already estimated in their hearts, they still did not expect that the sum of money in front of them would be 500 million!
How does it feel to put five hundred million in cash in front of you!
A meal of one hundred yuan of life coins is about 80 million. If these life coins are five hundred million, it is more than six meals!
Everyone in the Zhu family was already too shocked to speak.
At this time, Deng Yuze smiled slightly and said again: “This is not all.”
This is not all! !
The pupils of the Zhu family shrank, and Deng Yuze could not have emptied the bank.
“Didn’t the Zhu family still owe the bank five hundred million? Our young master helped the Zhu family pay the five hundred million.” Deng Yuze smiled and said, one billion!
This is all Deng Shiqi’s sincerity this time!
Or apologize!
It is not easy even for the Deng family, who has a big business, to generate a cash flow of one billion at a time.
But after Deng Shiqi went home, he wanted his fate, saying that someone would destroy Deng’s family if he didn’t give money, so Deng Fengnian could not believe it.
Of course, it was Deng Shiqi’s words that really prompted Deng Fengnian to make up his mind.
Wu Jiuyou was killed with a leaf.
It was this sentence that almost made Deng Fengnian’s station unsteady, so he used the Deng family’s relationship overnight to withdraw 500 million yuan from banks in Nanning and sent it to Zhu’s family.
Deng Yuze didn’t understand the world of martial artists, but he knew that Wu Jiuyou was better than Deng Fengnian, and the other party could kill Wu Jiuyou with a leaf. Then I am afraid that a leaf would not be used to kill Deng Fengnian.
“Old Deng…can you tell me the real reason for Fengchun?” Zhu Fengchun said hoarsely. These few words of Deng Yuze set off a huge wave in his heart, and his mind was a little unstable because of the impact. He thought now I know why the Deng family did this.
There is no doubt that it is not because of Zhu Guangquan!
Zhu Fengchun knows better than anyone else that the only advantage of his grandson’s ability is that he is honest and honest, loyal, and not bad-minded. Sometimes, he is a little short-minded, otherwise he would not make it. For the sake of being a son-in-law, offend Nanning. One of the three giants, the Deng family.
But now, Deng Yuze told him that the Deng family had spent one billion to make amends for his grandson!
This is no longer as simple as falling pie from the sky, but falling gold ingots!
“The real reason?” Deng Yuze smiled meaningfully and turned his gaze to Zhu Guangquan: “Maybe Master Zhu knows.”
Deng Yuze’s words also awakened Zhu Guangquan who was in a sluggish state.
Seeing Zhu Fengchun looking at him, Zhu Guangquan swallowed, “Is it Brother Chen Feng?”
Brother Chen Feng?
Everyone in the Zhu family looked at each other, Zhu Guangquan was talking about…that son-in-law?

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