Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 227

“Brother Chen Feng lacked five hundred million is his business, but it is my business that he hasn’t paid it back yet.” Zhu Guangquan sneered, and the group of people in front of him really showed the snobbery to the fullest. At that time, he When they first returned to Zhu’s house, these people wanted to have Chen Feng plucked and sent Chen Feng to Sun’s house to apologize.
But now knowing that Chen Feng is unusual, this group of people immediately changed their faces.
“Don’t say anything!” At this time, Zhu Fengchun drank with majesty, “Guangquan did the right thing, and I support his decision!”
“My Zhu family are not insatiable people. We should take it. We have one point. We won’t take less, we shouldn’t take it, give it to us, we can’t take it!”
Everyone in the Zhu family said nothing, no one dared to question what Zhu Fengchun decided on.
However, Zhu Guangquan is really a pig’s brain, five hundred million in cash, even if he said it was returned, his brain was crushed by a car.
Only Zhu Fengchun took a look at Zhu Guangquan with satisfaction. At first he didn’t understand how Zhu Guangquan made friends with a big man like Chen Feng. Now, he understands.
All by a pure heart!
A heart of innocence worth ten thousand dollars!
“Guangquan, your brother Chen Feng, what is his true identity?” Seeing that the money was not distributed, Zhu Guangquan’s second aunt Wang Chunhua hit Chen Feng again.
Zhu Guangquan frowned: “I don’t know.”
He does not know the true identity of Chen Feng. Of course, he will not ask. If he can, he does not want the relationship between himself and Chen Feng to deteriorate.
“I don’t know?” Wang Chunhua was stunned: “How can I not know? This is a terrific thigh, Guangquan, you have to find out which young master the other party is…”
“Second aunt, does the young master of Brother Chen Feng have anything to do with you?” Zhu Guangquan interrupted a little impatiently. Among the Zhu family, the second aunt Wang Chunhua was the most snob.
“Guangquan, how do you talk?” Wang Chunhua refused to follow him: “Which eldest master Chen Feng is, why has nothing to do with me?”
“He helped our Zhu family this time, then he belongs to our Zhu family. Benefactor, the benefactor of the Zhu family is my benefactor of Wang Chunhua, how could it have nothing to do with me?”
Zhu Guangquan sneered, Wang Chunhua can be regarded as let him see what it means to be thicker than the city wall, obviously they are two unrelated characters. , She was able to pull a piece abruptly.
“Second aunt, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking! The Chen Feng brothers are the Chen Feng brothers, and the Zhu family is the Zhu family. There is no relationship between the two. Don’t even think that you can get the Chen Feng brothers to our Zhu family. Together.” Zhu Guangquan glanced at Wang Chunhua coldly. After speaking, regardless of everyone’s reaction, he turned and left the hall.
“Hey, you…” Wang Chunhua stomped his feet angrily. This person who doesn’t know good or bad really considers himself a character!
In fact, the reason why she cares about Chen Feng’s identity is also her selfishness.
According to the news she inquired, Chen Feng was in Xia’s house and was very unwelcome. Almost any Xia family could sneer at Chen Feng. Although she didn’t understand why Chen Feng had to be so tolerant, she did. I think Chen Feng will break with the Xia family sooner or later.
At that time, Chen Feng is likely to be single again. Once Chen Feng is single, there will be hope for these unmarried women in the Zhu family, especially her daughters, who are waiting to be married.
If there is one, who can be fortunate enough to be favored by Chen Feng and become Chen Feng’s wife, then the Zhu family will soon become a first-line family in Cangzhou, even comparable to the Li family and Shen family!
At that time, she, Wang Chunhua, will also become a great hero of the Zhu family, completely exuberant.
Although she also knows that the chance of success is very slim, how can she not try?
Chen Feng had already returned to Yuquan Mountain at this time. When he went to the mountain this time, he did not bring the charger. Last night, the phone was turned off.
After charging and powering up, Chen Feng turned on immediately.
Suddenly saw seven or eight missed calls.
Several of them were made by the same person, and the caller ID was an unfamiliar number.
There are three more, from Xia Mengyao.
Naturally, Chen Feng dialed Xia Mengyao’s phone immediately.
“Mengyao, you are…”
“Chen Feng, Dad is gone!”
Before Chen Feng finished speaking, Xia Mengyao interrupted anxiously.
“Dad is gone?” Chen Feng’s heart sank. Xia Weiguo was so good, how could he be gone?
“In the afternoon, the nurses from the hospital called me and told me that my dad was missing. The nurses said that the person who took my dad away seemed to be from the Ye family.” Xia Mengyao’s voice was crying. My family’s affairs were messed up, so I neglected to care about Xia Weiguo. I never visited the hospital a few times.
Ye family?
court death!
Chen Feng was frightened and angry. He didn’t expect that the Ye Family would use such abusive tricks to threaten him and Xia Mengyao through Xia Weiguo.
“Mengyao, where are you now? I’ll be there right away?” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng asked calmly, taking Xia Weiguo’s Ye family, not the Ye family where Ye Haitang is, but the two brothers founded by Ye Haitang. Ye Family, these two people will be more unscrupulous than Ye Haitang when they do things, so Chen Feng is really worried that if they can’t wait for themselves, they will take Xia Weiguo’s knife.
“I’m on the way to Ye’s house now.” Xia Mengyao said.
“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll come right now!” Chen Feng said solemnly, and then hung up the phone.
Came to the garage, got into Koenigsegg, kicked down the accelerator, Koenigseggyang walked away.
At this time, many people had gathered in Yejia Manor.
There are the Ye family’s servants, the Ye family’s bodyguards, and the family members of Wang Haishan and Kang Haibo. These two people went to the banquet with Ye Mingwen. After the banquet, they also disappeared.
So after hearing that the Ye family had a way to find someone, the family came to the Ye family.
“Ye Dong, that waste, he will really show up?” Kang Haibo’s brother, Kang Yunbo suspiciously asked. At first, Xia Hao said that the disappearance of Ye Mingwen, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan had nothing to do with the Xia family. It was Chen Feng alone. Dry.
They didn’t believe it, but later, when they saw Xia Hao kneeling in front of them and swearing a poisonous oath, they believed it, that waste, it is very likely that the Xia family really came back!
So they followed Xia Hao’s suggestion, used Xia Weiguo as a bargaining chip, threatened Chen Feng and let Chen Feng hand him over.
But Kang Yunbo felt that Chen Feng might not dare to appear, after all, he offended the Ye Family this time!
And their Kang family and Wang family!
Chen Feng is a door-to-door son-in-law, what would he do with a first-line family and two second-line families?

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