Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 234

Xia Mengyao shook her head, too lazy to argue with Lin Lan.
Lin Lan was also acquainted, did not continue, turned her head and looked at Xia Wei Guodao: “Lao Xia, you just left the hospital today, and I don’t want to quarrel with you. This rubbish is another matter of establishing the Xia family. Let’s leave it alone. The top priority now is to
buy a house as soon as possible .” “Buy a house? Where did you get the money?” Xia Weiguo frowned. He knew the situation at home. He was not very rich at first. This time he fell ill and spent a lot of money. Money is even more difficult. Not to mention buying a house, but eating is a problem. Where did Lin Lan get the money?
“Don’t worry about where I got the money.” Lin Lan took out a card and said with an air of expression: “Anyway, we will go to Yuquan Mountain to see the house tomorrow.”
“Yuquan Mountain? The house there needs at least one set Seven or eight million.” Xia Weiguo’s brows deepened. The seven or eight million houses he was talking about were just the most common 70-80-square-meter residence in Yuquan Mountain, not a mansion or a villa.
“Seven or eight million houses, which are also people living in?” Lin Lan
curled his lips in disdain, and said: “If we want to buy it, we will buy more than 10 million.” Xia Weiguo opened his mouth wide, and Lin Lan was not afraid. The wind flashed his tongue?
Dare to say that ten million houses?
“Lan Lan, where did you get the money? Did Chen Feng give it?” Xia Weiguo asked. In his opinion, only Chen Feng could have so much money. Otherwise, Lin Lan alone would have three or four thousand a month. I can’t afford to buy a house in this lifetime.
“Lao Xia, what do you think? If this waste can give me 10 million, I can wake up with a smile in my dreams.” Lin Lan sniffed, and said: “This money in my hand is what I saved every cent. There is nothing to do with this waste. Last time in Yuquan Mountain, a surnamed Lin…”
Lin Lan was beaten by Lin Zhaozhong’s wife in Yuquan Mountain a few days ago, when Lin Zhaozhong paid 5 million yuan and Gu Dongchen paid Xia Mengyao 1.5 million yuan. After listening, Xia Weiguo was dumbfounded. Zhang Da, as if he could fit two eggs.
That Lin Zhaozhong actually paid Lin Lan five million!
Is that man a fool, or is there nowhere to spend more money? Xia Weiguo thought in astonishment, this year, if one person lost his life, he would only lose 600 to 700 thousand at most, but Lin Lan was not good, just being slapped a few times, he lost five million.
How could there be such a good thing.
There must be a problem!
Almost in an instant, Xia Weiguo thought of Chen Feng. Chen Feng was there at the time. Lin Zhaozhong must have given Chen Feng face and only gave Lin Lan five million.
Otherwise, it would be nice to rely on Lin Lan alone, let alone five million, not to be beaten to death on the mountain.
What kind of background does my cheap son-in-law have that makes so many people so jealous? Xia Weiguo became more and more curious about Chen Feng’s true identity.
But right now, in front of Lin Lan, he couldn’t ask any more, so he could only focus on buying a house.
“Even if Lin Zhaozhong pays you 5 million, plus the original Gu Dongchen’s 1.5 million, you still have 6.5 million in your hand now, why would you think of buying a house for 10 million?”
Xia Weiguo I asked, undoubtedly, the house in Yuquan Mountain is the top residence in Cangzhou. Almost all the wealthy people in Cangzhou live there. The original Xia Weiguo had thought that one day he could live in Yuquan Mountain, but only Just think about it, let him buy a house in Yuquanshan, he definitely can’t afford it.
“Isn’t there still this rubbish? We buy a house, he can’t always pay nothing.” Lin Lan glanced at Chen Feng, Yin and Yang said strangely.
“Mom, why did you buy a house for Chen Feng to make Chen Feng pay for it? Also, can’t you live in a house of more than 6 million? Why do you have to buy more than 10 million?” Xia Mengyao said a little displeased, Lin Lan used to be She saw everything about Chen Feng. It could be said that she didn’t treat Chen Feng as a human being. Now that she needed money, she thought of Chen Feng again. Is there such a bully?
Besides, more than six million yuan can buy a good villa in other parts of Cangzhou, but Lin Lan has to go to Yuquan Mountain to buy a house. The house in Yuquan Mountain is good, but the price is too high. Lin Lan Buying a house there was purely to satisfy my vanity and to show off in front of her gang of sisters, without considering the actual situation of the family.
“Why should Chen Feng pay for it?” Lin Lan glanced at Xia Mengyao dissatisfiedly: “Mengyao, what do you say, Chen Feng is my son-in-law, mother-in-law bought a house, what happened to the son-in-law paying some money? Besides, I have three years. I saved his life before, and let him eat and drink for free in my Xia family for three years. Now he just bought a house and asked him to pay for it, not killing him. Am I still wrong?
” Mom! Chen Feng has no money. His money was given to you last time.”
Xia Mengyao said angrily. She didn’t understand how Lin Lan could be so arrogant and shameless, but she couldn’t hold her face. Chen Feng paid for it. Although millions of dollars were trivial to Chen Feng now, she just didn’t want Lin Lan to succeed so easily.
“No money? No money. He ran to rent a luxury car for 50,000 yuan a day? What kind of garlic?” Lin Lan frowned and said angrily: “I don’t care anyway! I’ve taken a good look at the house, anyway, before noon tomorrow. , I want to see 3.5 million. If this waste can’t make up money, I’ll sell blood and kidneys, even if it’s a bank robbery. In short, I only need money!”
Lin Lan said with both hands Ringing her chest, she returned to the bedroom with a cold face, she didn’t believe that Chen Feng had no money.
If there is no money, it would be impossible to rent such a good car last time, so Chen Feng must have some way to make a fortune, but I just don’t want her to know it.
But Chen Feng didn’t want her to know, she still wanted to know that buying a house this time was a good opportunity for testing. She wanted to take the opportunity to find out whether Chen Feng had a small vault and how much private money he had hidden!
Lin Lan’s unreasonable appearance immediately made Xia Mengyao angry, but she was also determined to pay attention, and she must not let Chen Feng pay for it, otherwise, Lin Lan would definitely slap her nose and buy an ordinary house today. , Then tomorrow, Lin Lan will probably buy the villa directly.
“Chen Feng, your mother, don’t worry about it, don’t worry about the house, I will persuade your mother again.” Xia Weiguo sighed, Lin Lan is now more and more greedy, there are hundreds of people Wan, I don’t know what my surname is, and even dare to buy a house in Yuquanshan.
Chen Feng nodded. In fact, he did not resist giving Lin Lan millions of dollars to buy a house. Of course, it was not that he wanted to give Lin Lan face, but for Xia Weiguo’s sake. After all, Xia Weiguo treated him well, and saved his life, which is equivalent to half of his father.

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