Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 243

“Manager Song is my brother, you say whether I have this authority.” Zhang Hong sneered. He and Song Fei grew up wearing a pair of trousers. Wouldn’t it be easy for Song Fei to expel individuals.
“Then the manager of the chapter, call Manager Song.” Wang Dahai is still calm, Zhang Hong, a idiot, I still don’t know what kind of existence he has gotten into, let alone fire him, it will take up to half an hour, Zhang Hong would roll out of Yuquan Mountain by himself.
“Okay, I’ll call now.”
Zhang Hong took out his cell phone and dialed Sein Fei’s phone.
“Song Fei, is Wang Dahai from your security department?” Zhang Hong went straight to the subject.
On the other side of the phone, Sein Fei said after a long silence: “Yes.”
“I want him to roll up his bed now, can it be done?” Zhang Hong looked arrogant.

Huh? ” Zhang Hong’s face froze, why… the script is wrong? On weekdays, Song Fei was almost responsive to him, so why today, he rejected him so simply and neatly?
“No, Song Fei, what are you…”
Zhang Hong wanted to question Song Fei, but was interrupted mercilessly by Song Fei: “Zhang Hong, the security department is not owned by my house.”
“Also, don’t contact me in the future. Me.”
After speaking, Song Fei hung up the phone and made it clear to contact Zhang Hong.
Now Zhang Hong stopped talking.
No matter how stupid he was, he should have reacted, something was wrong.
Song Fei and him have been in friendship for more than ten years, but now, they just stop talking…
“What the hell do you do?”
Zhang Hong suddenly turned his gaze to Chen Feng.
“Takeaway.” Chen Feng said lazily.
“Impossible!” Zhang Hong insisted. At this time, if he still treats Chen Feng as a takeaway, then his brain is really flooded.
“Do you really know our President Shen?” Zhang Hong swallowed and asked.
Although he refused to believe it, all the signs have shown that Chen Feng has not pretended to be forced, and that he may really know Shen Hongchang.
Moreover, Wang Dahai and Chen Feng are definitely not old friends.
Wang Dahai is afraid of Chen Feng!
Chen Feng smiled slightly: “I seem to have told you already.”
Zhang Hong’s mind exploded like a lightning strike, and his face instantly turned pale.
Chen Feng was really calling Shen Hongchang just now.
That’s it!
It’s all over!
“Mr. Chen, listen to me. This matter is a misunderstanding.” Zhang Hong’s voice was crying, and anyone with a discerning eye could hear it. He was very scared now.
The change in his attitude shocked Lin Lan, Xia Wei and Guo Fang.
“Zhang Hong, what are you talking about here? What’s the misunderstanding?”
Sister Fang scolded with a cold face, seeing that Lin Lan would be able to pay for it, but Zhang Hong said it was a misunderstanding at this time.
“Mom, Mr. Chen, he knows Mr. Shen.” Zhang Hong said tremblingly. For all the employees of Yuquanshan, Shen Hongchang’s status is no different from that of Hell.
A word can tell life and death!
Shen Hongchang now knows that he has sold the house where he died, so Shen Hongchang will definitely not let him go.
Zhang Hong can only pray now that the relationship between Chen Feng and Shen Hongchang is deep enough, and Chen Feng’s face is big enough to allow Shen Hongchang to let him go.
“Nonsense! How could he know Mr. Shen as a delivery person.” Sister Fang said coldly, and Chen Fengcheng knew Shen Hongchang?
If you really want to know Shen Hongchang, Lin Lan will buy a house through her, and directly contact Shen Hongchang himself, not to mention a 30% discount, or a 50% discount.
“Manager Zhang, did you make a mistake? This rubbish, he… he can’t know you Mr. Shen.” Lin Lan also couldn’t believe it. She thought Zhang Hong must be mistaken. If Chen Feng knew Shen Hongchang If so, then she still knows Bill Gates.
Zhang Hong smiled bitterly and shook his head. He also hoped that he had made a mistake, but the signal that Song Fei gave him was already obvious. It is impossible to break the friendship for more than ten years. The reason why Song Fei is so decisive must know that he is finished. .
But if he was finished, only Shen Hongchang was left in Yuquan Mountain.
“Mr. Chen, I…I am blinded by lard. I look down on people. I shouldn’t sell you the dead house. Please give me a chance to make it up.” Zhang Hong said. It was kneeling on the ground, begging in pain.
“Zhang Hong! What nonsense are you talking about, what a
deadly house!” Sister Fang’s face was pale, and she roared angrily. This trash, she actually handed in the bottom line!
“The house is really dead?!” Xia Weiguo’s expression sank suddenly.
Lin Lan’s face was also pale for an instant, Zhang Hong said so herself, that the house dead matter, I am afraid it is true.
“No! Lin Lan, don’t listen to his nonsense, the house is in good condition, and there can be no such thing as a dead person.” Sister Fang was furious, still thinking about defending, but found that everyone’s eyes behind her had changed.
Sister Fang turned her head subconsciously, and the face that came into her sight made her pupils suddenly tighten.
“Shen… President Shen…” Sister Fang’s tongue knotted, and her words were a little incomplete.
Shen Hongchang’s face was gloomy: “Who told you that the house was never dead?”
“President Shen…I…” Sister Fang was panicked and completely lost her sense of measure.
“Go away!”
Shen Hongchang said, slapped Sister Fang’s face fiercely, and directly slapped Sister Fang to the ground.
When he walked in front of Chen Feng, a smile appeared on Shen Hongchang’s face: “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I have neglected this matter.”
Kneeling on the ground, Zhang Hong’s face was pale again, and a sorrowful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Sure enough, Chen Feng knew Shen Hongchang, and the relationship between Shen Hongchang and Chen Feng was obviously more than that simple.
“President Shen is serious, and those who don’t know are not guilty.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Shen Hongchang’s life, he would not call him Chen Shao in front of Lin Lan Xia Weiguo.
“Zhang Hong!” Shen Hongchang shifted his gaze to Zhang Hong.
“Bang bang bang”
without hesitation, Zhang Hong began to kowtow with tears.
“Mr. Shen, I was wrong, I was wrong, you forgive me.”
“Spare you?!” Shen Hongchang snorted: “You dared to sell the house that has died, and let me spare you?! “Mr.
Shen, I was wrong. I was blinded by lard. My eyes opened when I saw money…”
Zhang Hong confessed his mistake with tears and tears, begging for mercy. Now his intestines are almost blue. In fact, he I didn’t move this idea, because Shen Hongchang’s power was there.
Borrowing his 100,000 courage, he dare not touch Shen Hongchang’s mold.
She couldn’t stand her mother-in-law and Sister Fang bitterly.
Sister Fang said that knowing a certain leader of the Housing Management Bureau can get the housing ownership certificate unconsciously.
Moreover, few people in Cangzhou knew about the 508 dead.

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