Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 249

“Uncle, Xiao Qian hasn’t married Lin Dong yet.” Zhu Guangquan suppressed his anger. If the old man in the suit was Nie Qian’s father, Zhu Guangquan could kill him if he slapped Nie Qian.
“I got all the certificates, why didn’t you get married?” The old man in the suit stared round eyes and pointed at Zhu Guangquan’s nose and cursed: “If it weren’t for you to confuse, my daughter should enter the bridal chamber with Young Master Lin now!”
He was very satisfied with Lin Dong , He is sleek, knows how to do things, and is extremely filial to him.
Of course, the most important thing is that at a young age, Lin Dong is already a billionaire with a net worth of hundreds of millions. He owns two companies under his name and is a typical dragon among people.
And Zhu Guangquan, although his daughter’s first love in college, according to her daughter, Zhu Guangquan’s family is an ordinary working class who runs a restaurant.
In comparison with Gen Lindong, Zhu Guangquan is completely a desperate force.
Such a poor man, why does he marry his own daughter? !
“Uncle, what am I going to do before you are willing to let me take Xiao Qian?” Zhu Guangquan asked in a deep voice, he had already missed it once, and he didn’t want to miss the second time.
He and Nie Qian came together when he was a freshman. At that time, he was not the heir of the Zhu family. The Zhu family rules did not allow him to disclose his family’s business conditions, so he could only lie to Nie Qian, and his family opened a restaurant. Ordinary working class.
Nie Qian believed that it was true.
This also led to the fact that Father Nie had always been blind to him, thinking that he was a poor boy, and being with Nie Qian was purely because the toad wanted to eat swan meat.
“Ten million!”
“If you can give out 10 million for the bride price, I will let Qianqian go with you.”
Father Nie said coldly, and the crowd was restless again.
Ten million!
A typical high-priced bride price.
Even the many social elites present could not spend so much money.
Of course, even if they could get them to marry a woman with this ten million, they would not be willing.
Because it’s not cost-effective at all!
Father Nie’s words made it clear that he wanted Zhu Guangquan to retreat.
But to everyone’s surprise, Zhu Guangquan only spit out one word calmly:
“Okay.” The
audience was shocked.
Father Nie also frowned: “Do you have ten million? You just say yes here?”
“Although the old man is old, the old man is not confused. You should save the time to speak the vernacular.” Father Nie is cold. Hummed.
“I don’t have ten million now, but I can make it. In three days, at most three days, I can make ten million.” Zhu Guangquan said that Zhu’s family is currently experiencing problems with its operations, and the capital turnover is indeed very difficult, but Ten million, it’s still possible to get together.
“Dad, don’t believe this fat pig, he can’t take out ten million at all.” At this moment, Lin Dong covered his face and spoke bitterly.
He knew very well that Zhu Guangquan could not spend 10 million at all.
But Chen Feng can!
Although he doesn’t know the origin of Chen Feng, he understands that Chen Feng can definitely put out ten million easily.
If Chen Feng lends his own money to Zhu Guangquan, then father Nie will agree or not.
“Uncle, please believe me.” Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice.
Father Nie shook his head and said, “I have changed my mind.”
“One hundred million, if you can get one hundred million, I will offer Qianqian with both hands.”
One hundred million!
Zhu Guangquan was angry: “Are you marrying your daughter or selling your daughter?!”
Zhu Guangquan’s chest is extremely ups and downs. If Father Nie’s 10 million just now is just difficult, then the current 100 million is already a mess.
Not to mention that the Zhu family can’t give one hundred million, even if they can get one hundred million, they won’t let him take the one hundred million as a gift.
Father Nie made it clear that he did not want to marry Nie Qian!
“Is there a difference?” Father Nie sneered. He was selling his daughter. What can others do about him?
“If you can get one hundred million, I will let you and Qianqian go on the spot. If you can’t get it, let me roll as far as you can!” Father Nie began with a cold voice, and settled the matter.
“Haha, fat pig, do you have a hundred million?” Lin Dong laughed happily. As long as Father Nie is on his side, no one should try to take Nie Qian away.
“No.” Lin Dong sneered, watching Zhu Guangquan’s face flushed with anger, he only felt that all the grievances he had just suffered were wiped out.
“If you don’t have one, go back and be your poor! Only I can be worthy of Qianqian, you are such a fat pig, so don’t think about it!” Lin Dong said high up.
“Wishful thinking?”
At this time, a faint voice sounded, and all eyes were attracted.
Chen Feng looked calm, and walked to Lin Dong with his hand.
Lin Dong looked terrified and took two steps back subconsciously.
“Do you think Guangquan doesn’t have one billion?” Chen Feng said lightly, examining Lin Dong.
Lin Dong gritted his teeth, bit his scalp and said: “Yes! That fat pig is a poor man, he can’t have a hundred million!”
“What if he has?” Chen Feng smiled playfully.
“If he has, I’ll jump from here!” Lin Dong said fiercely. This is the top floor of Junsheng Hotel, thirty stories high. If you jump down, you will definitely fall into a pool of fleshy mud.
“Okay, remember your own words.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
Chen Feng’s confident appearance made Lin Dong a little uneasy, and he reminded him again:
“He has 100 million, not you!”
Chen Feng ignored Lin Dong, but walked up to Father Nie and asked calmly:
“You want a hundred million as a gift?”
“Why, do you want to pay for him?” Father Nie looked flustered, but he pretended to be calm. He knew the origin of Zhu Guangquan, but Chen Feng, he knew nothing. , But judging from San Shu’s performance just now, Chen Feng obviously has a great background.
If Chen Feng came forward for Zhu Guangquan, he would have nothing to do.
Chen Feng shook his head: “I won’t do it for him, he does it by himself.”
“He?” Father Nie sneered, obviously didn’t think Zhu Guangquan could get 100 million.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and took out Zhu Guangquan’s bank card just now.
“This is Guangquan’s card. There are… five hundred million in this card.”
Five hundred million?
Everyone couldn’t help but took a breath.
Father Nie sneered again and again: “You said this is his card. This is his card? And… five hundred million? You are an old man. Haven’t I seen money?”
Said that there are five million, five million in the card. He believed it all, but five hundred million, he didn’t believe it!
He, Nie Yuan, is also a person who has seen the world. He has contacted several billionaires with a net worth of more than a billion, but there has never been anyone who dare to say that he has 500 million in cash.
Cash and fixed assets are not the same. If a person can get five hundred million in cash, his fixed assets must be at least ten billion!
Taking 10,000 steps back, even if this person really has tens of billions of assets, would he go out without incident and bring five billion with him?
Simply outrageous!

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