Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 255

Although he was angry, Sun Quan was not rushed to lose his mind.
He knew very well that he was definitely not Chen Feng’s opponent.
Moreover, Chen Feng also had an extremely monstrous background. If he were not, he would not even be subdued by Deng Shiqi.
Just when Sun Quan was thinking about how to decently soften to Chen Feng, Su Man, the young model beside him, spoke first, with a sarcasm: “What are you talking about? How can our grandson know that kind of garbage? ! ” ”
this garbage, we give Sun Geti shoes do not deserve. “Suman disdain Lengheng, this is her first time in front of Sun Quan’s younger brother many faceless, natural to say a few words about the highlight of her position.
At the moment, the only person who can show her status is Chen Feng, who lives and lives.
Hearing Su Man’s words, Duan Chao and the others were relieved immediately, as long as they didn’t know him.
“Why are you still stunned, do it!” Seeing many thugs still standing still, Su Man began to force orders.
At this time, she was only thinking about being popular, but she didn’t notice how distorted the expression on Sun Quan’s face was.
Seeing that many thugs were about to act, Sun Quan couldn’t help it anymore. He stood up and shouted, “Stop!” The
audience was startled.
Duan Chao looked at each other, stop? They heard it right.
“Brother Sun, why…”
Su Man still wanted to ask Sun Quan why he had to stop, but Sun Quan didn’t give her a chance at all and just slapped her pretty face in the face.
This slap in the face immediately slapped Su Man.
“Who gave you the courage to let you do something against Chen Shao!”
Sun Quan pointed to Su Man’s nose and cursed.
Chen Shao? !
Sun Quan’s words, like a thunderstorm, instantly blasted Duan Chao’s people at Wai Jiao Lin Nen.
Sun Shao actually called that fellow Chen Shao? !
How can this be? !
Duan Chao and the others couldn’t accept it, but then, Sun Quan’s actions were to tell them that nothing is impossible.
Sun Quan walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng, welcome the stooped, piled laugh: “Shao, sorry, just look for the woman, naive, not seen Chan Siu statue looks, so it offended Shao.”
Chen Feng smiled and ignored Sun Quan.
Sun Quan turned his head and looked at Su Man yelling: “Idiot,
I’m not here to apologize yet?!” “Shao Chen, I’m sorry.”
Su Man said aggrievedly. She didn’t understand why a stinky cock suddenly turned What young master.
“Grass your mother! Take me seriously!”
Seeing Su Man dared to perfuse, Sun Quan was immediately furious. He got up and kicked Su Man’s belly and kicked Su Man himself.
Su Man screamed and fell to the ground.
Then he got up from the ground with a horrified face and climbed in front of Chen Feng, banging, banging his head three times.
“Chen Shao, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”
This time, Su Man didn’t dare to be perfunctory.
“Sorry, it’s over?” Chen Feng said faintly.
Sun Quan was taken aback, as if thinking of something, he smiled and said: “Young Master Chen, if you like it, you can let this bitch accompany you tonight, this bitch’s work in bed…”
“Get out!” Before Sun Quan finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Feng’s disgust. He didn’t bother to ask for this kind of dirty stuff.
“I’m talking about them? I crashed my friend’s car. What should I do about this?” Chen Feng pointed to Duan Chao who had soft legs.
Sun Quan smiled, and then he realized that he was thinking too much just now.
“Shao Chen, where is your friend’s car, I will ask them to buy a new one for your friend.” Sun Quan said with a smile.
“Can they afford it?” At this moment, a faint voice sounded.
Hearing this voice, Sun Quan’s face paled as if he had been hammered.
Ye Haitang!
He didn’t need to look back, he knew that the owner of this voice was Ye Haitang.
Why is this devil too!
Ye Haitang came to Sun Quan. After Wang Kun and the others came over, she was watching the excitement, so Sun Quan didn’t notice her existence at all.
But noticed now.
“Ye…Miss Ye…” Sun Quan’s tongue began to knot, and his fear of Ye Haitang even exceeded Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s background is not clear, but Ye Haitang is the first person in Cangzhou!
He couldn’t think that among those fools like Duan Chao, Ye Haitang was among the offending people!
If he knew Ye Haitang was here, he wouldn’t come over if he killed him.
“My car was customized for me by Land Rover UK Headquarters. After that, it was sent to Germany for modification and then airlifted to me. It cost more than 50 million. You said, can they afford it?” Ye Haitang asked quietly.
Duan Chao sat down on the ground, he was frightened.
He couldn’t afford to pay more than fifty million.
And even if he is compensated, will he still survive in the future?
From Sun Quan’s name, it is not difficult to know that the Miss Ye in front of her is the famous Ye Haitang.
Offending Ye Haitang is equivalent to offending most of Cangzhou.
Even if Ye Haitang let him go, after he returned home, his family would interrupt his legs to try to emulate him.
“Let them dance a dance for me.”
Ye Haitang spoke suddenly when Sun Quan was still thinking about how to satisfy Ye Haitang.
“Dancing a dance?” Sun Quan opened his mouth wide.
Chen Feng also has a weird face, what is this little girl making?
“Well, dance a dance.” Ye Haitang nodded solemnly, then turned his gaze to Duan Chao and the others: “Will the two tigers?”
Duan Chao and the others were dumbfounded. What is strange about this. Claim?
“No?” Ye Haitang frowned when Duan Chao didn’t speak.
“Yes!” Duan Chao swallowed and hurriedly said out. At this time, even if he didn’t, he had to be, otherwise, I don’t know what other excessive demands Ye Haitang, the little witch, would make.
“Just jump if you can.”
Ye Haitang nodded.
Duan Chao and several people got up with a little twist, only their faces were burning.
Who could have imagined that one day, these wealthy elder brothers, who are aloft, will be reduced to the point where they are jumping two tigers on the street, and they will still be in front of so many people.
Duan Chao took the lead in twisting, but his movements were extremely stiff.
“Sing and dance.” Ye Haitang said blankly.
Duan Chao stagnated, then laughed and sang:
“Two tigers, two tigers, run fast…”
“One has no tail, and the other has no ears. It’s weird…”
“Hahahaha!” The
crowd burst into laughter, and many viewers took out their phones, started recording videos, and uploaded to Moments.
At first, Duan Chao’s people were still very twitchy, but after being laughed at, they let go of them completely and began to twist wantonly.
More than a dozen young men and women with colorful hair gathered together, singing and dancing of two tigers. You can imagine what kind of shock it would have.
The corners of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He believed that today’s scene would definitely make Duan Chao and others unforgettable.

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