Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 273

Seeing that Huo Qingsong was about to do it, Xie Qianshan on the side could not help frowning: “Brother Huo!”
If Huo Qingsong were to kill Chen Feng in front of him, then he wouldn’t need to be the elder of the Wu League.
“Elder Xie, this person is deceiving too much!”
Huo Qingsong was furious. Huo’s family members walked across the land of China. Even if the officials of Fengjiang met, they would all welcome him, but now, in a small place where he doesn’t even know his name. The second generation of children, but dare to embarrass him, embarrassed with the Huo family.
This is not too deceitful!
“My little friend really wants Huang Feihao to sever his arm?”
Xie Qianshan glanced at Chen Feng blankly. He didn’t know if Chen Feng really couldn’t see the relationship between Huang Feihao and the Huo family, or if he couldn’t.
But no matter what, as long as Chen Feng cut Huang Feihao’s arm today, there would be no room for maneuver between him and the Huo family.
Huo Family, there are definitely a thousand ways to kill Chen Feng.
At that time, even the Wumeng would not stand up for Chen Feng, because Chen Feng asked for it.
“The same thing, I don’t want to say it a second time.” Chen Feng said lightly. The Wumeng is powerful, but the Wumeng is not so powerful as to cover the sky with one hand.
Moreover, it was reasonable and reasonable for him to stand up for Zhou Jinlong, even if the leader of the Wu League came, he couldn’t say anything about him.
“Okay.” Xie Qianshan nodded and moved his gaze to Huang Feihao: “Huang Feihao, you can break your own arm.”
“Elder Xie…” Huang Feihao’s face turned pale, he did not expect that Chen Feng’s few words would actually make Xie Qianshan Make this decision.
Self-breaking one arm, isn’t this breaking his way of martial arts?
“Why, you still want me to do it myself?” Xie Qianshan’s voice fell cold.
“Don’t dare.” Huang Feihao lowered his head, eyes full of resentment.
Huo Qingsong gritted his teeth, anger erupting in his eyes.
“Do it yourself.” Xie Qianshan said lightly, if he had to, he didn’t want to make this kind of decision, but today Huang Feihao seriously injured more than 30 people, and indeed violated the iron law of the Wu League, if he let Huang Feihao go.
Looking back, Chen Feng stabbed the matter to the Wumeng, and he would not be better off, at least one count of negligence would not escape.
“Okay!” Huang Feihao gritted his teeth, drew a dagger from his waist, and slashed at his left arm severely.
I don’t know what material his dagger was made of. When the dagger was
dropped , his left arm was broken at the same root. The wound was as smooth as a mirror. The broken arm fell to the ground, and the wound suddenly burst into blood. Huang Feihao roared in pain. , The eyes that looked at Chen Feng were full of resentment, like a fierce beast choosing people to eat.
“Are you satisfied?” Huo Qingsong asked coldly.
“Satisfied.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“I won’t let you go!” Huo Qingsong gritted his teeth.
“I’m waiting.”
“Elder Xie, let’s go.” Huo Qingsong moved his gaze to Xie Qianshan again.
Xie Qianshan nodded, then sighed again: “Brother Huo, after this matter, I will return to Jiangbei. I will not
care about the grievances between you.” The implication is that Chen Feng’s life and death will have nothing to do with the Wumeng, Huo If Qingsong wants to do something against Chen Feng, Wumeng will not take care of it.
“Okay, thank you, elder.”
Huo Qingsong took a deep breath. As long as the Wumeng didn’t intervene, it would be as simple as squeezing Chen Feng to death.
A group of people left one after another.
Chen Zewen sighed secretly in his heart, Chen Feng was still a bit irrational, and even offended the Huo family for a few ordinary people.
“Shao Chen, what kind of organization is the Wu League that the old man said just now?” Gu Dongchen couldn’t help asking.
He was suppressed by Xie Qianshan’s momentum, scolded Chen Zewen and slapped Huang Feihao, even the Huo family had to be subdued.
All of this is because Xie Qianshan is a member of the Wumeng, so Gu Dongchen is very curious about what organization the Wumeng is, even the Huo family can ignore it.
“The Wumeng is the Martial Arts Association that I said before…” Chen Feng smiled and re-told the origins of the Wumeng.
After listening, Gu Dongchen and the others were dumbfounded. No one thought that China had such an awesome organization.
What dragon group, what national security bureau, what sharp sword special brigade, compared with the Wumeng, it is simply weak.
On the land of China, the Wumeng has 36 sub-mends!
Almost every province and every municipality directly under the Central Government has an armed alliance.
Those who are in the sub-league of the Martial League must have at least the early stage of their cultivation, which is the level of the master of martial arts!
Moreover, in addition to the leader, the Wumeng also has a deputy leader and the existence of the nine elders.
For the time being, the requirements of the deputy leader’s cultivation base will not be mentioned. When the Wumeng requires the nine elders, the lowest dark energy mid-term!
Thirty-six martial arts masters!
Four or five hundred dark warriors!
These are just the tip of the armed forces!
One can imagine how powerful the Wumeng is.
With such a behemoth suppressing China, a few people simply can’t get through any storms.
Even Chen Feng had to fear the existence of Wu League.
“Chen Shao, the people of Wumeng, why would they get entangled with the Huo family?” Chen Zewen asked with some anxiety. Just now Xie Qianshan seemed to be on Chen Feng’s side, but anyone with a discerning eye could actually see that Xie Qianshan was standing. From the Huo family.
The reason why Huang Feihao sever his arm was only due to the rules of the military alliance. If there were no rules of the military alliance, he would not care about Chen Feng at all.
Chen Zewen had to worry, if the Huo family had the support of the Wu League, they would never even think about the battle for Bingtilian.
Chen Feng’s status as a master of martial arts can control the Huo family, but he can’t control the Wu League at all!
“I don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head: “But you don’t have to worry too much. The relationship between the Huo family and the Wumeng is not as deep as you think. Xie Qianshan and the Huo family may have more personal relationships. Some.”
“Furthermore, the Wumeng generally does not participate in secular battles and interests. The duties of the Wumeng are more to maintain order, which is equivalent to the police station in the martial arts world.”
Chen Zewen nodded, and now can only hope. That’s it.
Cangzhou’s medicinal materials were swept away by the Huo family. If I wanted to buy medicine, I had to go to Jinling Nanling to buy it.
Chen Feng was not afraid of trouble, and asked Gu Dongchen to send more people to Jinling Nanling and other places.
At the same time, he instructed Zhang Beichen to start a secret search for the relationship between Xie Qianshan and the Huo family.
After returning home in the evening, Shen Hongchang called.
“Chen Shao, the Huo family has come to Cangzhou.”
“I know.”
“Chen Shao knows?” Shen Hongchang was slightly surprised, but did not ask more, but said: “Chen Shao, this time the Huo family came to Cangzhou. The second lady, Huo Hongyan.”
“When he learned that Huo Hongyan was in Cangzhou, Secretary Li personally came forward to greet him, and set up a reception banquet at the Junsheng Hotel, but at the banquet, Huo Hongyan called me by name.”
“After I passed, Huo Hongyan went straight to the point and said that he hoped that Yuquan Mountain would stop work for one day tomorrow, and their people would go into the mountain to find something.”

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