Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 274

“You agreed?” Chen Feng frowned, but he didn’t expect that the Huo family would find Shen Hongchang.
“Can you not agree?” Shen Hongchang smiled bitterly, and the city leader and the second Miss Huo family came forward at the same time. He didn’t dare not give up this face.
Although the Shen family is the richest family in Cangzhou and has some influence, compared with the Huo family, there is no comparison at all.
When the Huo family was at its strongest, even national leaders could meet face to face.
Even now, the Huo family is declining and its glory is no longer in the past. Their Patriarch came to Jiangbei Province, and Jiangbei Province came forward to receive the Huo family, at least at the level of an official in Xinjiang.
This is the gap.
“What is the conflict between Shao Chen and the Huo family?” Shen Hongchang asked tentatively.
“It’s a little contradiction.” Chen Feng didn’t deny it. Of course, there is no way to deny it. If Shen Hongchang wants to know, just check it out.
“Huh?” Shen Hongchang opened his mouth, he just asked casually, but he didn’t expect Chen Feng to really have an enemy with the Huo family.
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t mean to say more, Shen Hongchang didn’t ask any more.
“Did the Huo family have a serious illness in life?” Chen Feng asked. The Huo family bought medicinal materials with great fanfare, and then stared at the ice lotus. All signs showed that some important person within the Huo family might have a problem. So they desperately needed the elixir of Bing Tilian to continue their lives.
“Well, I heard from Huo Hongyan that Huo Hongqiu, the old man of the Huo family, has recently suffered a serious illness, and I am afraid that he will die soon. Therefore, during this period, many Huo family children have left Hong Kong Island to visit famous doctors and adopt elixir.” Shen Hongchang said .
Chen Feng nodded slightly. It is no wonder that the Huo family’s children would jump. Huo Hongqiu is the backbone of the Huo family. He alone controls nearly 70% of the Huo family’s property. With a word of him, he can determine the ownership of the Huo family’s head.
These Huo family children saved Huo Hongqiu on one side, and more about it was that they wanted to please Huo Hongqiu and took over the Huo family from Huo Hongqiu.
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng pinched his eyebrows, only to find that things were a bit tricky.
Judging from the current situation, the Huo family is almost bound to win Bing Tilian.
This also means that tomorrow he will have to face the Huo family head-on.
It was not that Chen Feng was afraid of the Huo family, but Chen Feng was considering whether it was worth it.
After all, the Huo family is not a small family like the Deng family and the Sun family. The Huo family is truly a top family.
Looking at the entire Huaxia, the Huo Family is an existence that can rank in the top 30.
The family assets are five to six hundred billion, and there are two martial arts masters.
On Hong Kong Island, Huo’s words can directly unemploy millions of people and even indirectly affect the economic situation on Hong Kong Island.
Offending the Huo family is tantamount to setting himself a great enemy.
Shaking his head, Chen Feng expelled the distracting thoughts from his mind, and fell asleep. There must be a way for the car to reach the mountain. Everything can only wait for tomorrow to see the opportunity.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng left early.
This time, apart from Chen’s four brothers and sisters, Chen Feng did not bring anyone else.
Because it is cumbersome to bring it.
In the event of a conflict with Huo’s family, ordinary people will not have any help at all, but will cause trouble instead.
Since Yuquan was on a cliff at the top of the mountain, there was no road leading to the top of the mountain, so after reaching the foot of the mountain, Chen Feng could only get off the car and hike up the mountain.
After walking a few steps, I found that there were still seven or two Land Rover parked at the foot of the mountain.
By the side of the car, more than twenty mercenaries in black uniforms stood in three rows, carrying tactical backpacks and various professional equipment, listening to Huang Feihao’s words with a serious face.
Beside Huang Feihao, two middle-aged men and a young woman were standing.
The two middle-aged men were wearing black costumes. One of them was Huo Qingsong, who was with Xie Qianshan yesterday, and the other had a foot-long scar on his face, which looked a bit older than Huo Qingsong.
Compared with these two people, the young woman’s dress looks more fashionable.
A short black shirt with a bohemian shawl over his shoulders, and a pair of Givenchy gray plaid pants.
There is also a pair of pink sneakers that Chen Feng can’t see on her feet, which are fashionable and sexy.
Looking at the woman’s appearance, a classical melon face that is no longer standard looks like it is only slightly larger than a slap, as if walking down from the most standard beauty cartoons.
Compared with the eyes of ordinary beautiful women, there is a natural arrogance in the eyes of this young woman, which makes people afraid to have the idea of ​​violation.
She seemed to notice Chen Feng’s gaze, and the Miao Ling woman quickly turned her head.
A pair of clever beautiful eyes fixed on Chen Feng, and when she found that Chen Feng was just an ordinary person, the beautiful eyes of the young woman couldn’t help but a hint of doubt. How did this person force Huang Feihao to break his arm yesterday?
At this time, Huang Feihao also noticed Chen Feng.
The moment he saw Chen Feng, Huang Feihao’s eyes flashed a crazy killing intent.
However, he did not attack Chen Feng for the first time. Instead, he turned his gaze to Chen
Zewen, and said coldly, “Junior, do you take what I said yesterday and put it on your ears?” “Huang Feihao, stop calling me junior, you are not worthy !” Chen Zewen glanced at Huang Feihao coldly.
“Huang Feihao, are they the same junior as you mentioned yesterday?” The Miaoling woman glanced at the Chen’s four brothers and sisters.
Compared with Chen Feng, she is more interested in the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family. Now the Huo family is fighting, she is in short supply. Although the realm of the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family is lower than that of Huang Feihao, if they are used well, they may not be more useful than Huang Feihao. small.
“Yes, Miss Huo.” Huang Feihao nodded respectfully. The woman in front of her was Huo Hongyan, the second lady of the Huo family. Although Huo Hongyan was a woman, she liked him very much. So in the Huo family, she had The resources are also the largest.
If it weren’t because she was a woman, I’m afraid the Huo family would have been in her hands long ago.
Huo Hongyan nodded slightly, retracted her gaze, and subdued the Chen’s four siblings. He was not in a hurry. The top priority now is to find Bing Lilian,
“Miss Huo, do you want me to drive them away?” Huang Feihao couldn’t help but said, yesterday in Jinzhitang , Chen’s four brothers and sisters and Chen Feng made him slapped in public by Xie Qianshan. In the end, Chen Feng forced him to sever his arm, so at this moment, he wished to slap Chen Feng on the spot.
“No, so many of you are here, if you can still let them snatch things, then you can dictate yourself.” Huo Hongyan shook his head, without paying attention to Chen Feng and his party.
In her opinion, among the group of Chen Feng, Chen Zewen alone was a little threatening, and he was in the early days of the dark power.
The other three are all Ming Jin, similar to cannon fodder.
As for Chen Feng, although Huo Qingsong said that Chen Feng may be a warrior, it is only possible.

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