Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 287

Chen Yingrou leaned against the corner, panting heavily, and looking at Chen Feng’s face that was cold and unsentimental like a purgatory devil, she only felt a chill rushing from her heel to the Tianling Gai.
Chen Feng’s speed is too fast, the doorway is seven or eight meters away from here, but Chen Feng is just about to stop!
If she didn’t avoid Chen Feng’s punch just now, she would cut off the dagger willfully.
Of course it could cut off a finger of Xia Mengyao, but at the same time it would kill her!
This is the price!
Chen Yingrou was shocked and angry, almost, almost, she was planted here today!
How can this wild species be so strong now? !
After retreating Chen Yingrou with a punch, Chen Feng turned his attention to Xia Mengyao.
When I saw Xia Mengyao’s two bloody arms that were stabbed, an unprecedented anger and killing intent instantly spread from Chen Feng, covering the audience!
“Chen Yingrou! You! Find! Die!”
Chen Feng gritted his teeth and said in a cold tone. He suddenly turned his head and stared at Chen Yingrou tightly, his gaze seemed like he wanted to cut Chen Yingrou a thousand swords!
Faced with Chen Feng’s extremely cold gaze, Chen Yingrou couldn’t help but shudder in her heart, but she didn’t have the slightest fear on the surface. Instead, she sneered and continued to stimulate Chen Feng’s nerves: “Will you die? Who will give you the courage to say Such a thing? Or that you have been in Cangzhou for three years and don’t know what your surname is?”
“Kill me Chen Yingrou, why are you?”
“This is Cangzhou, not Yanjing! Chen Yingrou, you really don’t dare Kill you?!” Chen Feng screamed, and the anger in his eyes kept surging. There is no doubt that Chen Yingrou was provoking him, angering him, and wanting him to take action.
As long as he can’t restrain his move today, then the Chen family has enough reasons to deprive him of the rights in his hands, and even send the elite forces of the family to suppress him!
Let everything he did before fall short of success!
“Dare you?”
“You kill.” Chen Yingrou sneered, very unscrupulous.
Chen Feng clenched his fists and forced down the anger in his chest. Of course, he could blow Chen Yingrou to death with one punch.
But what happens after Chen Yingrou is killed?
No after!
Even if there is, he faces endless pursuit by the Chen family.
Xia Mengyao, Xia Weiguo, Lin Lan, Gu Dongchen, Han Long, Zhu Guangquan…
his lovers, friends, all have to die!
Not afraid, but not!
Seeing Chen Feng forced her anger down again, Chen Yingrou couldn’t help being a little angry.
“You wild species, you can endure as always!”
“In our Chen family, you endured for more than ten years, and when you came to Cangzhou, you endured for another three years.”
“Your forbearance is better than a tortoise. ”
Are you finished?” Chen Feng took a deep breath.
“What? You want to drive me away?” Chen Yingrou sneered.
Chen Feng shook his head: “You think too much, I won’t let you go.”
“Don’t let me go? Do you want to leave me and invite me to eat?” Chen Yingrou sneered again and again: “Wild, if you want If you draw me in, I advise you to die as soon as possible.”
“You are not worthy of cooperating with me for something like you.”
“Is it?” Chen Feng was expressionless, and then coldly spit out a sentence: ” I will not cooperate with a waste person!”
“What do you mean?”
Chen Yingrou ‘s expression changed, and she was about to step back almost subconsciously.
But Chen Feng’s big hand speed is faster than her retreat speed!
In the next second, Chen Yingrou felt her scalp tighten, her eyes moved down uncontrollably, and the pattern of the glass tea table continued to enlarge.
There was a “bang”.
Chen Yingrou’s face hit the glass tea table hard.
The glass tea table suddenly shattered, and shards of glass with indeterminate numbers stuck to Chen Yingrou’s face.
After a terrible scream, Chen Yingrou’s face was bloody.
“Miss!” The
old man in the white costume had his eyes cracked and his fists were clenched. He couldn’t even think of killing him. Chen Summit shot Chen Yingrou without any signs.
And the speed was so fast that Chen Yingrou didn’t even have any reaction time.
“Kill this wild species!”
Chen Yingrou screamed frantically, instantly losing her mind.
“Niezi!” The
old man with a strong white costume appeared in front of Chen Feng like a ghost, a palm shot, and the monstrous waves of air converged towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s expression became cold, and he punched without hesitation, pretending to be an old man in white.
fists and palms met, and the white Jinzhuang old man retreated three steps uncontrollably, his expression extremely shocked.
“You have broken through to the late stage of Anjin?!”
Chen Feng sneered, and did not speak. In fact, his punch just took three-tenths less than the strength. If he didn’t hide his realm, he would blast out with all his strength. A punch can directly blast the white old man into dregs.
“What?!” Chen Yingrou was also horrified and couldn’t help herself.
This wild species has broken through to the late stage of Dark Jin?
How can this be!
Did he make a rocket? How could it be possible to break through from the early stage of Anjin to the latter stage in only three years!
After blasting the white old man with a punch, Chen Feng turned his gaze to Chen Yingrou.
Chen Yingrou shuddered immediately, only to feel a chill rushing from the heel to the Tianling Gai.
“Wild, what are you doing?! You can’t move me!” Chen Yingrou threatened, Chen Feng’s strength completely exceeded her estimation.
Before coming to Cangzhou this time, the family’s estimation of Chen Feng’s strength was in the mid-stage of Anjin, so an old man with white outfits in the later stage of Anjin was sent to follow, just to prevent accidents.
However, it still happened.
Not only did Chen Feng break through to the late stage of Anjin, he also seemed to belong to the very strong group in the late stage of Anjin!
“Are you scared?”
Chen Feng sneered. The reason why Chen Yingrou was so arrogant and defiant just now was that she felt that she could control everything.
But if everything can be controlled by her, then three years ago, she would have died, and she would not wait until now.
“I’m not afraid!”
“Why should I be afraid!” Chen Yingrou became angry.
“You wild species, what right do you have to scare me!”
“You are just a mere illegitimate child, but I am the Chen family goddess. There is a difference between you and me!”
“Don’t say killing me, you are If you move my hair, you will definitely die!”
Chen Yingrou threatened frantically. She did not believe that Chen Summit had destroyed her forbearance for more than 20 years for Xia Mengyao, a woman.
She didn’t believe that Chen Shengeng did such a stupid thing!
“I want to see, how sure to die!”
Chen Feng sneered, took a step forward, and came to Chen Yingrou again.
Chen Yingrou panicked and backed away, but she was not strong enough in Ming Jin’s later stage, so how could her speed dodge Chen Feng.
Chen Feng slapped Chen Yingrou’s face and slapped Chen Yingrou away.

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