Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 298

“Sister Yue, I don’t mean to reckless.” Lin Lan said hurriedly: “Sister Yue, don’t worry, if that waste really destroys your Bentley, I will definitely let him take out 800,000 yuan for you.
” What if he doesn’t have money?” Lin Yue asked nonchalantly, Chen Feng’s position in the Xia family is clear to her, she is not as good as a dog, and it is impossible to spend 800,000.
“Sister Yue, don’t worry. In any case, I will let this waste collect 800,000 yuan for you.” Lin Lan patted her chest and assured that she doesn’t know whether Chen Feng has a small treasury, but she estimates that Chen Feng will take it. There is no big problem with 800,000.
“Well, this is what you said. If he can’t take out 800,000, then I’ll ask you for it.” Hearing Lin Lan’s assurance, Lin Yue was relieved.
“No problem.”
“Sister Yue, let’s take that waste car back first. It’s pretty cold today.” Lin Lan said.
“Okay, I’ll give you some face this time.” Lin Yue hung up the phone, but for Chen Feng, she still has a nose instead of a nose, and her eyes are not eyes.
The two opened the back door and sat in the back row.
“What are you doing while driving?”
Lin Yue shouted again when Chen Feng hadn’t started yet.
Chen Feng frowned uncomfortably, but didn’t care about Lin Yue, but stepped on the accelerator.
As we are catching the rush hour, the road is very crowded.
After blocking the car a few times, Lin Yue became angry again, and yelled at Chen Feng: “Can you drive? You can’t drive faster. Can you pay if you delay your mother?”
Chen Feng also The temper came, and after braking, she gave Lin Yue a cold look: “Are you here to drive?”
Lin Yue suddenly refused to follow him: “I said you are a trash, did my old lady show you a face! You are a mere door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft rice, who gave you the courage to challenge me?”
“Do you believe the old lady? , Let you get out of the Xia family!”
“Fool.” Chen Feng sneered and cursed. Lin Yue may have been used to domineering in the past, thinking that everyone is her subordinate, but in his place, there is no such thing. rule.
When Chen Feng dared to scold himself, Lin Yue almost died of anger. Seeing her about to have an attack, Tang Ruoxue couldn’t help frowning her brows: “Mom, don’t say a few words, you said you have something to care about with a door-to-door son-in-law. ”
Tang Ruoxue’s tone was full of disdain for Chen Feng. In her opinion, any man with a bit of spine would not become a son-in-law.
Only the kind of waste who has no ability and likes to eat soft meals will consider the status of a door-to-door son-in-law.
“Okay, mom listens to you, don’t care about this waste. Care about him is purely lowering Mom’s grade.” Lin Yue comforted herself again, and her emotions eased.
Chen Feng sneered and shook his head, too lazy to care about Lin Yue, stepped on the accelerator and came to the hospital.
Seeing Chen Feng parked the car to the hospital, Lin Yue was upset again.
“Didn’t you mean to go home? Why did you drive the car to the hospital?”
“Lin Lan is in the hospital.” Chen Feng gave Lin Yue a cold look, and after speaking, he turned and left without looking back.
“How did Lin Lan educate this trash, this uneducated thing, dare to call her name directly.” Lin Yue cursed and followed behind.
Chen Feng advanced into the ward, and as soon as he saw Chen Feng, Lin Lan questioned, “I said Chen Feng, what do you do with your trash, even your aunt’s car would dare to smash?”
“Don’t ask. Why did I smash her car?” Chen Feng said coldly.
“For what, you can’t smash people or cars. Your aunt’s Bentley is worth more than three million. If you broke it, can you pay for it!” Although Lin Lan knew that there was something else hidden in the matter, Lin Lan Obviously, he didn’t intend to intervene, but was holding on to the problem of losing money.
At this time, Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue also entered the door.
“Lin Lan, you really have a good son-in-law.” As soon as he walked in, Lin Yue began to mock with yin and yang.
Lin Lan lost his smile and said, “Sister Yue, come here.”
Lin Yue snorted coldly, too lazy to talk to Lin Lan.
Lin Lan was not embarrassed, and turned her gaze to Tang Ruoxue who was aside.
“This kid is Ruoxue. I haven’t seen him in a few years. Ruoxue has grown up like this, and she is more beautiful than a big star.” Lin Lan enthusiastically flattered.
But Tang Ruoxue’s reaction was a little cold. In her eyes, the third aunt Lin Lan was a typical poor relative, and she also liked to brag.
If not, their family would not stop contacting Lin Lan for several years.
“Come, come, sister Yue, Ruoxue, sit down, sit down.”
Lin Lan stretched out her hand and greeted.
Lin Yue frowned, and said in disgust, “What are you sitting on? This place is so dirty and there are so many bacteria. What should we do if we stain our clothes for tens of thousands of dollars?”
Lin Lan’s face became stiff, and she smiled. Said: “Sister Yue, I’m sorry, Mengyao was injured a few days ago, so our family is in the hospital these days…”
“Mengyao?” Lin Yue glanced at Xia Mengyao who was sleeping sideways and couldn’t bear it. I stayed and asked: “Lin Lan, didn’t you say some time ago that your Mengyao is the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project? Is this true?”
“Of course it is true.” Lin Lan was a little surprised, no I understand why Lin Yue mentioned this suddenly.
“You didn’t lie to me?” Lin Yue looked at Lin Lan suspiciously, her eyes full of mistrust. Lin Lan’s husband Xia Weiguo was in the Xia family, isn’t it a small third-tier family in Cangzhou? How could it be possible to cooperate with Dingfeng Company?
“Sister Yue, why did I lie to you? If you go out and ask someone to ask about this, you can ask.” Lin Lan was a little unhappy. She originally thought that Lin Yue came over suddenly because of her conscience. She wanted to take care of her Well, as a result, when Lin Yue said so, she immediately understood.
Lin Yue came here not to take care of her at all, but to mock her.
“That’s it.” Lin Yue’s expression suddenly became a little unnatural. Lin Lan said so, and this incident is probably true.
Xia Mengyao, I’m afraid he is really the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Although I don’t know how Xia Mengyao got in this position, he was indeed beaten because Lin Lan did not brag.
“Since Mengyao is the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, she should know Lin Zongwei, the general manager of Dingfeng Company.” Lin Yue focused her attention on Xia Mengyao.
“Yes, Mengyao went to Lin Zongwei to talk about the Yuquanshan project.” Lin Lan nodded, her waist straightened a lot, without a doubt, Lin Yue came to Xia Mengyao for help.
“Really?” Lin Yue looked happy: “Since Mengyao knows Lin Zongwei, let her get up and do me a favor.”

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