Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 301

“Inconvenience? What’s the inconvenience.”
“Isn’t this rubbish here? You can let him take care of Mengyao.”
Lin Yue curled his lips and said, Lin Lan’s sentence is inconvenient and more determined. In order to understand the thoughts in her heart, the so-called big house is simply fake. Lin Lan must be pretending to be forced, otherwise Lin Lan would not be so evasive.
“Yes, Sanyi, just let Chen Feng take care of Sister Mengyao, you can take me and my mother to see your house, listen to my mother, your house is more than 40 million yuan, I haven’t seen it yet What does a house of over 40 million look like?” Tang Ruoxue smiled pretty, but there was a touch of sarcasm in the depths of her smile. She couldn’t live in a house of over 40 million, let alone Lin Lan. This poor relative.
“Okay, the third aunt will take you over and have a look.” Lin Lan agreed. In fact, she also wanted to raise her eyebrows in front of Lin Yue and tell Lin Yue, although now, her family does not have Lin Yue yet. Rich, but her future is not much worse than Lin Yue.
Because the house she lives in was given by Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou.
“Take good care of Mengyao, I’ll take your aunt to see at home.” Lin Lan gave Chen Feng a cold look, and after speaking, she took Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue and left the ward.
Chen Feng shook his head. He found that Lin Lan’s relatives were better than the best. The previous Sun Guifang and Lin Dayong did not say much.
This Lin Yue is the best of the best.
Ming Xia Mengyao was injured, but Lin Yue did not care about Xia Mengyao once from entering the ward to leaving, as if Xia Mengyao’s life and death had nothing to do with her.
It was indifferent to the extreme.
In Lin Yue’s eyes, the so-called relatives are nothing more than a tool of use.
Half an hour later, Lin Lan took Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue to Yuquan Mountain.
Lin Lan was very calm along the way. In contrast, Lin Yue and her daughter were not so calm.
Especially for Lin Yue, anxiety was almost written on her face.
“Mom, Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, wouldn’t he really give the third aunt a suite?” Tang Ruoxue asked in a low voice, Lin Yue’s mother and daughter walking behind.
In Cangzhou, Shen Hongchang is still very famous, ranking first on the Cangzhou wealth list with assets of 30 billion.
Shen Hongchang’s assets, even in an international metropolis like Zhonghai, can rank in the top 30.
The meaning of the house to be sent to the house by such a rich man is of secondary importance. The main thing is the relationship between the person who is sent to the house and the richest man!
That is, connections.
If Lin Lan really had a relationship with the richest man, then Lin Lan would not be a poor relative, at least in the Lin family’s family, Lin Lan’s status would not be much lower than Lin Yue.
With speculation, the two followed Lin Lan and finally came to the door of Xia’s house.
Seeing Lin Lan take out the key and unscrew the door, the anxiety in the hearts of the two of them became stronger.
“Sister Yue, Ruoxue, here are slippers.” As soon as he entered the door, Lin Lan took out two pairs of slippers, ready to greet them to put them on.
But the two of them didn’t even look at Lin Lan, and went straight into the room, looking around like a search.
The total area of ​​the house is more than 240 square meters. The living room alone has nearly 80 square meters, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a small swimming pool. Although it is a high-end residence, the supporting facilities are not Not much worse than the villa.
Lin Yue’s mother and daughter became more frightened as they watched, and jealous as they watched.
Even their house can’t live in such a big house.
And when they came in, they also looked at the environment of the community, it was definitely a top high-end community.
In other words, the value of this house is totally in the tens of millions!
Lin Yue is almost crazy with jealousy of the 40 million houses.
Why Lin Lan can afford a house worth more than 40 million.
“Mom, could this house be rented by the third aunt?” Tang Ruoxue asked a little bit angrily, and she couldn’t accept that Lin Lan lived in such a good house.
Lin Yue’s thoughts were completely messed up at this time, and when she heard Tang Ruoxue say this, she instantly became angry again. It’s not that Lin Lan is incapable of doing things like taking the rented house as his own house.
“Lin Lan, how big is your house?” Although she was eager to prove her idea, Lin Yue didn’t ask directly, but intended to be more euphemistic.
“Two hundred and forty levels.” Lin Lan smiled.
“Two hundred and forty flats.” Lin Yue nodded slightly, and then asked, “Is there a title certificate? I want to see what the two hundred and forty squares house title certificate looks like.” “Yes.” Lin
Lan Weiwei With a smile, it seemed that Lin Yue had expected Lin Yue to ask such questions a long time ago, and took out the certificate of property right from behind.
Lin Yue’s face changed slightly, she took it, and then quickly turned a few pages.
The change in Lin Yue’s complexion after seeing that the head of the household was Lin Lan was a wonderful one.
It’s true, this house really belongs to Lin Lan! And on the real estate certificate, there is only Lin Lan’s name!
Lin Yue’s face was hot and painful at this moment.
She has been slapped twice in the face by Lin Lan.
“Sister Yue, why is your complexion so bad? Is there any problem with my title certificate?” Lin Lan asked knowingly, actually having a happy heart.
She didn’t know Lin Yue’s thoughts about coming here, but the more she knew, the happier she was.
She and Lin Yue have been fighting for so many years, and they have long known who each other is.
For relatives and friends, both of them can only accept that they are worse than their own, but they absolutely cannot accept that they are better than their own.
“No…no problem.” Lin Yue shook her head, forcibly suppressing her ugly expression.
There is no doubt that she completely lost to Lin Lan this time.
“Auntie, you said your house was given to you by your richest man in Cangzhou?” Tang Ruoxue asked unwillingly. Although the house belonged to Lin Lan, she still did not believe that this house was given to Lin Lan by Shen Hongchang , This is a house of more than 40 million yuan, not Chinese cabbage, how could Shen Hongchang give it as soon as he said it.
Lin Lan nodded: “Well, yes, boss Shen took us to see the house himself. After seeing the house, he asked me to owe the name on the title certificate and asked the sales department to give me the key. ”
Why does Boss Shen give you a house?” Tang Ruoxue continued to ask.
“Because the employees of their sales department want to sell me a house that has been deceased…” Lin Lan didn’t intend to hide it, but told the truth about it.
After knowing that Lin Lan had obtained a house worth more than 40 million yuan in this way, the eyes of Lin Yue’s mother and daughter almost stared out.
This TM also works? ! !
“Lin Lan, your fate is too good.” Lin Yue said in a sour tone. Except for her fate, she no longer knew what to say about Lin Lan. She planned to buy a house for 10 million yuan. Don’t spend it out, but was mistakenly beaten and sent a house worth more than 40 million.

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