Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 302

You don’t have to go out and step on shit.
“Auntie San, I think you should be very grateful to Boss Shen. If Boss Shen was not kind and generous, you wouldn’t be able to live in such a good house.”
Tang Ruoxue attributed all this to Shen Hongchang. She felt like It wasn’t for Shen Hongchang’s mercy, Lin Lan should now live in the house where he died, not here.
“Ruo Xue, you are right. I should thank Boss Shen very well.” Lin Lan said this, but she didn’t care at all in her heart. How could she not understand that the two said this because they were jealous of her. of.
Seeing Lin Lan’s triumphant expression, Lin Yue only felt uncomfortable in her heart. She still couldn’t accept it. In the past, her poor relatives who were too lazy to take care of them would live in more than 40 million houses.
However, even though her heart was unbalanced, Lin Yue didn’t say anything further. Although Lin Lan lived in a house of more than 40 million yuan, it couldn’t be changed. The fact that Lin Lan was still a poor person at heart.
To be truly rich, you must not only have a house, but also have connections.
Although Lin Lan had a house, the most lacking contacts among the rich had nothing to do with Lin Lan.
It is not difficult to know from Lin Lan’s words that the reason why Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, gave Lin Lan a house was just to seal Lin Lan’s mouth.
The friendship between him and Lin Lan is not necessarily deep.
Thinking of this, Lin Yue’s mood suddenly became happy again.
“Lin Lan, your house is pretty good, don’t you mind if Sister Yue stays here for a few days,” Lin Yue said. Originally, her plan was to stay in a hotel with Tang Ruoxue during business talks in Cangzhou these days, but now, There is a ready-made mansion here, and then go to the hotel, it is a brain problem.
“Don’t mind, Sister Yue can live as long as you want.”
Lin Lan didn’t think much about it, and agreed directly.
“Well, give me the key.” Lin Yue stretched out her hand.
Lin Lan handed over the key.
“There is another key, I want too.” Lin Yue pointed to the key left in Lin Lan’s hand again.
Lin Lan was a little unclear, so: “Sister Yue, I have only two keys in total. I have given you both, so I can’t get in.”
“What are you doing in the door? Didn’t you say that a good house will live in for me these few days?” Lin Yue glanced at Lin Lan with dissatisfaction.
“Huh?” Lin Lan looked dumbfounded.
“No, sister Yue, you mean, I can’t enter my house these days, the house can only let you live with Ruoxue?”
“Or else?” Lin Yue glanced at Lin Lan with a foolish look. , Said: “Lin Lan, you don’t know what kind of people Ruoxue and I are.”
“We all like quietness, quietness, do you know? Living with outsiders is a torture to us, so In the past few days, your family will find a hotel outside and make do with it.”
“Your house, let Ruoxue and I live in first. When we return to Zhonghai, we will give you the keys.” Regardless of whether Lin Lan agreed with him or not, Lin Yue directly grabbed the key in Lin Lan’s hand.
This made Lin Lan very angry, but Lin Lan still did not attack, but forced her anger and said: “Sister Yue, this house has four bedrooms. You and Ruoxue can live in one room alone. The rest Two rooms, for me, Lao Xia, and Mengyao. Mengyao has been injured in the past few days and is inconvenient to move…”
“I said Lin Lan, you have more to do!” Lin Lan hasn’t finished speaking yet. , She was interrupted by Lin Yue screaming, her expression of dissatisfaction: “I’m just staying in your house for a few days, and I’m not trying to occupy your house. Are you so pushy?”
“You still look down on me and Ruoxue. , If you want to look down on you, just say, we will go back to Zhonghai, and we will be without you as a relative in the future!”
Lin Yue became angry and Lin Lan’s tone suddenly softened: “No, sister Yue, I didn’t mean that.”
“I don’t care what you mean, hurry up, and Ruoxue and I are going to rest.” Lin Yue lost patience. Lin Lan pushed out the door without any explanation.
“Bang” shut the door heavily, and Lin Yue felt a lot quieter in her ears.
Tang Ruoxue was stunned, she didn’t expect Lin Yue to make such an operation.
“Mom, we are like this… OK.” She spit out such a sentence after a while. In fact, her tone was already very tactful. Lin Yue was more than bad, it was simply too much.
He came to a relative’s house as a guest, not to mention occupying the relative’s house, and drove the relative to stay in the hotel.
Simply unheard of, unseen.
“What’s wrong.” Lin Yue curled her lips, not feeling that she had done too much.
“Such a good house can only be accommodated by people with status and status like you and me. It is a waste to let your third aunt’s family be impoverished.”
Lin Yue’s words immediately made Tang Ruoxue feel at ease. .
“Ruoxue, you quickly call your classmate and ask him to ask Lin Zongwei to come out. Cooperation with Dingfeng Company is the most important thing.” Lin Yue said again, as long as we can reach cooperation with Dingfeng Company this time, then When she returned to Zhonghai, she could remove the adverbs from her position as deputy general manager, making it easy to get promoted and raise her salary.
“Well, I’ll fight now.” Tang Ruoxue nodded. Although she was reluctant, she also understood that this was Lin Yue’s only chance to stand up.
Soon, the call was made.
“Ruoxue, why did you think of calling me?” The voice on the other end of the phone was obviously pleasantly surprised.
However, Tang Ruoxue’s reaction was somewhat cold. She did not respond to the question on the other end of the phone, but asked straightforwardly: “Geng Hao, are you still working in Dingfeng?”
“Yes, Ruoxue, I am now the manager of the Personnel Department of Dingfeng Company.” Geng Hao’s tone carried a strong ostentation.
“Then do you know Lin Zongwei?”
“Mr. Lin?” Geng Hao was surprised: “Ruoxue, what are you looking for with us, Mr. Lin?”
“Don’t ask what you are doing, just say if you know him.” Tang Ruoxue was a little impatient Tao.
“Knowledge, Lin is always the general manager of our company, and I, the personnel manager, was promoted by President Lin.” Geng Hao said hurriedly. The chairman of Dingfeng Company has not appeared since its establishment. Therefore, the general manager Lin Zongwei is responsible for everything of Dingfeng Company.
In Dingfeng Company, Lin Zongwei has absolute authority.
“Since you know Lin Zongwei, it is not difficult for you to ask him out and have a meal with us?” Tang Ruoxue directly stated the purpose.
“It’s not difficult, but Mr. Lin…” Geng Hao wanted to say that Lin Zongwei was busy these days, but before he had time to say it, Tang Ruoxue interrupted him directly: “It’s nothing, it’s decided, tomorrow At seven o’clock in the evening, I want to see you and Lin Zongwei at the White Swan Restaurant.”

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