Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 305

Lin Yue nodded: “Then let’s wait.”
“Auntie, there is no need to wait. We Lin, don’t like others to wait for him. He usually comes out when others order good dishes.” Geng Hao said.
“Auntie, let’s order first.” Geng Hao smiled and took out the menu and began to order.
“Xiaohao, how can you order it? Today is my treat with Ruoxue, let’s order it.” Lin Yue was a little hypocritical and polite with Geng Hao.
“Well, Auntie, you can order.” Geng Hao smiled and handed the menu to Lin Yue.
The smile on Lin Yue’s face froze, she seemed to have forgotten one thing, there was only one tendon in Geng Hao’s mind.
If it is someone else, she is so polite to the other person, and the other person will definitely not let her order for the sake of face.
But in Geng Hao, there are not so many twists and turns at all.
What you say is what you say.
“Okay, let me order, let me order.” Lin Yueqiang smiled and took over the menu, wishing to slap herself a few times, why do you have to be cheap? A white swan meal costs at least 30,000 or 40,000.
She was so cheap that she lost 30,000 or 40,000.
Soon, Lin Yue ordered a few signature dishes of White Swan.
The waiters began to deliver food one after another.
At this time, Lin Yue felt a little uncomfortable in her stomach, she got up to pull the chair away and went to the bathroom.
Turning around, he ran into a waiter carrying vegetable soup.
The waiter was unstable, and a bowl of vegetable soup poured on Lin Yue.
Lin Yue let out a scream like a pig, obviously being scalded.
“Sorry, sorry.” The smaller waiter hurriedly apologized.
But Lin Yue didn’t listen at all, she just slapped her slap firmly, which was firmly printed on the waiter’s fair face.
“What did you eat? Are you blind?”
Lin Yue scolded sharply. She was wearing a tulle evening dress tonight with no underwear underneath, so it was equivalent to the waiter’s pot of vegetable soup. On her flesh.
Anyone who has been scalded knows that taste.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Auntie, I didn’t see it.” Lin Wanqiu lowered her head and apologized, with a cry of crying in her voice. She didn’t expect that the first time she came out to do a part-time job, she stabbed such a big basket.
“I’m sorry, is it useful?! Bitch!”
Lin Yue cursed, slapped Lin Wanqiu’s face again, and directly slapped Lin Wanqiu to the ground.
“Why is this broom star?”
At this moment, Tang Ruoxue frowned. Her memory was very good, so she recognized it at a glance. The person in front of her in the waiter’s clothes was the daughter of the middle-aged woman who struck Lin Yue Bentley yesterday.
“It’s you?!”
Lin Yue also recognized Lin Wanqiu, and suddenly, an unnamed rage ignited in her chest.
She couldn’t help but grabbed a chair from the ground, raised it high, and then slammed it heavily on Lin Wanqiu.
Lin Wanqiu snorted, her pretty face full of pain.
But Lin Yue was not at all suffocated, picked up the chair again, smashed it down, and cursed,
“How come you are a bitch everywhere!”
“Yesterday your bitch mother broke my old mother’s car. Today you are a bitch and soiled my old mother’s clothes again!”
“Are you sincerely having trouble with my old mother!”
Lin Yue smashed it three or four times until it was smashed. She stopped moving, panting.
But the petite Lin Wanqiu was curled up together in pain.
The movement here finally attracted the attention of the White Swan staff, and a man in a suit and a manager appeared strode over.
“Madam, what happened?”
“Are you blind? Wouldn’t you see what happened?” Lin Yue cursed, completely like a shrew.
“Your waiter, spilled the soup on my mother.” Tang Ruoxue’s face was cold, and she couldn’t help but snapped the mistake on Lin Wanqiu’s head.
“I’m sorry to cause you an unpleasant experience. This incident is indeed our restaurant’s responsibility.” The middle-aged manager bowed apologetically. People like Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue are not easy to provoke at first glance.
However, it was the first time for Lin Wanqiu to work in White Swan, and he was still doing a part-time job. It was clear which side he was on.
“Sorry? I’m sorry? Is it over?! Do you know how much this dress of mine is worth? Do you know who I’m dating tonight is going to talk about business? I have delayed so many things, I want to reveal a sentence In the past?”
“I’m telling you, there is no door!” Lin Yue was fierce, and when Lin Wanqiu was involved in this way, how she would see Lin Zongwei next was a problem.
“This lady, you are misunderstood, we will definitely let her compensate you for all the losses that Xiaolin has caused you.” The middle-aged manager smiled bitterly.
“Compensation? Does she pay for compensation? Do you know how much the old lady’s dress is? 190,000 yuan! Italian costume master Mina personally tailor-made the old lady. She is a pariah who sold herself, too. I can’t afford a button on my dress.” Lin Yue is reluctant. The middle-aged manager’s meaning is obvious. This incident is entirely Lin Wanqiu’s fault. It has nothing to do with the white swan. The white swan costs a penny. Will not lose.
Lin , get up!” The middle-aged manager glanced at Lin Wanqiu on the ground coldly, and then said mercilessly: “This lady’s dress is worth 190,000 yuan. You immediately lost a lot of money to others.”
“Manager Zhang , It was this aunt who hit me first, so that my soup would be spilled on her.” Lin Wanqiu wept aggrievedly. When she served the dishes, she took the route planned by the white swan, but Lin Yue got up, but ran into her without looking.
In the final analysis, the fault in this matter was Lin Yue, not her.
“What are you talking about?!”
Lin Yue’s face became cold, and she kicked Lin Wanqiu involuntarily as she said.
“You bitch dare to slander me?! What is it that I bumped into you, obviously you want to take revenge on my old lady , and deliberately poured soup on my old lady !” “I didn’t!” Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face was full of grievances, White Swan The restaurant waiter is her first part-time job, how dare she do such a thing.
“No? Are you a fool as an old lady?” Lin Yue sneered.
“Yesterday my driver hit your untouchable mother, so you held a grudge against me. Today, when you saw me eating here, you deliberately carried the soup and came to me. Before I paid attention, you poured the soup on. In my body, I really thought I could not see through your little trick?”
“Woo, I really don’t have that, auntie…”
Manager Zhang exclaimed, his face cold and terrible: “Xiao Lin, now the evidence is there. Quite sure, you spilled the soup on this lady on purpose.”
“How can your mind be so vicious at your young age!”
“Do you know how much damage this will do to this lady?”
“Do you know how much this will affect our White Swan’s reputation?”

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