Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 312

Faced with Wang Haikuo’s angry gaze, Zhang An suddenly did not dare to conceal the slightest bit, and told all the things and everything!
The hall suddenly calmed down. No one had thought that Zhang An would be so shameless and help Lin Yue to bully an eighteen-year-old girl. In order to prevent him from getting into the water, he even made up the nonsense that the monitoring was broken.
Knowing that Swan’s behind-the-scenes boss is the Yanjing Chen family, but in order not to lose the gambling contract, Zhang An abruptly said nonsense with his eyes open.
“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m obsessed with my heart. You let me go.” Zhang An turned his pleading gaze to Chen Feng. Although he didn’t know what Chen Feng came from, he knew that now only Chen Feng can decide his stay.
“Let you go?” Chen Feng’s mouth raised a cold tone: “Why should I let you go?”
“Remember what I said before?”
Zhang An’s body trembled. Of course he remembered, a few minutes ago. , Chen Feng said that he would be fired, but at the time he didn’t worry about this at all. He felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense, and now… With a
“puff”, Zhang An directly knelt on the ground.
“Mr. Chen, don’t fire me. My mother is in the hospital, and there are two children in school. I still have a mortgage on my back. If you fire me, our family will have no way out…”
Zhang An burst into tears. , But Chen Feng didn’t even blink his eyes, and screamed coldly, “Go!”
“Mr. Chen…” Zhang An wanted to beg again, but Wang Haikuo flew up, kicked, and directly Zhang An kicked three meters away.
“Mr. Chen let you go, can’t you hear me?!”
“From today, you are fired, immediately, immediately, roll me up!” Wang Haikuo pointed at Zhang An and yelled at him, wishing Zhang An would disappear from his front now.
The situation took a turn for the worse.
Zhang An, who was still holding the winning ticket just now, arrogantly, after a call from Chen Feng, immediately turned into a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouted, even his cousin didn’t want to look at him.
All of a sudden, many diners cast their curious eyes on Chen Feng.
They don’t understand, where does Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law, come from so much energy?
Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue looked surprised, and they did not expect that Chen Feng was just a phone call and called the person in charge of White Swan to solve all the troubles.
And looking at the person in charge showing respect to Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s background is obviously not small.
However, didn’t Lin Lan say that Chen Feng is a wasteful family cook?
Why did he know the Chen family?
“Adjust monitoring.”
At this time, Chen Feng spit out three more words coldly.
Lin Yue’s mind trembled, and she whispered: “Chen Feng, let’s forget the monitoring, no need to adjust.”
“Since you know this little girl, everyone is a family.”
“The family is a little bit small. Friction is normal.”
“My dress, I don’t need this little girl to pay for it.”
“Everyone regards harmony as the most important, and harmony is the most important . Lin Yue’s face is sullen, if the surveillance is really brought out, then her face is today. I am afraid that will be swollen, as indeed she was wrong earlier, the dress was splashed, without any relationship with Lin Wanqiu.
“and for you? “Chen Feng sneered at the corner of his mouth: “Now that you think of it, peace is more expensive?” ”
” Late! “Chen Feng’s expression became cold, and his tone was beyond doubt: “Tune! ”
“Yes, Mr. Chen!”
Wang Haikuo looked overjoyed, he wouldn’t let such a great opportunity to make up for it.
Soon, Wang Haikuo moved a notebook with a red face.
Many diners gathered around.
Wang Haikuo called out the collision between Lin Yue and Lin Wanqiu, and then played slowly.
The movements of the two were shown in front of everyone frame by frame.
Lin Wanqiu walked normally.
Lin Yue didn’t even look at the back, she suddenly got up, and then bumped into Lin Wanqiu.
The soup splashes.
Lin Yue’s expression gradually became ferocious…
There is no doubt that it was Lin Yue who was at fault first!
“An older man, how thick skinned so!”
“Is really shameless, are over fifty years old, but also correct people an eighteen-year-old girl, shamelessly!”
Many diners didn’t save Lin Yue’s face, and directly cursed in front of Lin Yue.
Because Lin Yue’s face is too ugly!
“No… it’s not like that, you have misunderstood me.” Lin Yue’s face was blue and red, but her defense seemed so weak in the face of the facts.
Chen Feng glanced at Lin Yue coldly. If Lin Yue doesn’t apologize, then this matter is not over!
“You trash, don’t be too much!” Lin Yue is about to be mad. At this moment, if she says who she hates most, then Chen Feng will definitely rank first.
If it weren’t for Chen Feng, she wouldn’t have to be so embarrassed today.
“I’ll say it one last time, apologize!” A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.
This cold light immediately made Lin Yue’s heart startle.
“Okay, I apologize, let’s apologize.” Lin Yue softened.
Turning around and gently saying to Lin Wanqiu: “I’m sorry.” “I’m not sincere, just say again.” Chen Feng was expressionless.
Lin Yue gritted her teeth, bent over, bowed, and said heavily, “I’m sorry, I was wrong!”
“No… it doesn’t matter.” Lin Wanqiu was a little timid. Until now, her little head is still a little dizzy. I can’t believe that Lin Yue, such a domineering woman, would actually apologize to her in the end.
“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly and gently raised the girl’s jade hand.
Lin Zongwei glanced at Geng Hao coldly, then got up.
Seeing that Lin Zongwei was about to leave, Tang Ruoxue was anxious: “Mr. Lin, something for cooperation?”
“Go!” Lin Zongwei’s response is as simple and rude as ever: “From today, Zhongsheng Group, don’t think about any cooperation with Dingfeng Company. ! ”
” Remember, no! ”
” shabu ” mother and two of his face, opt for pale down.
Lin Zongwei said so decisively, the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company may be completely cold.
“Trash! I’m all to blame for that dead trash, I’m mad at me!” Lin Yue stomped straight, after Chen Feng’s trouble, the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company could be said to be completely horrid.
Her trip to Cangzhou this time not only came in vain, but because she offended Lin Zongwei, if she goes back, she will definitely be held accountable by the board of directors. Don’t want to save the position of deputy manager. It’s good not to be kicked out of Zhongsheng Group. Up.
“Mom, don’t be angry, let this waste be proud of it for a few days! When the grandfather’s birthday banquet is next month, we will find a way to find the place.” Tang Ruoxue bit her silver teeth, resentful. ,
“Your grandfather’s birthday banquet?” Lin Yue was stunned: “Will that waste go?”
“Definitely.” Tang Ruoxue categorically said: “Sanyi hasn’t seen grandpa for seven or eight years. She used to have no face to see him, because she The mess is very bad. Now that she has a mansion and is so good, she will definitely think of being popular, and grandpa’s birthday banquet is her best opportunity to be popular!”
“So she will definitely bring that waste with her when the time comes. With Xia Mengyao.”

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