Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 32

“Fei Rong, don’t talk about it. Maybe in your eyes, Chen Feng is not good enough for me, but in my eyes, he is the best man in the world. It’s also that I am not good enough for him, not that he is not good enough for me.”
“Okay… Okay.” Xu Feirong wanted to say more, but seeing the rare serious expression on Xia Mengyao’s small face, she swallowed the rest of the word.
After the three of them got out of the airport, Xia Mengyao reached out and took a taxi on the side of the road.
“Meng Yao, you… don’t have a car?” Xu Feirong hesitated and asked.
Xia Mengyao shook her head and said, “No, I don’t have a driver’s license.”
“What about Chen Feng? He doesn’t know how to buy one.” Xu Feirong couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng who was aside.
“Chen Feng…” Xia Mengyao still wanted to excuse Chen Feng, but Chen Feng spoke first: “I have no money and can’t afford it.”
Xu Feirong frowned. She didn’t know what to say anymore. A man who didn’t even have a scooter and had to take a taxi to pick up people…
Xia Mengyao sighed. After the Yuquanshan project makes money, she must buy a car for Chen Feng, so that Chen Feng should not be so embarrassed.
The three took a taxi and came to the door of a restaurant.
In order to pick up the dust for Xu Feirong, Xia Mengyao specially found this restaurant called Guyue Villa. It is said that the chef of the restaurant is the descendant of the imperial chef of the Qing Dynasty, and he is very good at cooking.
Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong walked in front hand in hand, and Chen Feng followed behind.
The decoration of the restaurant is generally archaic. The tables, chairs and benches are made of black-grained nanmu, which exudes a light fragrance.
“Hello, are there any boxes inside?” Xia Mengyao said politely.
“Several customers, I’m really sorry, today’s box is fully booked.” The beauty receptionist showed a professional apologetic smile.
Xia Mengyao was a little disappointed, and then asked, “What about the hall?”
The beauty receptionist shook her head again and said, “Sorry, the lobby is full too.”
“Forget it, Mengyao, let’s change the restaurant.” Xu Feirong said.
“Well, it can only be this way.” Xia Mengyao nodded, and the three of them were about to leave. At this moment, three men with different body shapes and wearing famous brands came to face.
“Song Jun?” Xu Feirong shouted, seeming to know the tall young man headed by the three.
The tall young man turned his head, a look of surprise appeared on his handsome face: “Fei Rong, when did you come back?”
“Just come back.” Xu Feirong said indifferently.
“Why don’t you let me pick you up?” Song Jun’s attitude was very enthusiastic. Then he glanced at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao. Chen Feng, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was ignored by him, but when he saw Xia Mengyao, his eyes There was a touch of stunning color in there, and then he rolled his eyes and asked: “You guys are here to eat too?”
Xu Feirong nodded and said, “Unfortunately, there is no place.”
“That’s easy to handle. I booked a big box inside, which happens to have a place, Fei Rong, if you don’t dislike it, come with us.” Song Jun smiled.
“No need…” Xia Mengyao subconsciously wanted to refuse. She found that Song Jun’s friends saw something wrong with her eyes, and she didn’t want to trouble Chen Feng.
But after all, before she could finish her words, Xu Feirong agreed: “Okay.”
Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng with some embarrassment, seeming to want to know Chen Feng’s opinion.
Chen Feng naturally read the meaning in Xia Mengyao’s eyes. She was afraid of causing trouble to herself, but the few elder brothers were not qualified to put him in the eyes.
So Chen Feng smiled slightly, nodded, and gave Xia Mengyao a relieved look.
The group entered a luxurious box on the third floor and took their seats.
Song Jun glanced at Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng, smiled and asked, “Fei Rong, who are these two?”
“She’s Xia Mengyao, my best friend.” Xu Feirong said lightly, only talking about Xia Mengyao, but did not mention Chen Feng, and I don’t know what she thought.
Xia Mengyao frowned and felt a little unhappy.
Chen Feng didn’t care, Xu Feirong’s thoughts, he could more or less guess some, nothing more than trying to embarrass himself by Song Jun’s hand, and let himself retreat.
I can only say that Xu Feirong thinks too much.
Xia Mengyao?
Song Jun’s eyes couldn’t help but brighten up. This is the newly promoted figure in Cangzhou City these days. Sure enough, hearing it is better than seeing it. Real Xia Mengyao is a little more beautiful than the rumors!
Song Jun’s eyes suddenly became eager: “Miss Xia, hello, my name is Song Jun, I am the executive director of Junsheng Group.”
“Hello.” Xia Mengyao responded politely.
Junsheng Group is a chain hotel development group. The development of many large hotels in Cangzhou City cannot be separated from Junsheng Group.
A few days ago, Xia Yunsheng hosted a celebration banquet for Xia Mengyao. Cangzhou Hotel was one of the hotels developed by Junsheng Group.
It is conservatively estimated that the net worth of Song Jun in front of him is at least one billion yuan!
Afterwards, Song Jun introduced to several people the identities of the two friends who were walking with him, both of whom were standard powerful children.
The tall and thin man wearing glasses is named Wang Haitao, the son of the mayor of Xicheng District, Cangzhou City.
The man who was obese and stared at Xia Mengyao all the time was Zhao Yue. His family was in the jewelry business. The three jewelry stores in Xicheng District were all run by Zhao Yue’s family.
After the introduction, Chen Feng found that the two of them were obviously more arrogant.
Song Jun turned his gaze to Chen Feng again. Before he saw Chen Feng dressed in ordinary clothes, he thought Chen Feng was a bodyguard driver, but then Chen Feng sat down with Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, plus Xu Fei. Rong did not say the identity of Chen Feng, Song Jun had probably guessed the identity of the man in front of him.
But if he guessed it, he still had to confirm it.
“This brother is?” Song Jun smiled and said.
“Chen Feng.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile.
The expression on Song Jun’s face did not change, but he smiled disdainfully in his heart. It was really the abandoned son of the Xia family.
“Chen Feng?” Zhao Yue narrowed his eyes and asked, “Is that the husband of Miss Xia?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng responded calmly.
“I heard that you are delivering food?” Zhao Yue asked with a smile, not knowing whether it was intentional or not.
“What’s wrong, is there a problem?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
Zhao Yue shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I just want to ask you, how much is your salary for delivering food in a month.”
“Four or five thousand, six thousand and seven in good times.” Chen Feng said truthfully.
“Haha, that’s pretty high, it’s almost half the number of employees in my jewelry store.” Zhao Yue laughed haha.
Listening to Zhao Yue’s obvious sarcasm, Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but a touch of anger appeared between her eyebrows.
“Zhao Yue, is there still a shortage of people in your jewelry store? If there is a shortage of people, it is better to ask Brother Chen’s wishes and let Brother Chen work with you.” Song Jun was full of enthusiasm, as if he was really thinking about Chen Feng.
The fat on Zhao Yue’s face trembled, and he smiled: “Lack! A lot! If Brother Chen Feng is willing to come over, I will give him 15 thousand a month, no! Twenty thousand!”

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