Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 322

“You don’t have the right to know who I am.” Chen Feng shook his head. The thin monkey in front of him and the black ape he had abandoned, both of them were obviously killers.
The status of the invisible assassin in the martial arts world is no different from that of a mouse crossing the street, almost to the point where everyone shouts and beats.
Therefore, it is impossible for Chen Feng to give the thin monkey a good face.
Not qualified to know?
Skinny Monkey’s face was cloudy and sunny, and after another glance at Chen Feng, he jumped off the second floor without looking back.

Uncle Master …” Chen Zewen glanced at Chen Feng and asked Chen Feng whether he wanted to chase him or not.
Chen Feng shook his head. no need.
This skinny monkey killer was only in the early days of Dark Jin, and Chen Zewen couldn’t catch up alone.
Unless he makes a move, he can catch up if he wants to make a move, but in a place where people like the high-speed rail station are crowded with eyes and monitors, if he makes a move, he will inevitably expose his strength.
In order for a killer to expose his strength, Chen Feng would not do this kind of loss-making business.
“Miss, are you okay.”
At this moment , a black uniformed man named Xiao Xuan walked in front of the Miao-age woman. Only after the four of them were attacked by the black ape and the thin monkey, they lost three in less than ten seconds. He is the only one standing now.
“It’s okay.” The Miaoling woman shook her head.
Although she said it was okay, the voice of Miaoling woman still trembled a bit at this moment, and she had obviously not been relieved from the thrill just now.
There would be killers in places like high-speed rail stations, which she did not expect.
And the other party’s disguise is simply perfect, without any flaws.
First approached them pretending to be passengers, and then used the dispute to show weakness, let them develop contempt and relax their vigilance.
Then, the skinny monkey took out the cigarette case that seemed to be a sparse and usual killer, and suddenly violent.
Interlocking, seamless!
Without Chen Feng, I am afraid they would all be planted here today.
After taking a deep breath, the Miaoling woman walked up to Chen Feng, took off her mask, and revealed a beautiful face that was enough to eclipse Sun and Moon.
This beautiful face made the audience silent for an instant, and the needle drop could be heard.
“Chu Celadon!”
After a while, many people exclaimed.
“My goodness, it seems to be her, how could she appear in Cangzhou?!”
“I don’t know, there is no news of her filming in Cangzhou recently.”
“I’m going to die, who will tell me,” Is this scene in front of me real?”
“What happened to those two people just now? Why did they kill celadon?”
“Maybe they were filming.”
“Filming? A fart scene, there is not one camera. How could it be filming? I see those two people really want to kill Celadon.”
“So, they are killers?”
“It’s very possible, but this kid solved it.” The people around me said. Chen Feng listened to the discussion without fail.
This woman turned out to be a star? Chen Feng frowned and glanced at Chu Celadon, which he didn’t expect.
“Hello, my name is Chu Celadon.”
Although the ears were full of endless discussions, the young woman seemed to be unable to hear her, and she extended her hand generously.
“Chen Feng.”
Although his heart was filled with doubts, Chen Feng stretched out his hand and shook hands with the Miaoling woman.
Women’s hands are very soft, as if there are no bones.
“Mr. Chen, thank you for saving me.”
Chu Celadon smiled sweetly at the corner of her mouth. When she spoke, her eyes kept looking at Chen Feng like nothing, as if she wanted to see something from Chen Feng’s face. .
But Chen Feng’s performance was surprisingly calm: “You’re welcome.”
Chu Celadon’s beautiful Liu Mei frowned. Doesn’t this person know her?
“Who is Wu Donghai… who Mr. Chen just said?” Chu Celadon couldn’t help asking this question. She didn’t know the origins of black apes and thin monkeys, but Chen Feng seemed to know something.
“An old friend.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“Old friend?” Chu Celadon’s expression was a little weird. Chen Feng’s old friend was obviously ambiguous. That Wu Donghai was definitely not Chen Feng’s old friend, but was more likely to have hatred with Chen Feng.
Although he was puzzled, Chen Feng obviously didn’t want to say more, and Chu Celadon didn’t ask any more questions.
“Mr. Chen, this is not a place to talk. If Mr. Chen is convenient, you can talk to me…” Chu Celadon wanted to talk to Chen Feng in a different place, but Chen Feng interrupted before finishing the words.
“Sorry, Miss Chu, the train is coming soon, and I have something to do.” Chen Feng glanced at the time and said, the seven o’clock train is now 6:48, and the ticket check starts.
Chu celadon choked. Seeing Chen Feng was about to leave, she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious: “Wait, Mr. Chen, is it convenient to leave a contact information? Celadon still has a few questions to ask Mr. Chen.”
Chen Feng frowned and took out his mobile phone: “This is my WeChat, Miss Chu, please scan it.”
“Thank you Mr. Chen.” Chu Celadon looked happy and hurriedly took out the mobile phone.
This scene made the surrounding people who eat melons stare.
“Do you dare to say that this is not filming?! If it is not filming, I ate that phone!”
“It seems to be filming.” Someone sneered.
“Not it seems, is yes, celadon how others may take the initiative to contact.”
“That is, people want to have a chance to do celadon contact.”
“I thought this kid really heroic rescue Miss Chu save it, turned out to be in the filming ”
The reaction of the passers-by was completely unexpected by Chu Celadon and Chen Feng.
Chu Celadon had originally thought about how to explain this assassin incident to the media, but right now, it is no longer needed.
After Chen Feng left, Chu Celadon smiled sweetly, and generously extended his hand to greet everyone around him.
“Hello everyone, I’m Chu Celadon.”
“I’m sorry to have affected everyone. What you saw just now is a new play we are currently filming at Tianyu. This new play will be in major theaters at the end of next year. Come to the theater and meet everyone.” “In order to guarantee the box office revenue of the new movie, please don’t tell me what happened here today, and keep the celadon a secret.”
Chu celadon’s sweet smile is very contagious, she said Although the words are full of loopholes, a discerning person can see that something is wrong with a closer look.
But most of the passengers in the venue didn’t think so much at all, they all believed it.
“Goddess of celadon, don’t worry, I won’t say a word.”
“I wish the goddess of celadon a new play!”
“Goddess of celadon, I love you!”
There was a scream in the hall.
An assassination that was supposed to cause a sensation across the country was actually suppressed by a few words from Chu Celadon.
A few minutes later, a group of WJs in black uniforms with rifles rushed over. The medical team, high-speed rail station management personnel, and Cangzhou high-level officials also followed.

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