Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 324

Chen Feng smiled, took out his phone, and glanced at WeChat.
It was discovered that Chu Celadon really sent him a message.
“Mr. Chen’s life-saving grace is remembered by celadon.”
“If Mr. Chen finds the place where celadon can be obtained in the future, please send it. Celadon will surely go through fire and water. It can be seen that the attitude of Chu celadon is very low. , Did not rely on his own identity to be aloof or dismissive of Chen Feng.
This caused Chen Feng to have a lot of good feelings immediately.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng flipped his fingers and sent a message to Chu Celadon.
“You don’t have to go through fire and water. I only have one requirement: To be let too many people know my identity, and keep it secret if it can be kept secret.”
Chen Feng said bluntly, the meaning is simple and clear, he does not want to be known by too many people.
The background of Chu Celadon’s identity is obviously very deep, and it is by no means as simple as a celebrity. The four warriors who protect her are, at first glance, military warriors from the military.
The black ape and skinny monkey who assassinated her are also well-known professional killers on the killer list. The price of their shots is definitely not low, at least 200 million.
It is conceivable how terrifying it would be to use 200 million hired assassins.
And since Chu Celadon is worth 200 million yuan, it shows that the power behind her is definitely better than the power behind the killer.
Such a battle between the two forces and how deep the water is, Chen Feng can think of it with his toes.
If he could, he didn’t want to get involved, but at the high-speed rail station, Chen Zeli had already made a move. As an uncle, he couldn’t sit still on the Diaoyutai.
However, there was another reason why Chen Feng made the move besides Chen Zeli.
This reason was related to the black ape killer. Chen Feng discovered that when the black ape killer was fighting with the bodyguard of Chu celadon, he used a secret technique called bronze armor in western Hunan.
Bronze armor, as the name suggests, makes the skin hard as copper.
After casting the Bronze Armor Secret, the caster’s own defense power can be greatly increased in a short period of time, making the caster invulnerable.
Chen Feng had seen this secret technique three years ago. It was performed by a warrior named Wu Donghai in the middle of the dark energy when he was chasing and killing him. At that time, Wu Donghai left a deep impression on Chen Feng. .
After casting the bronze armor, he was almost in a state of invincible defense in the same realm, resisting Chen Feng’s seven punches without dying, and finally vomiting blood to escape.
Chen Feng thought that he would never see Wu Donghai again in his life, but he didn’t want to. Today, at the high-speed rail station, he saw the black ape who also practiced bronze armor.
Chen Feng didn’t know what the black monkey had to do with Wu Donghai. The reason why Chen Feng asked like that was purely tentative.
Unexpectedly, the test came out.
Black Ape does know Wu Donghai, but he doesn’t know what the relationship is between the two.
Thinking of this, Chen Feng sent another message to Chu Celadon. The content of the message was very simple, only five words.
“Xiangxi, Wu Donghai.”
But the Chu celadon on the other side was ecstatic after seeing the news.
The news of Chen Feng is more than just a little information.
There is another meaning behind these five words, that is, he intends to intervene in this matter!
Compared with Wu Donghai’s information, Chu Celadon values ​​this point more.
From the point of view of Chen Feng’s swift action, Chen Feng’s strength is obviously unfathomable, at least it is also the mid-term start of Anjin.
The 25-year-old Anjin mid-stage, placed in the Zhonghai martial arts world, is definitely a shocking existence.
To be able to reach the middle stage of the dark energy at this age, Chen Feng’s talent is self-explanatory.
The family background will never go too far.
The Chu family is now at a time of turbulent wind and rain. There are powerful enemies outside, and insiders who are intrigued by interests are watching. Therefore, external assistance is extremely important to the Chu family.
If she can draw Chen Feng to the battleship of the Chu family, the chances of winning of the Chu family will definitely increase out of thin air.
Chen Feng didn’t know, he just simply sent five words, Chu Celadon thought so much.
Of course, even if Chen Feng knew, Chen Feng would not say anything.
Because this was originally a mutual use, Chu Celadon wanted to use him to solve the plight of the Chu family, so he was using the Chu family to investigate Wu Donghai.
It can only be said that it is good to know each other well.
Two hours later, the train arrived at Zhonghai Station.
Zhonghai is an international metropolis with a population of more than 20 million, and has always been known as the’Paris of the East’.
As China’s economic, financial, trade and shipping center, China Shipping has created and broke many of the world’s best and China’s best in the China World Record Association.
China’s largest foreign trade port, China’s largest industrial base… and so on, there are countless titles.
When a few people got out of the car, they felt an oncoming breath of prosperity.
People from all over the world gather here.
Here are the dreams of countless ordinary people.
Here is both heaven and hell.
For the rich, Zhonghai is a glamorous Jinjin Cave, Lujiazui, and the Bund, all of which are open to you.
For ordinary people, Zhonghai is a dream place that sheds blood and sweats, with endless basements, endless subways, endless orders for takeaways… everything will make ordinary people breathless.
But under the pressure, there will be many amazing and brilliant people.
Financial giants, business giants, emperor protégés… every year, there are many princes of heaven who jump into the sky in the China Sea and become the guests of the upper class.
In the 1990s, China Shipping even emerged among the heroes of Du Yuesheng, Huang Jinrong, and Zhang Xiaolin who had a profound influence throughout China.
A typical place of Longxing.
For Zhonghai, Chen Feng did not feel much, because the last time he came to Zhonghai was ten years ago, when he came with Xiao Guozhong.
That time Xiao Guozhong took him to meet the first person in Zhonghai, Lin Qingdi!
Emperor Lin Qing left a deep impression on Chen Feng. After ten years, Chen Feng could not forget.
Even Chen Feng gave birth to a feeling of being a big man.
I don’t know if Lin Qingdi is still in Zhonghai now? If so, I’m afraid I will go over to visit, Chen Feng thought to himself.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed down his complex feelings and turned to Chen Zewen and said: “Awen, you first take Wanqiu to Zhonghai University to sign up. After signing up, go directly to the hospital to find Huang Laosan, I will go Send something to my dad’s comrades. After the delivery, I will find you.”
“Good Brother Feng.” Chen Zewen nodded respectfully, and then left with Lin Wanqiu.
Chen Feng took out his cell phone and dialed the number Xia Weiguo gave him.
Xia Weiguo said that if he let him go to Zhonghai, he would call this person, and this person would come to pick up things.

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