Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 325

Chen Feng dialed the phone number, but it kept showing that no one answered.
Chen Feng patiently fought again, but still no one answered.
Chen Feng frowned, and struck again three times.
After the sixth time, the call was finally connected.
But as soon as the phone was connected, an impatient voice came from the phone: “Hey, who?!”
“I’m Chen Feng, I’m here to find Uncle Wang for something.” Chen Feng frowned.
“Chen Feng?” The voice on the other end of the phone was taken aback, and then he reacted: “Are you the son-in-law of my dad’s comrade-in-arms?”
“Yes, where are you now?”
“I’m not at the high-speed rail station now, I’m at Dongyu The clubhouse…huh, hahaha!” The voice on the other end of the phone was intermittent, but Chen Feng could tell right away that the other party was in a casino now.
“Well, I have something to do right now. I don’t have time to come over to pick you up. You should come out to get a taxi and bring me things to the Dongyu Clubhouse. The speed should be fast.”
After speaking, the other party didn’t care about Chen Feng’s reaction. , Directly hung up the phone.
Chen Feng’s expression naturally cooled down.
It was the first time he had seen such an unclear person.
If it were not for fear that it would be difficult for Xia Weiguo to be caught in the middle, he would definitely throw the jade into the trash on the spot.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng walked out of the high-speed rail station and beckoned to stop the taxi…
Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at the gate of Dongyu Club.
Chen Feng dialed the other party’s number again with a cold face.
“I’m here.”
“Here? You come in. I’m in the clubhouse. You come in and give my name, Wang Defa, and the welcoming guest will bring you in to find me.” The person on the other end of the phone still didn’t take Chen Feng seriously.
Chen Feng’s patience finally reached the limit, he said coldly: “I’ll give you one minute, and after one minute, if you don’t come out, you will never want to see your family heirloom in your life.”
“Hey, boy, what are you? Meaning? I gave you a face, right?!” In the clubhouse, Wang Defa slammed the table, and suddenly became angry. He wanted to scold Chen Feng, but found that Chen Feng had already hung up.
“Grass!” Wang De scolded with an angry face, then folded his hands together, and smiled at the other three people on the mahjong table: “Brothers, sorry, I have to go and come back in a few minutes, you guys. Let’s play first.”
“Go and come back soon!” The other three waved their hands in disregard.
Then Wang Defa turned and went out.
As soon as he left the club, Wang Defa saw Chen Feng with a cold face. He stretched out his hand and pointed at Chen Feng’s nose, aggressively: “I said you kid, I gave you a face, didn’t you? Let you send something, you really do I’m a human being, believe me or not…”

Slap ” Chen Feng raised his hand and slapped Wang Defa’s face with a slap.
“Believe it or not?” Chen Feng said coldly.
“Do you dare to hit me?!”
“Do you dare to hit me?!” Wang Defa covered his face, his eyes suddenly red.

Slap ” Chen Feng raised his hand and slapped Wang Defa’s face again.
“Why don’t you dare?” Chen Feng looked at Wang Defa coldly. Wang Defa’s eyes were sunken and his footsteps were vain. You can tell by looking at his face that he is a typical gambler. This kind of person cannot be used to him by Chen Feng. .
“I… I killed you!”
After being slapped twice by Chen Feng in a row, Wang Defa suddenly lost his mind. He was instantly filled with anger, and he roared towards Chen Feng.
But how could this weak chicken be Chen Feng’s opponent.
Chen Feng just lifted his toe slightly and tapped Wang Defa’s calf.
Wang Defa screamed and fell directly to the ground, clutching his legs, and began to wailing.
A big man, howling tears came out.
Chen Feng frowned, and Xia Weiguo said that his old comrade-in-arms was in the army, but he was a top-notch man. I came to say that the offspring of such an old hero would never be far behind.
It can be seen that Wang Defa’s wimpy look before him has nothing to do with the hero.
“Dad, mom, if someone bullied your son, you don’t care about it.”
“Dad, mom, if you don’t come, your son will be beaten to death…”
Wang Defa sat on the ground and cried loudly. Passers-by pointed and pointed, and many people had ridiculous smiles on their lips. A man in his 30s was not ashamed to this point, and there was no one.
Even Chen Feng, at this time, can’t hold back a bit of face, if he let others know that he is a master of martial arts, bullying this kind of stuff, I am afraid it will lose the face of all martial arts masters in the world.
“Don’t cry!”
Chen Feng couldn’t bear it, and he drank in a deep voice, but when Wang Defa on the ground heard Chen Feng’s voice, not only did he not stop, he cried louder, almost to the point of crying. .
Chen Feng’s face turned black and terrible. He gritted his teeth and threatened every word: “Cry again, I will kill you!”
Perhaps it was because he was scared by Chen Feng. When he heard that Chen Feng was about to do it, Wang Defa shrank his neck unexpectedly, and immediately stopped choking, but the eyes that looked at Chen Feng were still full of hatred.
Chen Feng was full of black lines, and then took out a black box from his bag, took the box to Wang Defa, and said coldly: “This is the ancient jade of your Wang family, take it.”
Wang Defa looked at Chen Feng bitterly. One glance, then took the black box, opened it, and took a look.
After confirming that the things were correct, he took out his wallet from his pocket and counted fifteen red banknotes. He wanted to pass them directly to Chen Feng, but he seemed to think of something. He rolled his eyes and turned from ten. Five of the five banknotes were withdrawn, and the remaining ten banknotes were handed to Chen Feng. He looked at Chen Feng with a face of charity and said: “I only planned to give you five hundred, but I saw you take a taxi to me. For the sake of giving the jade, I will give you another five hundred yuan.”
“A total of one thousand yuan, this jade, I redeemed it. From then on, your Xia family and our Wang family have nothing to do.
” A thousand yuan?” Chen Feng almost laughed angrily. He had overestimated Wang Defa’s shamelessness as much as he could, but he still underestimated Wang Defa’s shamelessness.
If he remembers correctly, Wang Defa’s father mortgaged this piece of jade to Xia Weiguo a few years ago, and then borrowed one hundred thousand yuan from Xia Weiguo. Now it’s not bad. A few years later, one hundred thousand yuan directly turned into one thousand. Piece.
Moreover, according to Wang Defa’s meaning, among these thousand yuan, there are five hundred alms to him.
Chen Feng really didn’t know what to say about this kind of ungrateful and wolf-hearted thing.
“Why, are you still too young?”
Wang Defa raised his eyebrows: “I tell you, one thousand yuan is enough for you. Originally, I didn’t want to give you a single point, but your father-in-law also helped my dad. This jade has been preserved for several years. Although there is no credit, there is hard work. This thousand yuan…”

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