Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 326

Wang Defa wanted to say something more, but Chen Feng directly slapped Wang Defa’s 1,000 yuan.
“Hey, you…” Wang Defa suddenly became angry. He pointed to Chen Feng’s nose and was about to get angry, but when he thought of Chen Feng’s strength, he instantly stumbled and said bitterly: “One thousand five, I’ll give you a thousand and five.”
“I said…get out!” Chen Fengqiang suppressed his anger and tried to restrain the urge to slap Wang Defa to death.

Go away ?” “What do you mean? You don’t want the money?” Wang De looked at Chen Feng in amazement. Before Chen Feng could speak, he hurriedly picked up the money on the ground, while picking it up, and said: “You don’t want this. Ah, it’s not that I won’t give you…” When I finished picking up the money, I looked up, only to find that Chen Feng was no longer in front of him.
Wang De screamed, and then a smug smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “I will give you nothing, nothing promising.”
Just after cursing Chen Feng, Wang De’s phone rang.
“Son, did anyone receive it?” A sharp voice rang from the other end of the phone.
“Received, Mom, I already got the jade.” Wang Defa smiled flatteringly.
“How much did you give him?”
“One hundred fifty thousand!”
“What?! One hundred fifty thousand!” The voice on the other side of the phone can pierce a person’s eardrums sharply, like a night owl.
“Wang Defa, do you have a brain drain?! My old lady gave you one hundred thousand, so you don’t have to bargain with others, and you give them fifty thousand more?!”
“Mom, you thought I wanted to give that hillbilly 150,000 yuan…” Wang De looked aggrieved: “In the beginning, I only planned to give that hillbilly 50,000 yuan, but when that hillbilly heard I only gave him 50,000 yuan, He slapped me twice on the spot…”
“What did you say?! That hillbilly slapped you twice? Does he want to die?!” The voice on the other end of the phone was directly furious.
Wang De’s voice was even more aggrieved, even with a cry of crying: “Mom, that bastard not only slapped his son twice, he also threatened his son, saying that he must give out 150,000 yuan today. If he can’t get 150,000 yuan, he we went to the door, take a large speaker shouted, saying my dad owed him money, and he wanted it so much noise well known for the whole sea of people know, my dad was a shameless. ” ” in order to For my dad’s reputation, I had to borrow another 50,000 yuan from a friend, pooled 150,000 yuan, and gave it to that bastard.” Wang Defa said with a bitter expression.
“Ah! I’m mad! What about that brute? Find him out for me, I want to kill him!” Wang Defa’s mother Peng Yanfang screamed and cursed, and Wang Defa could feel the tone in her mother’s tone over the phone. Shares of monstrous anger.
Wang Defa shrank his neck: “Mom, he’s gone, I don’t know where he went.”
“Find! Find me! Find him out for me! I want him to pay the 150,000, one point Quite a lot! My Peng Yanfang’s money is not so easy to take!” Peng Yanfang screamed sharply.
“Mom, don’t be angry, I will look for it, I will look for it.” Wang Defa hurriedly said with a grin, but there was a smirk at the corner of his mouth. A small country bunny, dare to fight himself?
Just looking for death!
Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, Wang Defa turned one thousand yuan into one hundred and fifty thousand in just a few words.
If Chen Feng knew, he would vomit blood out of anger.
At this moment, Chen Feng has arrived at a private hospital in Pudong District.
After Huang Laosan was expelled from Malaysia, he was trained in this private hospital.
After asking at the front desk which ward Huang Lao San was in, Chen Feng quickly found him. He was still outside the door and heard the excited voice of Chen Zeli inside the door:
“Master, don’t you know how good Master Uncle Chen is, we Yuquan mountain time to find ice Tirian encountered a black snake, black snake that, nearly thirty meters long snake, snake footer even thicker than a bucket, that it’s all a monster. ” ” it was more than twenty Huo family A mercenary was present, they swept more than a thousand rounds of bullets with AKs, but they didn’t even scratch the black snake’s skin.”
“So scary?” Huang Lao San fell down on the hospital bed. Take a breath.
His eyes widened, and Chen Feng, who looked outside the door, laughed. He didn’t expect that after so many years, Huang Lao San was still the same childish heart.
“Yes, it’s so horrible!” Chen Zeli nodded his head heavily, spitting stars flying wildly, half of his escaped temperament was cultivated by Huang Lao San.
“After the Huo family’s mercenaries swept over a thousand rounds of bullets, there was no way to get the black snake. Then, the Huo family’s two dark powers appeared in the mid-term, but in front of the black snake, the two of them were reconnect It didn’t last for a round, and was slapped by the black snake’s tail.”
“And then? What happened afterwards?” Huang Lao San couldn’t wait with a full face.
“Then, then I, Uncle Chen, will be on the stage.” A triumphant expression on Chen Zeli’s face, as if he was on stage.
“Three swords!” Chen Zeli stretched out three fingers, and said triumphantly: “My Master Chen made three swords, and three swords cut the black snake!”
“That snake blood directly stained the entire lake red. Master, you didn’t see the scene, how shocking, at that time, the little girl in the Huo family was scared and stupid. Afterwards, she looked at Shishu Chen’s eyes, it was an admiration, and she could hardly wish to marry Shishu Chen on the spot. If you want me to say, Master Chen should take away the little girl’s skin. After all, that little girl’s skin is the little princess of the Huo family, and Chen is worthy of Master Chen…” Chen Zeli was talking about excitement, and suddenly felt a bit cold in the air around him. Huang Lao San also opened his eyes wide, his face full of incredible.
Chen Zeli caught his eyeballs and coughed lightly, “Ahem, master, I was joking with you, Master Chen is actually very dedicated, um, dedicated, he only sees his mother… ”
Really?” Chen Feng came behind Chen Zeli with a black line on his face.
Chen Zeli stiffened, turned his head hurriedly, and said with a grin: “Yes, Chen Shishu, you are the most dedicated man I have ever seen in the world.”
“Get out!” Chen Feng cursed angrily.
Chen Zeli’s problem with running the train with his mouth full, I don’t know when it can be corrected. If he does not come in again, I am afraid that even Chu Celadon will become his admirer.
Chen Feng turned his gaze to Huang Laosan again, but saw Huang Laosan at this time, his face was jet-black, and his ear was cut off. The original weight was nearly 200 kilograms, but at this moment, only a skeleton is left. Son, it feels like a gust of wind can blow.

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