Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 334

Under the frail appearance, there is a terrifying edge.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. There is no doubt that the man with white sideburns in front of him is Xia Weiguo’s old comrade, Wang Hongyi.
When Chen Feng looked at Wang Hongyi, Wang Hongyi was also looking at Chen Feng, but there was a hint of doubt in his eyes when he looked at Chen Feng.
“You are…”
“Uncle Wang, I am Chen Feng.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. This Wang Hongyi didn’t look as arrogant as Peng Yanfang.
“Chen Feng?” Wang Hongyi’s face suddenly flashed a touch of joy: “Are you Lao Xia’s son-in-law?”
“Come up, come up, Yanfang, bring Xiaofeng up quickly.” Wang Hongyi’s attitude is very enthusiastic. For a time, several people in the field were a little surprised.
“Hongyi, this bastard is bullying me, how can you…” Peng Yanfang was aggrieved and wanted to continue to complain, but Wang Hongyi interrupted in a cold voice: “Shut up!”
“Xiaofeng, he just came from Cangzhou, life If you are not familiar with the ground, why would you bully you…cough cough.” Wang Hongyi seemed to be irritated, but his words were so normal, suddenly he couldn’t stop coughing, his face flushed.
He was like this, but Peng Yanfang was very scared: “Hongyi, don’t be angry, I will let him in, I will let him in.” His eyes turned to Chen Feng, and Peng Yanfang’s tone suddenly became bad again: “Go! What are you still doing here in a daze!”
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, didn’t say much, and followed Peng Yanfang into the door.
Seeing that Wang Hongyi had come downstairs, he smiled and waved towards Chen Feng: “Xiaofeng, come and sit, come and sit.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, “Uncle Wang, I will not sit down until the matter is clear. Up.”
“What? What?” Wang Hongyi looked up and gave Chen Feng a stunned look.
However, Chen Feng pressed his mouth tightly and didn’t mean to speak.
As if aware of something, Wang Hongyi turned his gaze to Peng Yanfang and Wang Defa, and suddenly found that the expressions of the mother and son were unnatural.
“Yanfang!” Wang Hongyi’s tone sank.
Peng Yan confided her heart, bit her teeth, and then said that Wang Defa’s previous rhetoric was moved out as it was, continuing to discredit Chen Feng.
I thought that after saying that, Wang Hongyi would glared at Chen Feng, but he didn’t expect that Wang Hongyi’s face became more and more gloomy, and this gloomy expression was sent to her and Wang De.
Peng Yanfang couldn’t help but trembled: “Hongyi…”
“If I give you three hundred thousand, you will send one hundred thousand to Germany?!” Wang Hongyi looked at Peng Yanfang coldly.
“Three hundred thousand?” Wang Defa couldn’t help but exclaimed. When Peng Yanfang asked him to redeem the jade, he told him that Wang Hongyi only gave her one hundred thousand, so he could only give Chen Feng one hundred thousand for that piece of jade.
But now… three hundred thousand? Chen Feng’s eyes are also a little weird. This family is really interesting.
One is bolder than the other.
I thought that Wang Defa’s greed of one hundred thousand yuan from him was already ruthless enough, but he did not expect that Peng Yanfang was even more ruthless and directly greeted 200,000 yuan from Wang Hongyi.
Seeing Peng Yanfang lowered her head, cowardly and silent, Wang Hongyi immediately became angry: “Speak!”
“I…what did I say!” Peng Yanfang instantly got temper, raised her head and confronted Wang Hongyi: “I’ll give this. What’s the matter with the 100,000 hillbilly ?” “Didn’t Xia Weiguo only lend you 100,000 yuan?”
“Borrow 100,000 yuan and return 100,000 yuan . Isn’t that just right?” “Shut up!” Wang Hongyi suddenly burst into tears. With a sound, Peng Yanfang was frightened to silence.
“Peng Yanfang, account not so counted!”
“First, the old summer lend me that one hundred thousand, ten years ago borrowed one hundred thousand years ago, what it means, you should be very clear!”
“The first Second, if I didn’t have Lao Xia’s one hundred thousand yuan, I would not be able to get through the business difficulties, and I would never have the current Wang family!”
“So let alone three hundred thousand yuan, three million yuan! It should be given to Lao Xia! That’s what Lao Xia deserves!” Wang Hongyi said with good reason and every word, and his words hit Peng Yanfang’s mind like Hong Zhong, and it smashed Peng Yanfang’s mind.
Wang Defa and Wang Shiyuan both lowered their heads and looked ashamed. Wang Hongyi had told them the history of the Wang family more than once.
More than a decade ago, Wang Hongyi retired from the army to do business in partnership with Xia Weiguo, but because of his inexperience, he lost all his capital.
Frustrated, Xia Weiguo returned to Cangzhou.
However, Wang Hongyi was not reconciled and prepared to continue to create, but at that time, he could not even take out a hundred yuan.
Therefore, he cheekedly asked Xia Weiguo for help, originally only planning to borrow ten or twenty thousand from Xia Weiguo.
However, Xia Weiguo, who was very loyal, made up one hundred thousand yuan for him.
After receiving the money, Wang Hongyi was so grateful that he immediately vowed to return the money owed to Xia Weiguo 100 times in the future. To remind himself, he also gave the heirloom jade to Xia Weiguo as a mortgage.
In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed.
In the past ten years, Wang Hongyi’s trading company has become bigger and bigger, and his business has become better and better. But at the same time, he has become more and more busy. Several times he wanted to go back to Cangzhou and redeem heirloom jade personally. delay.
After a few days of leisure, I got sick again.
Hearing that Chen Feng was coming to Zhonghai, Wang Hongyi planned to pick him up in person, but Peng Yanfang said no, and let Wang Defa bring the money over.
Wang Hongyi followed Peng Yanfang’s suggestion, but did not expect that Peng Yanfang would play this kind of operation.
Wang Hongyi’s majestic voice sounded again, and Wang Defa shuddered immediately, and his entire face was bitter: “Dad…”
“Tell dad, what is going on?”
Wang Defa raised. He started, thinking of continuing to lie, but in front of Wang Hongyi’s majestic gaze, he felt that he had nowhere to hide, he could only bite the bullet and said: “Dad, brother Chen Feng and I may have a little misunderstanding. . ”
?” misunderstanding “Wang Hongyi sudden cold voice:” What mistake? ” ” plop “sound, Wang was actually sent directly to his knees, tears cross-flow mention:.” dad, I’m sorry you ah, ” ”
I really do not Ah, I don’t want to lie to you and my mother, but I lost a lot of money in the casino. They said, if I don’t pay them back, they will cut my legs…”
“So you gave How much is Xiaofeng?” Wang Hongyi took a deep breath, only to feel a little dark in front of him. He did not expect that his wife and son would have done such a thing without telling him.
“One…a thousand.” Wang Defa said weakly.

Slap ” Wang Hongyi raised his hand and slapped Wang Defa’s face severely.
“Niezi! Niezi!” Wang Hongyi’s chest rises and falls, his face pale.

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