Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 335

Three hundred thousand, once Peng Yanfang’s hand, changed to one hundred thousand, and then after Wang Defa, it changed to another thousand.
Not even one percent of the 100,000 yuan that year!
If this matter spreads out, his Wang De’s half-life reputation will be ruined!
“Uncle, don’t be angry.”
“Dad, don’t be angry.”
Seeing that Wang Hongyi was dizzy, Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan hurriedly came forward to help.
“Dad, I’m sorry, I really don’t want to be like this…” Wang De burst into tears and sold miserably. In fact, he was almost regretful at the moment. When he decided to give Chen Feng a thousand yuan at the entrance of the casino, he didn’t have anything. I thought, this scene will happen now.
In his opinion, Chen Feng, a foreigner, is not qualified to fight him. No matter how he put it, he is also Wang Hongyi’s own son. Can Wang Hongyi still not believe him?
Unfortunately, he overestimated his position in Wang Hongyi’s heart, and underestimated Chen Feng’s ability. Chen Feng went straight to Wang’s house, met Wang Hongyi directly, and confronted him.
“Evil son, you dare to be heirloom jade for the casino, what else do you dare not do?” Wang Hongyi’s fingers trembled. Although he knew that Wang Defa was addicted to gambling, he did not expect that Wang Defa would be addicted to gambling. To the point, even heirlooms dare to pawn out.
“Uncle, don’t be angry. I have something to do with the casino. The piece of jade that my eldest brother used to go out, I will ask them to send it to you when I turn around.” Li Shiping caressed Wang Hongyi, and inadvertently showed off his own. The contacts immediately won Wang Shiyuan’s favor.
“Dad, don’t be angry, eldest brother, he already knew that he was wrong.” Wang Shiyuan also calmed Wang Hongyi, but when she spoke, she gave Chen Feng a cold glance, and the disgust in her eyes was self-evident.
Although Wang Defa did something wrong in this matter, she felt that Chen Feng also made a big mistake.
Chen Feng shouldn’t have come to Wang’s house for one hundred thousand yuan.
Insatiable villain! Wang Shiyuan commented in her heart.
Under the reassurance of several people, Wang Hongyi’s emotions finally calmed down a lot. After looking at Wang Defa, who hated iron and steel, he cursed: “Fuck, don’t apologize to Xiaofeng!”
“Sorry, sorry, brother Chen Feng , I shouldn’t discredit you, I’m so greedy, I have to take an inch, please forgive me…” Wang Defa’s attitude was very sincere, and he slapped himself as he spoke.
Chen Feng frowned. Wang Defa made it clear that it was acting. However, if he could do this, Chen Feng couldn’t say anything more. He could only faintly spit out four words: “Let’s take this as an example.”
“Brother Chen Feng .” , Don’t worry, there won’t be another time.” Wang De vowed to make sure that as for what he thought, only he knew.
Wang Hongyi’s expression eased: “Xiaofeng, there is something wrong with this uncle. Uncle should pick you up personally, alas…”
“Uncle Wang, don’t say that. You are ill, I It’s all in my eyes, besides, I have hands and feet and can walk by myself.” Chen Feng smiled politely.
Wang Hongyi nodded slightly. After taking a look at Peng Yanfang, he said in an imperative tone: “Yanfang, go and bring Xiaofeng five hundred thousand.”
Five hundred thousand? !
Did you hear me right? Father actually wants to compensate this country boy 500,000? ! Wang Defa’s eyes widened and his pupils tightened. For a while, his whole body was filled with bitterness.
Peng Yanfang on the other side also had this expression, and her teeth were almost broken by herself.
“What are you doing in a daze? Go get it!” Seeing Peng Yanfang motionless, the anger in Wang Hongyi’s chest suddenly shot up again.
Peng Yanfang’s body trembled, although she was unwilling to the extreme, but at this time, she did not dare to refute Wang Hongyi’s will.
Just as he was about to leave to get the money, Chen Feng said faintly: “Uncle Wang, half a million is too much, Xiaofeng can’t afford it. Xiaofeng only needs one hundred thousand.”
“Xiaofeng, how about one hundred thousand?” Is it enough? Lao Xia lent me that one hundred thousand yuan. If you deposit it in the bank, the interest is now more than one hundred thousand. And you, came to Zhonghai to return the jade to me, but I let you suffer so much. I have been wronged, and I should compensate you.”
“Five hundred thousand, not much, even in my opinion, it is a little bit less!” Wang Hongyi’s remarks were firm and did not give Chen at all. Feng left the slightest room for rebuttal.
Unable to refuse, Chen Feng could only accept it with peace of mind.
Within a few minutes, Peng Yanfang came out with a bank card and reluctantly handed it to Wang Hongyi.
Wang Hongyi smiled slightly and handed the card to Chen Feng.
“Xiaofeng, stay at home for dinner. You come this time. Uncle Wang has nothing to entertain you. Mother Liu’s craftsmanship is very good. Her ancestor used to be a royal cook in the palace. She is very good at being a Buddha jumping over the wall. You must try it today. Taste.” Wang Hongyi enthusiastically retained Chen Feng as a guest at home.
Chen Feng smiled and wanted to decline, but seeing the almost distorted expressions of Peng Yanfang’s mother and son, Chen Feng changed his mind again.
Can’t understand me, are you? Well, I won’t leave today! Chen Feng sneered in his heart, and directly agreed: “Then trouble Liu Ma.”
“Hahaha, no trouble, no trouble, what’s troublesome.” Wang Hongyi laughed openly, beckoning Chen Feng to sit down and start. Talk to Chen Feng about his parents’ shortcomings.
After asking about the current situation of Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan, Wang Hongyi turned to Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao again, and sighed: “Listen to Lao Xia, you and Mengyao divorced?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng looked on. Dimmed, nodded slightly.
“Oh, Mengyao’s child, I met once, she is very kind, of course, you are not bad, I always think that you two are very good match.”
“But, good luck makes people, there are some emotions in this world, which cannot be controlled by human power.”
“Uncle knows that you are separated from Mengyao, there must be your secret.”
“What is this secret, uncle will not ask, because you Our elders are not qualified to participate in these junior matters.”
“But Lao Xia has high hopes for you. Although you and Mengyao are divorced, you can see that Lao Xia still regards you as half his son. Otherwise, he will also I won’t let you come to Zhonghai to send jade.” Wang Hongyi said earnestly. Although he has not been to Cangzhou in the past few years, he and Xia Weiguo often have phone calls, so I often hear Xia Weiguo praise Chen Feng.
“Xiaofeng, how long will you stay in Zhonghai this time?” Wang Hongyi asked.
“At the moment… it’s not clear.” Chen Feng pondered a little and said, he must help Huang Lao San get rid of Lu Dongxiong and Kazan before leaving, but he doesn’t know when Lu Dongxiong and Kazan will come to Zhonghai.

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