Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 339

“Hey, look at my head, I forgot to introduce it.” Huang Laosan slapped his forehead, and then realized that he only introduced Chen Feng to Shi Pojun, not Shi Pojun.
“Little boy, his name is Shi Pojun. You can call him Xiaoshi, or Pojun.” Huang Lao San smiled.
Breaking the military?
The corners of Shi Pojun’s mouth twitched again, and a young man in his twenties called him the seven evil little stones of the dignified alliance. Why did this make him feel so embarrassed?
Chen Feng did not pay attention to Huang Laosan, but smiled and took the initiative to stretch out his hand, and changed his name: “Let me call you Brother Shi.”
“As for me, Brother Shi can call me whatever I want, don’t care about me and We have different titles between Lao and Huang.”
“How can you do it, Mr. Chen, you and Uncle Huang are brothers after all…” Chen Feng resolved the embarrassment, Shi Pojun was a little grateful, but a little uncomfortable. Sorry.
“There’s nothing wrong, we don’t pay attention to so much.” Chen Feng interrupted with a smile.
“Since Mr. Chen has said so, it is better to respect the army than to follow his order, and he is worthy of being a brother to Mr. Chen.” Shi Pojun arched his hand. In his opinion, being worthy of being a brother with Chen Feng is already very good Chen Feng lost face.
After all, he is the deputy head of the Zhanmeng Canglong Hall. He has a high position in the Zhanmeng. Walking outside, even if he is the leader of a city, he will welcome him with a smile.
As for Chen Feng, although he can be called brother and brother to Huang Lao San, his own strength is not necessarily how strong he is. Huang Lao San can value it more probably because Chen Feng is a wealthy son and has no background. .
The wealthy children with backgrounds, placed elsewhere, may be awed by three points.
But in a place where the strength of the Zhanmeng is respected, the son of wealthy men is just a shit!
The most despised people in the Zhan League are the wealthy children.
Zhanmeng, only recognize the strong!
Shi Pojun did not reveal the thoughts in his mind, but who is Huang Lao San? A typical old master, Shi Pojun can tell at a glance what is in his mind.
“Little Stone, are you sure you want to be a brother to the little boy?” Huang Lao San glanced at Shi Baojun, his tone a bit yin and yang.
“Uncle Huang…” Shi Pojun was stunned. Why did he hear Huang Laosan’s tone?
“Hey, Little Stone, it’s not that Uncle Huang looks down on you. At present, you want to be a brother to the little boy, but you are not qualified.” Huang Lao San smiled.
“Uncle Huang, what do you mean by this?” Shi Pojun smiled, feeling a little unconvinced. He was the deputy head of the war alliance and called a young man in his twenties a brother. He already gave this young man a lot of face. When it came to Huang Lao San’s mouth, it turned out that he was not qualified?
Huang Laosan smiled, and did not directly answer Shi Pojun’s question, but asked: “Do you think the boy is not your opponent?”
“Uncle Huang, Pojun has no intention of this! Brother Chen Feng just saw it. The dragon among people, given time, he will surely be able to enter the realm of martial arts masters, and dominate the Chinese martial arts world. At that time, he might not be as good as the Chen Feng brothers.” Shi Pojun’s remarks are very clever. He praised Chen Feng’s bright future and took care of Chen Feng and Huang Laosan’s face.
But in fact, he affirmed what Huang Laosan said, and felt that Chen Feng was not his opponent.
“Master of Wuxue? Hahahaha!” Huang Laosan burst out laughing suddenly, as if he heard some extremely funny joke.
“Why is Uncle Huang laughing?” Shi Pojun didn’t know why.
Huang Lao San grinned, showing his teeth that were smoked yellow: “Little Stone, if I tell you that the brat standing in front of you is the youngest martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world, what do you think? ”
Master of martial arts? !
The youngest martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world? !
Shi Pojun’s eyeballs protruded, and he almost blurted out a veto: “Never possible!”
“Uncle Huang, don’t laugh with Pojun. Brother Chen Feng is China’s youngest dark warrior. Pojun believes it, but you say Chen. Feng brother is master of martial arts, breaking the military does not believe! ” ” this is ridiculous, Chen Feng brother’s age, looks at most, twenty sixty-seven twenty sixty-seven, how could a martial arts master? ” ”
If He is, what should you do?” Huang Laosan squinted, like a treacherous old fox in the mountains.
“Uncle Huang, it’s not a question of what I should do, but it’s simply impossible.” Shi Pojun continued to shook his head. As the deputy hall master of the Zhan League, no one knows better than him, what the four words Master Wuxue mean. what.
In this era when the master is not visible, the master of martial arts is the pinnacle of existence in the world.
In the Zhanmeng, the martial arts master can also be the seat of the hall master.
However, the position of the hall master of the Zhan League in the outside world is not lower than that of some great officials in the frontiers, and even if they are responsible for several important branches of the war league, their status may be higher than that of the great officials in the frontiers!
One can imagine what kind of existence the martial arts master is.
If Chen Feng in front of him was really such a young master of martial arts, then he would have become famous throughout the Chinese martial arts world.
But in fact, he has never heard of Chen Feng’s name.
“It’s impossible for you to leave it alone, just tell me, if the brat is a master of martial arts, what should you do?” Huang Laosan smiled, quite a bit of teasing the stone.
“If Brother Chen Feng is really a master of martial arts, then I will break the army. In the future, only brother Chen Feng will look forward. Brother Chen Feng will let me go east, and I will never go west!” Shi Pojun was also a little irrational by Huang Lao San. , Even only Chen Feng’s first words were said.
“Okay, this is what you said, Little Stone, the gentleman said, it’s hard to chase the horse. If there is anything you want to help the little boy in the future, you can’t refuse…” Huang Laosan smiled, his face was full The conspiracy succeeded with a smile.
“Uncle Huang rest assured, what I Shi Pojun said is that the spilled water will never be taken back.” Shi Pojun was obviously a bit enthusiastic and didn’t notice that Huang Laosan had dug a hole for him.
“Lao Huang, how old are you.” Chen Feng gave Huang Lao San a little helplessly. He knew that Huang Lao San wanted to help him and let him help him, but he could bully Shi Pojun’s upright and honest temper. People are a bit too unkind.
“Brother Shi, don’t listen to Lao Huang’s nonsense. I am not a martial arts master. My current state is comparable to the mid-Ming Jin mid-term.”
“Ming Jin mid-term?” Huang Laosan’s eyes widened and looked at Chen Feng angrily. At a glance, he said: “Who is your kid bluffing?”
“You kid wants to understand the mid-term, then I am not even a warrior.”
“Baojun, you must not be fooled by this kid. This kid is Wu. Master Xue, and also the youngest martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world, you should also know this kid’s master, who is the ancestor of your war alliance.”

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