Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 341

When Shi Pojun looked at him, the original intention of his eyes was to look up, and he didn’t mean to offend, but his murderous aura came out of his body at the moment he looked at him.
Because of the high level of cultivation, Chen Feng can remain unaffected, but if he were an ordinary person, he would definitely be frightened and weakened by Shi Pojun’s murderous aura, even leaving a psychological shadow.
“Brother Chen Feng, can you see this?” Shi Pojun was a little dumbfounded. Chen Feng’s hand was really amazing. He was attacked by Shenyin’s ninja when he was fighting for the same thing in Japan. , Dan Tian did leave a dark injury.
After returning to China, the energy in his body has been unstable, and even his murderous aura has been affected, and he often loses control.
This state makes him miserable. Although he is a warrior, his wife and children are ordinary people. Every time he loses control of his murderous spirit, he will scare his wife and children to death.
In order to prevent his wife and children from being frightened, he has hardly returned home in recent years.
Everyone who has experienced the feeling of being unable to return home knows it.
Chen Feng smiled and nodded. Generally speaking, there is only one reason for the murderous intent of the warrior to lose control, that is, Dantian has been undermined and Shibajun’s state is low. I don’t know that these are normal.
However, Chen Feng has Xiao Guozhong’s words and deeds, and this problem does not exist.
“Brother Chen Feng, can I get a cure for my hidden injury?” Shi Pojun’s voice trembled, and Qi Yi asked. Chen Feng was the first person to see that his dantian was injured, so he poured all his hopes at the moment. Chen Feng.
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and nodded confidently.
“Really…really?” Shi Pojun swallowed, still a little bit unbelievable. After his Dantian was injured, he hadn’t visited famous doctors, but when those famous doctors heard that the place where he was injured was his Dantian, they would shake their heads and said. I can’t help myself.
Because Dantian is the place where the human body’s mystery is only limited to the brain, even most western medicine doctors don’t recognize the existence of Dantian at all. They believe that Dantian is something Chinese people have imagined.
If it does not exist, it naturally means that it cannot be treated.
However, Shi Pojun, a warrior, knew very well that Dantian was real in the human body.
Once ordinary people become warriors, they can feel the existence of Dantian.
That is the place to store energy!
In classics, Dantian is also called Qihai!
“Really, it can be cured now.” Chen Feng smiled, Shi Pojun’s hidden wounds in the dantian, ordinary doctors want to treat, it is simply more difficult than the sky.
But for a warrior like him, it can be solved by raising his hand.
Because the martial artist understands the structure of the dantian, the deeper the martial artist, the clearer the understanding of the structure of the dantian.
“Brother Shi, you are now fully operating the energy in your dantian and punched me. I want to see the specific location of your hidden injury in your dantian.” Chen Feng said.
“Okay.” Shi Pojun nodded, without hesitation, he immediately began to run the internal exercises of the Zhan League in front of Chen Feng, fighting the dragon battle. An extremely strong vigor of killing and cutting came from Shi Pojun’s Dantian. Out, from the limbs and hundreds of corpses to the Shibajun’s iron fist. boom!
The stone broke the army with an iron fist, and the air was chased by friction.
This fist carries a powerful force, even if there is an iron wall in front of you, the stone can break open!
But what stood in front of the Stone Broken Army was not the Iron Wall, but Chen Feng, who was a hundred times more terrifying than the Iron Wall!
With only one hand, Chen Feng held Shi Pojun’s iron fist, and seeing his calm and gentle appearance, it was obvious that he hadn’t used his full strength.
“Big Brother Shi, the strength is not enough.” Chen Feng shook his head. The hidden wounds in Shi Pojun’s dantian have been old for a long time, and they will only show up when the energy is stimulated to the extreme. Right now, it’s not enough. not enough?
Shi Pojun’s eyes widened, and his heart shook again.
Although his realm is only in the middle stage of Anjin, but because of the year-round battles and fights with powerful enemies, his strength is not much worse than the general stage of Anjin.
But right now, with a full punch, he arrived at Chen Feng, but only received five words, and his strength was not enough!
While Shi Pojun was shocked in his heart, he completely dispelled the last trace of doubt about Chen Feng.
Chen Feng must be a master of martial arts.
Except for the master of martial arts, no one can catch his full punch with such an understatement!
Thinking of this, Shi Pojun no longer had any intention of staying alive. Instead, he burst out with a loud shout, doing everything he could, and using a twelve-point posture!
In an instant, Shi Pojun’s forehead blue veins violently, his complexion flushed, and the energy in his dantian began to spin like a huge funnel, rushing toward his fists.
It’s this time!
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed, and a flash of light flashed in his eyes.
Taking advantage of the moment when the vigor in Shi Pojun’s body gushed out, Chen Feng began to use the vigor in his dantian, and let the vigor in his dantian invade Shi Pojun’s body.
“Ah!” When
Chen Feng’s energy entered his body, Shi Pojun couldn’t help but utter a miserable cry, only to feel a piercing pain coming from all over his body. The feeling was like five horses dividing the corpse, but also like a thousand swords!
It is absolutely unbearable for ordinary people!
But Shi Pojun is not an ordinary person, he is a child of the Zhan League!
The pain of the energy entering the body, although it pierced the heart, it was not worth mentioning when compared to the pain he had experienced when fighting against powerful enemies overseas in these years!
Shi Pojun gritted his teeth and endured it abruptly.
Chen Feng’s eyes couldn’t help but a touch of praise, the painful sensation of energy entering the body, he once felt it when he was fifteen years old when he became a teacher of Xiao Guozhong.
That time, Xiao Guozhong used the energy of a master to wash his veins and temper his bones.
Rao was because of his amazing will, and he was fainted three times by abrupt pain.
Every time he woke up after fainting, Xiao Guozhong told him that if he couldn’t bear it, he could choose to give up.
But in his dictionary at that time, he never gave up these two words.
Thinking about it now, if he had given up at that time, he would probably not be Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple.
Because Xiao Guozhong does not like waste!
When the sea-like vitality entered the Shipojun’s dantian, Chen Feng instantly discovered the hidden wound in the Shipojun’s dantian, which was a place in the hallway.
There were a few strands of black vigor remaining there. It was these strands of black vigor that had corroded Shi Pojun’s dantian, making Shi Pojun awake at night, and the whole person was often out of control.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. How could this black energy look like a ninja from Japan left behind?
Could Shi Pojun fought against Japanese ninjas in his early years?
Chen Feng pressed down the doubts in his heart and began to control his energies, clearing the black energies in Shi Pojun’s Dantian.
The whole process lasted about a minute or so. During this minute, large drops of cold sweat burst out from Shi Pojun’s forehead, obviously enduring to the extreme.

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