Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 346

“Just… everyone in the company is absent-minded today.” Li Le glanced at Chen Feng a little strangely. He found that since Chen Feng sat on the chair, his eyes never left the desk, and he didn’t even look at anything else. The colleague glanced at it as if the other colleagues were invisible to him.
“Absent-minded?” Chen Feng raised a smile: “What about?”
“Then? Then you don’t want to know why they are absent-minded?” Li Le asked unwillingly.
“I don’t want to know.” Chen Feng shook his head.
Li Le was a little speechless: “Brother Feng, what I want to tell you is that the company will have a new president today.”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, his expression still flat, and the new president of the company In fact, it doesn’t have much to do with him. When he comes here, it’s more just a mess. After a few days, he will be able to go back to Cangzhou after he finishes dealing with Huang Laosan’s affairs.
“I heard that this new president is a woman.”
“Woman?” Chen Feng couldn’t help but lifted his head. He suddenly remembered that Qin Xuerou seemed to tell him last night that Xia Mengyao would go to her company as president today, Qin Xuerou. The company mentioned is not Kangmei Pharmaceutical, right?
An incredible idea suddenly popped into Chen Feng’s mind.
Seeing Chen Feng’s expression suddenly changed, Li Le couldn’t help being a little proud. He thought that Chen Feng was really the kind of saint who was pure-hearted and had no desire for everything, but it turned out to be pretending.
When I heard that the president of the company was a woman, the whole face changed.
“Do you know who the chairman of Kangmei Medicine is?” Chen Feng asked hurriedly, wanting to know whether Kangmei Medicine is Qin Xuerou’s company, just need to know who the chairman of Kangmei Medicine is.
“Chairman?” Li Le couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng in confusion, and Chen Feng asked what he was doing.
“Liu Yuanqing, Brother Feng, why are you asking about this?”
“Liu Yuanqing?” Chen Feng frowned, not surnamed Qin?
Do you think too much?
Chen Feng was about to take out his mobile phone and call Qin Xuerou to ask. At this moment, the whole floor was agitated.
“The new president is here!” someone exclaimed.
Many employees got up and looked forward to it.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but glanced in the direction of the sensation.
This glance caused Chen Feng’s heart to stop beating instantly, and the whole person stood still.
Although the figure just gave a glimpse, it disappeared in the corner.
But Chen Feng still recognized it.
That figure… is Xia Mengyao!
Chen Feng was in a complicated mood. He didn’t know what to say for a while. He didn’t know whether this was destined or a coincidence.
He and Xia Mengyao had just separated for two days, but they were reunited again.
And… still in this dramatic form.
He became a clerk at the lowest level, while Xia Mengyao became a female president under one person and over ten thousand people.
A wry smile appeared at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth, which was really…
“Brother Feng, you just found out what our new president looks like, she seems to be very beautiful.” Li Le was a little excited. After all, the female president of her company is a big beauty, and it sounds better than a bad old man.
“She is indeed very beautiful.” Chen Feng took a deep breath, and his tone returned to calm again.
“Brother Feng, why don’t we go see it again?”
It’s okay for Chen Feng not to say it. With that, Li Le’s heart is more itchy, as if there are 100,000 kittens scratching.
“Okay, go and have a look.” After hesitating for a while, Chen Feng nodded. Although he and Xia Mengyao were only separated for two days, there was a saying that he would not see each other for a day, like three autumns.
These two days, as far as Chen Feng is concerned, are almost two years.
After entering the company, Xia Mengyao went directly to the meeting room on the top floor.
Today is the first day in office, so naturally I have to meet with all the executives of the company.
After the elevator opened, Li Le was sluggish for a few seconds, and then sneered and closed the elevator again, revealing a bitter face: “Brother Feng, there are many people who have the same ideas as us.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. Nothing to say, needless to say, the elevators on the entire company floor are overcrowded at this moment. There are too many people wanting to see Xia Mengyao.
“Brother Feng, why don’t you just watch it, let’s go back?” Li Le asked tentatively. Anyway, if I come to Japan, there are still many opportunities to see the new president. There is no need to squeeze at this time.
“Don’t go back.” Chen Feng shook his head and said firmly: “Let’s climb the stairs.”
“Huh? Climb the stairs? The conference room is on the thirty-sixth floor! Climbing the stairs is not exhausted?” Li Le’s eyes widened, his face widened. The writing is incredible, is Chen Feng crazy?
Isn’t it just a woman? As for?
Although this woman is the new president of the company, does this have anything to do with Chen Feng…?
If nothing happens, Chen Feng will not have anything to do with the new president in this life.
Li Le was still thinking about why Chen Feng was so crazy, but saw that Chen Feng had already strode up the stairs.
Upon seeing this, Li Le could only grit his teeth to keep up.
Chen Feng’s physical strength is undoubtedly strong, and it only took less than two minutes to climb to the 36th floor.
As for Li Le, he was still panting on the eighteenth floor at the moment, and he was as tired as a dead dog.
After arriving on the 36th floor, Chen Feng immediately locked the location of the conference room.
But at this moment, the door of the meeting room was closed, and only thunderous applause could be heard from time to time.
Outside the door, there are many employees like Chen Feng, but at this time, no one dared to open the door.
After all, they are not the company’s top executives. If they dare to open the door in public, they will definitely be fired the next day.
So many people just glanced at the door of the conference room, then shook their heads and left with a sigh.
A wry smile appeared at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. Can he open the door? of course can.
But at this moment, in what capacity should he push that door?
The bottom employees of Kangmei?
Or is it Xia Mengyao’s ex-husband?
Chen Feng shook his head, neither of these two identities were appropriate.
Now is not the time to see Xia Mengyao.
The time is not yet ripe.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng was about to leave.
At this time, Li Le came up out of breath.
“Feng…Brother Feng, are you…Are you Superman? Why are you so fast?” Li Le gasped heavily, even speaking incompletely.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t say anything. This Li Le is just an ordinary urban white-collar worker. Although he talks a bit more, he is not careful.
“See… Have you seen the new president?” Li Le continued panting.
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“No?” Li Le glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously. When he saw the closed door of the conference room, he instantly reacted.

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