Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 347

“Forget it, go back, I’ll see it later.” Li Le patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and comforted Chen Feng.
However, in his heart, he felt a little sympathetic to Chen Feng at the moment. Seeing Chen Feng’s unsuccessful appearance, it was obvious that the new female president had deprived him of his soul.
But there will never be any possibility between the two, because the identity gap is too big.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. He could more or less guess what Li Le was thinking, but there was no need to explain.
At this time, the door of the meeting room suddenly opened.
A group of elite men and women in suits and shoes walked out talking and laughing, Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan were among them.
I don’t know what the two are talking about. Li Shiping seemed very excited, while Wang Shiyuan agreed unintentionally. Compared with Li Shiping, the smile on Wang Shiyuan’s face looked a little reluctant.
At this time, the two saw Chen Feng, the smile on Li Shiping’s face instantly disappeared, and Wang Shiyuan’s face became even colder.
Stepping on black leggings and high heels, Wang Shiyuan came to Chen Feng a few steps, looked at Chen Feng in disgust and asked coldly: “What are you doing here?!”
“Does it matter to you?” Chen Feng frowned, Wang Shiyuan said. How big does a woman think about him? Why do you always look like he has been shot?
At this time, Li Shiping also came over. When he saw Li Le who was red-eared and nervous beside Chen Feng, Li Shiping instantly understood what had happened.
These two people also came to see the new President Xia.
The corner of Li Shiping’s mouth raised a sneer, and he glanced at Chen Feng disdainfully: “Just you are a trash, and you want toads to eat swan meat?”
“I don’t see what I am.” Li Shiping sneered, and deliberately increased his voice.
At the moment, at the door of the conference room, there were not many grassroots employees of companies like Chen Feng and Li Le. When they heard Li Shiping’s ridicule, not only did these people not laugh, but they were rather shameless.
Anyone with a discerning eye can hear that Li Shiping’s words are not only mocking Chen Feng, but also mocking them.
“Don’t go back to work? What a shame!” Wang Shiyuan cursed with disgust, and after cursing, she stepped on her high heels directly onto the elevator.
In fact, the reason why she wanted to get angry with Chen Feng has nothing to do with Chen Feng. Chen Feng is just a fuse.
It was the new Xia Mengyao who really made her angry.
She thought that the new president of the company would be a handsome man, but she turned out to be a woman.
It doesn’t matter if she is a woman, this woman still looks like a fairy in the sky, Shen Yuluoyan, closed moon and shameful flower… Almost all words that describe beautiful can not be used excessively on her.
Compared with Xia Mengyao, the figure and appearance that she is most proud of is simply a scum.
As soon as Xia Mengyao appeared, it became the center of the company. All the men in the company had their eyes straightened. Even Li Shiping, who had been kneeling and licking her, was now willing to go up to the sword for Xia Mengyao, to go down to the sea of ​​fire, and to be Xia Mengyao. The appearance of going to death.
How can Wang Shiyuan not be angry?
She, who was originally held by the stars, fell to the ground in an instant. How could she accept such a big gap?
It was in this state of intense jealousy that Wang Shiyuan saw Chen Feng.
After seeing Chen Feng, Wang Shiyuan instantly found the point of venting her anger, so she spread the anger and jealousy in her chest onto Chen Feng.
After Wang Shiyuan left, Li Shiping also left with a small song.
Li Le wiped the cold sweat on his head until he watched Li Shiping leave. He glanced at Chen Feng with some caution and asked, “Feng…Brother Feng, are you not dealing with Manager Li?”
The scene where Li Shiping mocked Chen Feng just now. But in his eyes, he thought that Chen Feng and Li Shiping’s relationship should be very good, but he didn’t expect…
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, then turned and went downstairs without saying much.
Li Le sighed and followed Chen Feng’s pace.
After the two left, a slender figure appeared in the door of the meeting room.
It was Xia Mengyao.
Compared with a few days ago, Xia Mengyao at this time was obviously haggard, and there was still a bit of tiredness in her beautiful eyes that could not be hidden.
“President Xia?”
“President Xia?!” Xia
Mengyao reacted until the female secretary in a skirt next to him called several times, and a forced smile appeared on Qiao’s face: “What’s wrong?”
“President Xia, Are you okay?” The female secretary glanced at Xia Mengyao with some worry. She found that Xia Mengyao was in a very poor state. She was in a trance state. When she met the company executives in the meeting room, Xia Mengyao was absent-minded throughout the whole process. .
“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and tried to cheer herself up.
“By the way, what did you just say, I didn’t hear clearly.”
“Mr. Xia, Dong Liu’s son just called you and said that he wants to have a meal with you tonight. He has already booked the restaurant. At Jiangxin Pavilion, you Look…”
“Don’t go! Tell him, I’m not free!” Before the female secretary finished her words, Xia Mengyao coldly interrupted. She is not the kind of girl who has just stepped into the society. What Liu Wenbo thought, she cleared up. Chu.
The female secretary was taken aback for a while, Xia Mengyao actually… refused? !
Didn’t she know that Liu Wenbo is the only son of Chairman Liu Yuanqing, and he is also the heir of a certain hundred billion consortium?
And the place where Liu Wenbo invited Xia Mengyao to eat was Jiangxin Pavilion. It was the best and most expensive western restaurant in Zhonghai. It was the kind that could not be booked with money, but Xia Mengyao refused so decisively.
Doesn’t you give Liu Wenbo face so much?
“Okay, I’ll tell Liu Shaodong now.” The female secretary nodded hurriedly. Although she was shocked in her heart, she did not dare to have the slightest ambiguity.
After becoming a staff member of Kangmei Medicine, Chen Feng was rare for a few days.
However, in these quiet days, Chen Feng has not been idle.
Instead, I checked the operating status and equity composition of Kangmei Pharmaceutical through various inspections.
He wanted to help Xia Mengyao secretly.
After all, Xia Mengyao had just come to Zhonghai, and she didn’t have any contacts yet.
And as soon as she came, she was parachuted into the company’s president, under one person and over ten thousand.
What does this make other company executives think?
There will inevitably be a large number of people who are not convinced and engage in small actions secretly.
So Chen Feng must help Xia Mengyao deal with these unstable factors secretly.
“Brother Feng, this is the first time I have seen a new person like you. I just came here so desperately. If you continue like this, I am afraid that it will not take long before you can become the sales team leader.” Li Le said with some taste, Chen In the past few days, Feng would often ask him about the business situation of some companies, and also ask some personal information about the company’s senior management. In Li Le’s view, these are signs that Chen Feng has worked hard and wants to make a big career.

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