Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 348

Sales team leader?
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. He didn’t say anything, not to mention a sales team leader. He just gave him the chair of Kangmei Medicine. He wouldn’t even sit.
The reason why he wanted to ask Li Le’s senior executives’ personal information was to know what kind of personality these people might have, whether they would pose a threat to Xia Mengyao, and if so, what method should he use to eradicate these threats.
Li Le didn’t know Chen Feng’s thoughts. If he knew, he would definitely be shocked to speak at this moment. You are a small clerk in the sales department. You just joined the company and don’t want to improve your performance, but think about how to do it. The top executives of the company are upset?
Are you crazy?
“Chen Feng, Li Le, Shiping asked you two to go to his office.”
At this moment, an abrupt voice sounded behind them.
Li Le’s body trembled, without turning his head, he knew that the owner of this voice was Wang Shiyuan.
In the past few days, Wang Shiyuan has not less trouble with Chen Feng, and because he is so close to Chen Feng, Wang Shiyuan even hates him.
Li Le looked up and got up: “Secretary Wang, Manager Li is looking for the two of us, what’s the matter?”
Wang Shiyuan’s position in the company is a sales assistant. She is said to be a sales assistant, but it is actually similar to Li Shiping’s personal secretary, because she has more than half of her daily work. Stayed in Li Shiping’s office all the time.
“If you ask you to go, why are there so many nonsense?”
Wang Shiyuan glanced at Li Le in disgust. She used to have a good impression of Li Le, but in the past two days, every time she saw Li Le following Chen Feng’s ass. Turn around, she won’t be angry.
After Wang Shiyuan finished speaking, she left in a flash.
Li Le looked miserable: “Brother Feng, what can I do? Manager Li must have trouble with us again.”
“The soldiers are here to stop.”
Chen Feng spit out four words, then got up and walked to Li Shiping’s office.
Li Shiping is the sales manager, so in the entire building, his office is the largest, covering more than 50 square meters.
When he came to the door, Chen Feng pushed the door directly and entered without the slightest intention of knocking on the door.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Wang Shiyuan sitting on Li Shiping’s lap, hugging Li Shiping’s arm intimately, whispering in Li Shiping’s ear.
Seeing Chen Feng coming in suddenly, Li Shiping’s enjoyment expression on his face instantly solidified, angrily got up, and shouted at Chen Feng: “Who told you to come in without knocking? Do you know what politeness is?”
“Get out!” Li Shiping A big hand pointed outside the door, roaring like thunder.
“Manager Li, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, Brother Feng, he just came to the company and doesn’t understand the company’s rules. You have a large number of adults…” Li Le smiled and wanted to help Chen Feng make a round.
However, Li Shiping, who was so embarrassed and angry, did not give Li Le any face. Turning his head, he swore his head and covered his face : “Trash thing! Did I let you talk?!” Li Le’s tone stagnated, and a thick touch was drawn across his face. Humiliation, but before Li Shiping, he didn’t have the right to get angry.
Chen Feng’s face turned cold, and he said in a deep voice: ” Li Shiping, I have something to rush to me. I opened the door. It has nothing to do with Li Le.” “It’s okay?!” Li Shiping grinned, “You said it’s okay, you TM What a thing!”
Chen Feng’s expression grew colder and colder. Li Shiping aimed at him. He didn’t mind at all, but Li Shiping aimed at the innocent Li Le because of him, which Chen Feng could not bear.
“Grass and mud horse, stupid waste…” Li Shiping still wanted to yell at him, but as soon as he raised his head, he met Chen Fengsen’s extremely cold eyes. This look caused Li Shiping’s body to tremble, and his whole body was cold, as if he was falling. Normally entering the ice cellar, the flame is turned off instantly.
How could this trash have such a terrible look in the eyes? !
Li Shiping couldn’t help being a little frightened.
But when he thought that he was in the company at the moment, not outside, his waist stiffened again.
“Chen Feng, don’t think that you have Uncle Wang to support you, I can’t do anything with you!”
Chen Feng sneered: “Without Uncle Wang to support you, you can’t do anything with me.”
“You…” Li Shiping became angry Although angry, but he is not too much longer to make any move to, but at the Chen Feng cold open:. “you have a few days to the company, the company must also know the rules and regulations of the”
“every An employee in the sales department must have demonstrable performance!”
“What about?” Chen Feng sneered. He thought how would Li Shiping stumble him? It turned out to be based on performance.
“Then?” Chen Feng’s indifferent attitude made Li Shiping a little angry, but he still suppressed the anger in his chest cavity: “Chen Feng, don’t you think you should do something? Uncle Wang asked you to go to work instead of letting you come.
I’m eating here.” “Do you want me to go out and talk about performance?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
“Yes!” Li Shiping admitted directly.
“Dongting Hospital recently needs to purchase a large number of anticancer drugs, and our company happens to have stocks, but no one has taken the initiative to talk about it. You and Li Le are idle, just go for a trip.” Li Shiping said.
Chen Feng frowned and told him intuitively that there must be something wrong with that Dongting Hospital, otherwise Li Shiping would not give him this task.
“Manager Li, at Dongting Hospital, Team Leader Zhao and the others have been there several times, but every time they go, even the person in charge cannot see them, they will be driven out. Brother Feng and I will go over, I’m afraid I’ll still get a gray nose…” At this moment, Li Le bit his scalp and spoke. Everyone in the company knew how proud Dongting Hospital was.
Although Kangmei is a giant in the pharmaceutical industry, Dongting Hospital still ignores Kangmei.
People from the sales department of Kangmei Pharmaceutical ran to discuss business with Dongting Hospital, and they would be expelled if they could not even see the head of the hospital.
Even if the manager, Li Shiping, went in personally, it was a treat.
If Li Shiping asked him to talk to Chen Feng, the two young men, wouldn’t it be clear that I wanted Dongting Hospital to humiliate them both?
“Take a nasty nose?” Li Shiping sneered, “You haven’t talked about it yet. I knew I would touch my nose to be gray?”
“I don’t want to hear anything. But, I don’t care about you two, beg grandpa or grandma, what method is used, anyway, you both must give this time I’ll talk about the anti-cancer drugs in Dongting Hospital.”
“If you can’t talk about it, just pack your things and get out. Our company doesn’t raise idlers!” Li Shiping sneered again and again. This was his real goal, and he never thought about it. , Let Chen Feng take the anti-cancer drug from Dongting Hospital, because that is simply an impossible thing.

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