Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 35

“Brother, it’s okay if you have something…” Song Jun took a step forward and wanted to stand up for Zhao Yue, but before he could finish his words, a big foot was kicked on his chest.
Song Jun retreated three steps uncontrollably and hit the table in the box.
Song Jun’s complexion suddenly turned pale, just a kick made him feel that his internal organs are about to shift, and he also understands that this time he really provokes a terrible stubbornness. Just kicking him, he definitely has real kung fu!
His five stages of taekwondo, in front of such a person, is just embroidered with legs!
“Go…forgive…ah!” Seeing that Song Jun was repulsed by a single move, Zhao Yue puffed and knelt directly on the ground begging for mercy. However, the tattooed man put his hand in Zhao Yue’s mouth blankly.
The tattooed man pulled Zhao Yue’s mouth fiercely, and a foot-long wound spread from the corner of his mouth to the root of his ear.
Zhao Yue let out a miserable cry, and immediately fell to the ground and began to roll.
This bloody scene immediately made Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong pale.
Chen Feng shook his head. He didn’t expect that it was Gu Dongchen who turned his head for the big golden chain man. He just chopped off one of his hands a few days ago. Would you like to buy one get two free today?
But at this time Gu Dongchen’s attention was all on Song Jun and Zhao Yue, and he didn’t notice him in the corner at all.
“This eldest brother, my name is Song Jun, and my dad is the chairman of Junsheng Group.” Song Jun never dared to be arrogant anymore. The tattooed man made his shots so cruel and decisive, indicating that the identity of the man in the flower shirt is beyond his imagination. .
“Junsheng Group? Your father is Song Tieshan?” Gu Dongchen looked at Song Jun up and down and asked.
When Gu Dongchen knew his father, Song Jun’s face suddenly became bright again: “Yes, brother, my father is Song Tieshan, do you know him?”
“You call me eldest brother?” Gu Dongchen squinted his eyes with a smile on his face.
Song Jun was stunned. He didn’t call his eldest brother, could it be his uncle?
“Do you know what your dad calls me?” Gu Dongchen asked again.
“What did he call you?” Song Jun suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.
Gu Dongchen slapped Song Jun directly on the face and sneered: “When your dad sees Lao Tzu, he will call Lao Tzu to give you a scream. You’re nothing, you dare to call Lao Tzu!”
Song Jun’s mind exploded, he knew it! He finally knew the identity of the man in a flower shirt!
There may be many people in Cangzhou City with the word Chen in their names, but Gu Dongchen is definitely the only one who can make his father Song Tieshan yell the word Chen!
It turned out to be Gu Dongchen!
Song Jun’s face was pale, and at this moment he had his desire to die. After returning to China, Song Tieshan told him that in the entire west area of ​​the city, the most unprovoked person was Gu Dongchen, because Gu Dongchen was lawless when he did things, and behind him, Backed by the big guys in the city.
Even Song Tieshan had to be respectful every time he saw Gu Dongchen.
“Master Chen, I was wrong, please, for the sake of my dad’s face, let me go.” Song Jun also knew each other, and he knelt on the ground and started begging for mercy. They were all left behind by him, and his life was the most important thing.
“Let you go?” Gu Dongchen smiled playfully, glanced at Zhou Jinlong, and said: “I have to ask my brother if he wants to!”
“This big brother, as long as you let me go, I can lose you money, my dad is very rich, ten million! I can give you ten million!” Song Jun said with a nose and tears.
Zhou Jinlong grinned, “Ten million?! It turns out that Lao Tzu is worth ten million in your eyes!”
“I’m damn your mother!” Zhou Jinlong swung up his chair and slammed Song Jun’s head fiercely.
“I gave you 20 million today. I want your two legs!” Zhou Jinlong was full of grim expressions, then took a switchblade and slammed it towards Song Jun’s thigh.
At this moment, Xu Feirong stood up, her small face was also pale with fright, but after all, Song Jun came to an end because of her. She couldn’t just watch Song Jun be removed from both legs. .
Seeing that the person who made the noise was Xu Feirong, Zhou Jinlong was not angry but was overjoyed, saying: “You bitch, you didn’t even run.”
Gu Dongchen also looked at Xu Feirong interestingly, the lust in his eyes did not conceal the slightest lust. This is a beautiful woman who is not inferior to Xia Mengyao, especially at this time, Xu Feirong is like a deer, pitiful. Even more pitiful.
“Beauty, this trash is your boyfriend?” Gu Dongchen asked with a smile.
Xu Feirong shook her head, and said, “Master Chen, it was your brother who acted on me first, and Song Jun would act on your brother…”
“Are you trying to reason with me?!” Gu Dongchen’s face was cold and he interrupted directly.
“No… I didn’t mean that…” Xu Feirong’s face turned pale, and she was so scared that she couldn’t speak completely.
Zhou Jinlong smiled and said, “Master Chen, there is nothing to talk nonsense with this stinky bitch, you just carry her back and tidy her up in bed at night.”
Gu Dongchen licked his lips and looked at Xu Feirong’s pitiful appearance, only to feel hot in her lower abdomen, “Beauty, do you think my brother’s proposal…”
When Gu Dongchen finished speaking, he was interrupted by a trembling voice.
Gu Dongchen turned his head, and when he saw Xia Mengyao who made the noise, he was suddenly startled. Why is this little lady here? Then he moved his gaze to Xia Mengyao’s left side, and he saw a face that was not smiling but not smiling.
In an instant, Gu Dongchen’s dead soul came out of fear!
“Haha, Master Chen, your fancy blessing is really superficial. I didn’t expect that there is such a protruding beauty in this small box, Master Chen, after you go home to have a good night, lend these two chicks to your little brother. How about playing Shuangfei?” Zhou Jinlong didn’t notice at all, and Gu Dongchen’s face was almost deformed in fear.
He still walked towards Xia Mengyao carelessly, with a lustful smile.
“Fly you are paralyzed!”
Seeing Zhou Jinlong approaching Chen Feng, Gu Dongchen couldn’t care about the others anymore. He dashed up and kicked Zhou Jinlong’s waist.
With this kick, Gu Dongchen fully used his strength and did not dare to have the slightest reservation. He was afraid that Chen Feng would misunderstand him. It was his intention that Zhou Jinlong molested Xia Mengyao.
After Zhou Jinlong was kicked by a dog, he was immediately confused.
“Master Chen…”
“Did your brain get shit? Miss Xia, you dare to touch it too!” Gu Dongchen was merciless and didn’t give Zhou Jinlong a chance to explain it. The big slapped son flung Zhou Jinlong’s face without money.
Seeing Gu Dongchen completely teach Zhou Jinlong to kill his father and enemy, everyone in the box was dumbfounded.
What’s the matter with this TM?
A moment ago, didn’t Gu Dongchen still regard Zhou Jinlong as a sibling brother? How could he wish to kill Zhou Jinlong in a blink of an eye?

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