Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 351

“But Ms. Jiang can rest assured that I will never hide privately . If I can teach you, I will give everything to you, and strive to let you enter the threshold of the inner family as soon as possible.” Chen Feng smiled and said that Jiang Yuting is not qualified to be him. Apprentice.
Xiao Guozhong, after all, is the nine great masters of China.
Although he did not create a sect, his name is the largest sect in the world!
To become Xiao Guozhong’s school, talent and character all need the top in the world.
But Jiang Yuting is a far cry!
In addition, the ceremony of apprenticeship is one of the most solemn ancient rituals in the martial arts world. Three prayers and nine knocks, watching tea and pouring water, are all essential etiquettes. Playing house like Jiang Yuting has a bit of nonsense. .
“Hehe, okay.” Jiang Yuting chuckled and stuck out her tongue. She looked pretty good. Then she took out her phone: “Let’s add a WeChat first. After adding WeChat, I will take you to sign the contract. . ” ” good. “Chen Feng nodded, took out the phone, and Jiang Yuting mutual added a micro letter.
It was only then that Jiang Yuting’s WeChat name was actually called The Powerpuff Girl.
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched, yes, this is very Jiang Yuting.
With Jiang Yuting leading the way, signing the anti-cancer drug contract has no problem.
As for Li Le, since seeing Jiang Yuting, he has been in a daze all the way.
It wasn’t until after he got out of the hospital that he shook the contract in the handshake in disbelief, and looked at Chen Feng with his mouth wide open: “Brother Feng, this…Is this won?”
“Well, I got it, the red seal in black and white.” Chen Feng smiled. The process of signing the contract this time went smoothly beyond his imagination. It really confirmed that sentence. There are people in the DPRK who are easy to do. Jiang Yuting leads the way. When the head of the purchasing department saw him and Li Le, his attitude was called a passion.
“Brother Feng, you are simply…too awesome!” Li Le’s face flushed with excitement. The contract he signed with Dongting Hospital this time is worth nearly 10 million yuan. This is the biggest signing he has signed since joining Kangmei Medicine. A list.
The commission for this order is higher than the commission for all orders he signed before.
Roughly speaking, it is at least 150,000!
“By the way, Brother Feng, how did you meet Dean Jiang’s daughter?” Li Le couldn’t help asking. Chen Feng knew Jiang Yuting, and he didn’t expect it.
After all, the identities of the two seem to be very different. One is a low-level employee of Kangmei Medicine, and the other is the little princess who is the director of the largest private hospital in Zhonghai City. The two people are completely unrelated. But came together.
Chen Feng smiled and uttered two words: “Secret.”
He didn’t intend to explain this to Li Le, after all, the world of warriors was too far away from Li Le.
After leaving the hospital, the two returned to Kangmei non-stop.
As soon as he entered the company, Chen Feng’s face sank. He was thrown on the ground all the things on Li Le’s desk.
Documents, tea cups… were thrown everywhere.
“Who did it?!” Chen Fengqiang suppressed the anger in his chest and said in a deep voice.
As Chen Feng’s voice fell, a tall young man of about twenty-seven and eighteen years old stood up. He walked up to Chen Feng with a full face, gave Chen Feng a condescending look, and spoke provocatively. : “I threw your things? How?”
“Pick it up, I don’t care about you.” Chen Feng took a deep breath and spoke calmly. The tall young man in front of him was Yang Kui, Li Shiping’s younger brother, and he always flattered Li Shiping. He was the best in Li Shiping. Faithful dog leg.
“Hahaha, don’t you care about Laozi?” Yang Kui suddenly burst into laughter, his smile exaggerated.
Then he smiled suddenly, his expression suddenly cold: “What are you TM?! You deserve to care about Laozi too?!”
Everyone couldn’t help taking a breath.
No one thought that Yang Kui would turn his face when he said.
For a time, the atmosphere in the entire office freezes to the extreme.
“Yang Kui, how do you talk to Brother Feng?”
At this time, Li Le walked up rushingly and stood beside Chen Feng.
“Brother Feng?” Yang Kui glanced at Li Le disdainfully, his tone sarcastically: ” You call this Brother
Junshifeng Feng?” Yang Kui sneered, “I said Li Le, you are really getting alive and going back.”
“This kind of rubbish, you call him Brother Feng. Then I will see Laozi, you are Don’t you have to call Master Kui?”
“Yang Kui, don’t deceive people too much!” Li Le’s face was red, but he really had nothing to do with Yang Kui, a rogue who could play tricks and fight.
“Haha, deceived people too much?”
“Lao Tzu deceived people too much, what do you do with Laozi?”
“What do you do with Laozi? Huh?” Yang Kui walked to Li Le and slapped Li Le with a grinning face. .
It’s not a slap in the face, but the humiliation to Li Le is ten times more than a slap in the face!
Li Le clenched his teeth, and his blood-red eyes were full of hatred. He stared at Yang Kui, like a beast that had been choosing people and devouring him.
With this fierce look, Yang Kui stared at him with a flurry of hair, followed by anger into anger.
Damn, it’s just a trash, do I need to be afraid? Yang Kui cursed himself inwardly.
Then I was going to step forward to give Li Le two slaps. At this moment, a strange voice appeared behind him: “What are you all gathering here for? Why are you not working?”
“Brother Li.” Yang Kui looked happy. He turned around flatteringly.
Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping walked over side by side.
“Yang Kui, what are you doing here?” Li Shiping asked pretendingly.
Yang Kui smirked, “Brother Li, these two rubbish don’t open their eyes. I’m going to help you teach them.”
“Oh?” Li Shiping glanced at Chen Feng and Li Le, and the corners of his mouth raised a bit of playfulness: “How are they? Don’t open your eyes anymore?” “You asked me to throw their things away. After I threw their things, they were not convinced and asked me to pick them up. Do you think they don’t open their eyes?” Yang Kui smiled. Tao.
“I can’t open my eyes.” Li Shiping nodded gently.
Then he said his gaze shifted to Chen Feng: “I asked Yang Kui to throw your things with Li Le. If you have any comments, you can come to me.”
“Why throw our things?” Chen Feng said calmly. .
“Why?” Li Le snorted: “Chen Feng, I should have told you in the office before that if you can’t get the list of anti-cancer drugs in Dongting Hospital, you and Li Le will just roll up and fuck me?
” Said it.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Since I said it, then I shouldn’t have any problem in letting you roll up and fuck.” Li Shiping teased his face. He thought that Chen Feng and Li Le would hold on for a while, but he didn’t expect that the two passed by, less than one. When he was young, he was driven out by Dongting Hospital.
“Fuck you off?”
There was a sneer at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth: “Why are we going to roll up the bedding?”

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