Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 352

“What do you mean?”
Li Shiping’s eyelids twitched, as if thinking of something, he said with an incredulous expression on his face: “You don’t want to say, did you talk about the list of anticancer drugs in Dongting Hospital? ”
Can’t it?” Chen Feng sneered again and again.
Li Shiping suddenly became very angry: “I said Chen Feng, do you know what you are talking about?!”
“That’s Dongting Hospital! It’s not a small pharmacy outside. I can’t get their orders. You’re fine, go out.” In less than an hour, tell me you have taken it?”
“Are you dreaming?”
“Brother Li, this waste must be dreaming. Just his two grades, I ran to Dongting Hospital. The person in charge of the procurement department even Even if I see them, I still talk to them about cooperation? How is it possible?”
“The two of them must be able to talk down the list, I just jump from here.” Yang Kui sneered.
“This newcomer Chen Feng is not very capable, but his tone is not small.”
“That’s right, he doesn’t brag, and he also took the Dongting Hospital’s list. Why don’t you say that Dongting Hospital is yours? Yes.”
Many employees of the sales department sneered. Chen Feng was using them as a fool. Dongting Hospital is an iron wall. Almost every employee of the sales department went to Dongting Hospital to touch the dust. No one I know better than them how difficult it is to negotiate cooperation with Dongting Hospital.
But Chen Feng and Li Le went out and returned in less than an hour. They also said that they had taken the courage of Dongting Hospital. Who were they bluffing?
“Don’t believe it?” Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at everyone, the sarcasm in the corner of his mouth was obvious.
“Don’t believe it!”
“Believe a fool!”
“That’s right, you can only believe it when your brain is flooded. If you can talk about the list, then our group will become waste.”
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, took the contract out of the document bag and held it in front of everyone , Said lightly: “Look at what this is?”
“Isn’t this just a few pieces of torn paper? Still use it, do you think we are all blind?” Yang Kui sneered and took the contract in Chen Feng’s hand, scanning at will After a glance, his expression instantly solidified.
“What’s wrong?” Seeing Yang Kui not speaking, Li Shiping’s heart sank immediately.
“Li…Manager Li, Party A on this contract is… Dongting Hospital…” Yang Kui swallowed, his voice trembling.
“Impossible!” Li Shiping’s face suddenly sank, then he snatched the contract in Yang Kui’s hand and looked intently.
After a few seconds, his face became ugly, and that ugly was mixed with a little bit of inconceivability and shock.
Party A on the contract is indeed Dongting Hospital!
Not only is there a signature from the person in charge, but also a seal!
“The two people won’t really negotiate the contract from Dongting Hospital?”
The changes in Yang Kui and Li Shiping’s expressions, many employees took it for granted. If there is a problem with the contract, the two might have already It happened, why wait till now.
“Who negotiated this contract for you?!” Li Shiping suddenly raised his head and asked sternly.
His words also caused the entire office to fall into silence in an instant.
Really! it is true!
The contract is real!
Everyone’s eyes widened and their faces were full of incredible expressions. Li Shiping’s words have undoubtedly proved that the contract is true.
The cooperation with Dongting Hospital was actually taken down!
“Manager Li, what do you mean by this?!” Li Le clenched his fists angrily. He and Chen Feng negotiated such a large contract for Kangmei Medicine. Li Shiping would not regard them as heroes, but the first place. Time to question them.
“What do you mean by me?” Li Shiping’s face was gloomy as water.
“What is the grade of the two of you, you should know in your heart, let alone talk about cooperation with Dongting Hospital, if no one leads the way, you two may not even see the person in charge of Dongting Hospital!”
“So This contract was definitely not negotiated between the two of you!” Li Shiping yelled inwardly. In any case, he would not admit that this contract was negotiated between Chen Feng and Li Le.
He does not allow himself to be slapped in the face by such two trash!
“Didn’t the two of us talk about it? Could it be you?!” Chen Feng suddenly sneered. Li Shiping had already guessed this reaction.
When Chen Feng said this, Li Shiping’s complexion was even harder to look.
“I don’t care anyway, this contract must be negotiated by you using some shameful means.” Li Shiping simply played a rogue.
“The shameful means?” Chen Feng sneered.
“Okay, very good!”
“Li Le, call the person in charge of Dongting Hospital and tell them that Kangmei Medicine does not recognize the contract we signed, and ask them to cancel the cooperation immediately!”
Li Le smiled and nodded hurriedly, Chen Feng’s trick is to retreat as a second to play.
Li Shiping did not recognize the contract. Then Chen Feng could have Dongting Hospital cancel the cooperation, but once the cooperation was cancelled, then Li Shiping, the manager, would not have to do it. After all, it was because of him that Kangmei Medicine lost the big customer of Dongting Hospital.
“No fight!”
Sure enough, before Li Le’s mobile phone was taken out, Li Shiping’s complexion changed and stopped. Once Dongting Hospital cancels the cooperation, today’s affairs will inevitably be hidden from the company’s executives. At that time, the company’s executives will know if they just inquire about it Because of him, Dongting Hospital was asked to cancel the cooperation.
He cannot bear this responsibility!
“You said you wouldn’t fight if you didn’t fight?” Chen Feng sneered again and again. He glanced at Li Le with a cold face: “Fight!”
“Well, Brother Feng!” Li Le nodded heavily. For Chen Feng, he is absolutely absolute now. He listened to his words, especially after seeing Chen Feng’s methods, he admired Chen Feng’s five bodies.
So what Chen Feng asked him to do, he did not hesitate.
Seeing Li Lezhen dialed the number of the person in charge of Dongting Hospital, Li Shiping suddenly panicked and directly asked Chen Feng for mercy: “Chen Feng, don’t call! I beg you, don’t call!”
“Everyone is from the same company.” Colleagues, if you have something to discuss.” “If you make this call, not only will I be implicated, but the commission for you and Li Le will also be lost…” Li
Shiping persuaded him painstakingly, with a rare low tone.
He looks like this, but he can see the many employees of the company.
Is this still the original arrogant Li Shiping? How could he be so humble now?
“I remember that everyone is a colleague of a company?” Chen Feng sneered and sneered. In fact, there was no phone number of the person in charge of Dongting Hospital in Li Le’s phone. He and Li Le were totally acting.
On the way here, he anticipated that Li Shiping would be a rogue, so he planned it out with Li Le.
If Li Shiping concedes the bet, he will let Li Shiping go.
But if Li Shiping insisted to die, he would never be softened!

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