Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 356

Only one or two of him and Watanabe can live out of China!
At a lower level, this is a life battle.
But on a larger scale, this is a battle for fame and fortune!
Therefore, Chen Feng must not retire!
Shi Pojun sighed. If he had known that Chen Summit had chosen this way, he would not have told Chen Feng the news.
He understood what Chen Feng was thinking, and Xiao Guozhong’s reputation was indeed very important.
But no matter how important Xiao Guozhong’s reputation is, it is not as important as Chen Feng’s life.
After all, Chen Feng is China’s youngest martial arts master, and if not surprising, he will even become China’s tenth master!
It’s a pity…
Shi Pojun sighed: “Brother Chen Feng, Taiyi Watanabe will arrive in China Shipping tomorrow. He will stay in China Shipping for about 15 days. When the gambling battle between China Shipping Chamber and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is over, he will follow Qian. The Water Chamber of Commerce will return to Japan together.”
“So in the next 15 days, you must be careful. Although Zhonghai is the site of China, the spies of Shenyin are not vegetarians. They want to know your location. It couldn’t be easier.”
“If Taichi Watanabe’s target is really you, then he may attack you at any time!”
Shi Pojun said with a solemn tone, being stared at by a martial arts master who is proficient in assassination. This feeling, just thinking about it, will make you shudder.
“Big Brother Shi, don’t worry, I will be careful.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly. He will not make fun of his life. Taichi Watanabe is indeed very strong, but he is also not weak. As a closed disciple of Xiao Guozhong, he The truly terrifying place is more than just talent.
“Well, here in the Zhanmeng, I will let my brothers stare at Taiichi Watanabe for 24 hours. I will let you know as soon as I have any news.” Shi Pojun said, he has not disclosed the news of Chen Feng to anyone in the Zhanmeng. , First, Chen Feng promised that day to keep a secret for Chen Feng.
The other reason is that there is still an inner ghost hidden in the Zhan League. This inner ghost has taken the Shenyin killer five years ago, and since then, he has not appeared again.
So far, the Zhanmeng has not found out any clues.
Once let him know about Chen Feng’s news, then he and Watanabe Taiichi should cooperate with each other, and Chen Feng might be peeling off if he is not dead.
“Big Brother Shi in trouble.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, with the help of the Zhanmeng, he was a little more confident in dealing with Taichi Watanabe.
Jingle Bell.
At this time, Chen Feng’s cell phone rang.
Chen Feng took out his mobile phone from his pocket, took a look at the caller ID, and found that it was Lin Wanqiu.
Why did Wanqiu call herself at this time?
Chen Feng had a trace of doubt in his mind, and then he pressed to answer.
As soon as the call was connected, a hurried voice came from the other end of the phone: “There are several rich second generations who are filling Wanqiu with wine, come here!”
Fill Wanqiu with wine? !
Chen Feng was shocked, and he didn’t care who the owner of the voice opposite was. He hurriedly asked, “Where is it?”
“Wangfujing, Hongye Club Room 888, there are a lot of them. Please call the police and bring the police. Come here.”
After talking to the other side, he hung up the phone directly, and did not give Chen Feng too much time to understand the matter.
“Brother Shi, how far is the Wangfujing Hongye Club from here?” Chen Feng asked in a deep voice. He just came to Zhonghai and is not yet familiar with Zhonghai.
“Not far, it will take about 20 minutes by car.” Shiba Jundao.
“Can ten minutes go by?” Chen Feng asked. The person who had just called Lin Wanqiu’s mobile phone was obviously Lin Wanqiu’s friend. From the other’s tone, it was not difficult to tell that Lin Wanqiu’s situation is very dangerous now. Twenty minutes passed. I’m afraid the day lilies are cold.
“Yes!” Shi Pojun nodded heavily: “Let’s go, Brother Chen Feng, I will take you there, and my car will stop downstairs.”
“Okay.” Chen Feng was not hypocritical, the only thing he could count on at this time Only Shibajun was on board.
Shibajun’s car is a modified Range Rover with reinforced bumpers and bulletproof glass imported from Germany. The body is dyed in pitch black, just like a black warrior in myths and legends, majestic and solemn.
Chen Feng took the co-pilot and Shi Pojun took the main driver.
After that, Shi Pojun directly kicked the accelerator and slammed to the end.
The modified large-displacement engine roared like a tiger.
Amid the roar, the black Land Rover Range Rover was shot out like a wild horse running out of the hotel door…
At this moment, a luxurious box in the Hongye Clubhouse was already in a mess, and the ground was full of all kinds of things. Not to mention the bottle, there are still a few young men and women who are drunk in a puddle of mud, and their mouths are talking nonsense.
Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face was also flushed, her beautiful eyes were full of blurry colors, and she was obviously too strong to drink.
However, compared with those lying on the ground, Lin Wanqiu’s treatment was obviously on a higher level. She leaned on an Italian leather sofa, beside her was a tall girl wearing a pleated skirt with two slender legs. Take care.
“Wanqiu, Wanqiu, wake up…”
Lin Wanqiu’s name was called twice, but Lin Wanqiu still had no response. The tall girl couldn’t help being a little impatient. Why couldn’t Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend come back?
When the tall girl was thinking about when Chen Feng would come over, a tall young man wearing a brand-name suit and carrying Patek Philippe walked up to her with a smile.
After glancing at Lin Wanqiu who was drunk and confused, the tall young man’s eyes flashed an undisguised obscene look, and his lower abdomen also became hot.
“Xiao Wei, Wanqiu seems to be drunk…” The tall young man licked his lips, and the eyes of Lin Wanqiu were full of naked desire.
“Senior Liu, Wanqiu is indeed drunk, I will take her back.” The tall girl named Xiao Wei pulled out a reluctant smile. She wanted to help Lin Wanqiu up, but just put her hand on Lin Wanqiu. It was held down by tall young people.
The tall young man glanced at Xiao Wei with a smile: “Xiao Wei, how can this kind of thing bother you, or leave it to the senior, and let the senior take Wanqiu back.” The tall young man’s attitude seemed gentle, but in his tone of voice. , But it is full of no doubt.
“Senior, thank you for your kindness, but Wanqiu won’t bother you anymore. She is my roommate. It would be better for me to take her back.” Xiao Weiqiang smiled. No one knows what Liu Kun is in front of her. This kind of goods, looks warm and jade, is a modest gentleman, but in fact he is an out-and-out beast, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
After three years of college, I don’t know how many girls’ stomachs have grown up, and there are even a few who committed suicide for him, but this person has no sense of guilt.

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