Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 364

Needless to say, these twenty-one super rockets were given by the guardian knight of Jiachen just now.
After sending 21 super rockets to Feng Jiachen, Jiachen’s guardian knight also came to Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room and sent a red barrage exclusively for local tyrants. The content of the barrage was very simple, with only two words: “Come on. Fight!”
But these simple words completely detonated the live broadcast of Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen.
Declare war!
There is no doubt that this is a declaration of war!
This is declaring war on the guardian knight of Xiao Wei, the number one god in the live broadcast of Xiao Wei!
Just now, many viewers didn’t understand why Jiachen’s Guardian Knights should send 21 Super Fire instead of rounding up to send 20. Now they understand.
It is a provocation, it is a declaration of war!
Just to tell you plainly, Xiao Wei’s Guardian Knight, no matter how many Super Fires you send, I will send one more than you!
It’s so domineering!
“Shenhao is awesome!”
“Fuck, Jiachen’s patron saint, Hao, is too domineering!”
“Yes, he’s too spoiled for Jiachen too. Someone from Xiaomao just gave away 20 super rockets. , He gave Jiachen twenty-one ships, which completely suppressed Xiao Wei’s limelight.”
“If I were Jiachen, I would want to marry myself to this goddess!”
“Thank you again, Brother Knight, Jia Chen loves you.” In front of the camera, Feng Jiachen did not hesitate to kiss Jiachen’s guardian knight across the screen.
Jiachen’s guardian knight also responded domineeringly to Feng Jiachen on the barrage: “Jiachen, don’t worry about it, you can’t lose with me!”
With me, you can’t lose!
Just seven words detonated Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room again!
Fans of Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast were completely mad and began to confess Jiachen’s guardian knight on the barrage. Some fans even started to frantically use the barrage to let Feng Jiachen marry the guardian knight.
“Marry a knight!”
“Marry a knight!”
“If you meet a knight like this, marry it!”
Some fans also ran to the Xiao Wei live broadcast room to bring the rhythm.
“Where is Xiao Wei’s guardian knight? Stand up!”
“Your goddess has been bullied, but are you saying something?”
” Are you still guarding the knight? The goddess has been bullied, so I dare not even dare What kind of knight are you.”
“It’s not that I saw Jiachen’s guardian knight’s wealth and billions, so I didn’t dare to fight.”
“It’s probably counseled and ran away.”
“Bah, waste dog, I don’t know. The nouveau riche who popped up would dare to learn from others to become an anchor.”
Xiao Wei’s expression was a little ugly, not because Chen Feng’s friend ran away, and she was already very grateful for someone to come and cheer for her.
She was angry that the black fans who had led the battle in the live broadcast scolded Chen Feng’s friends here.
For Chen Feng’s local tyrant friend, she has nothing but gratitude, not the slightest complaint.
Even if the local tyrant is really running away now, she would never say much.
They had never seen her even before, so they gave her twenty super fires. It was truly benevolent to her, and she had nothing to say.
“Super pipe, block all these rhythmic players.” Xiao Wei said coldly. When the guild PK, it is a taboo to ban the fans in the live broadcast room of the guild, which will directly affect the PK’s victory, but at this time, she also Can’t control that much.
Xiao Wei’s super-management action in the live broadcast room was very fast. In less than a minute, dozens of clamoring fans were banned.
However, this kind of ban has not only failed to reduce the pressure of the war, it has a tendency to intensify.
More and more viewers, like sharks smelling blood, rushed over and began to repeat the content of the clash between Xiao Wei’s live broadcast.
This part of the audience is not a fan of Xiao Wei or Feng Jiachen. The reason why they want to lead the battle is more just to watch the excitement. After all, it is very difficult to see this kind of local tyrants jealousy for the host.
It’s hard to see it, so naturally it will be enjoyable.
The local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room wants to slip?
No way at all!
There are more and more barrages that lead to the battle, and the several super tubes in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast have a tendency to be too busy.
At this time, Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room became popular again.
Twenty-one super rockets again!
The super rocket’s exclusive cool special effects, like a sudden earthquake, once again detonated the live broadcast of Xiao Wei and Feng Jiachen. This time, even the entire Funny Fish platform was detonated.
It was originally a PK between two small anchors, but because more than 60 super rockets were sent out, the audience on the entire platform was shocked.
Countless viewers who love to watch lively come from other live broadcast rooms, most of them enter Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room, and a small part of them enter Xiao Mai’s live broadcast room.
The popularity of the two live broadcast rooms began to rise at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Five hundred thousand, one million, one and a half million!
The popularity of Xiao Wei’s live broadcast has reached the 1.5 million mark!
On the other hand, the popularity of Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room has reached a terrifying 3.5 million!
Five million in total popularity!
This is the effect of the 42 super rockets sent by the guardian knights of Jiachen.
But this is not all!
When the popularity of Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was approaching two million, the guardian knight of God Hao Jiachen walked into Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room again.
This time, he only sent one barrage. This barrage is still very simple, with only two words: “Sure?”
Accept? !
Serve? !
These two words, like a nuclear bomb, completely exploded Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room!
Obviously, this is a provocation!
Naked provocation!
The guardian knight who provoked Xiao Wei!
The number one Shenhao who provoked Xiao Wei!
“Hahaha! I feel that Xiao Wei’s guardian knight’s face is going to be beaten and swollen.”
“It’s more than swollen, it will be broken, okay?!”
“Send 20 super fires, do you think you are awesome?! Isn’t it amazing?!”
“That’s right, some people have to install big heads of garlic, 20 super fire, 30,000 yuan, you take it to the clubhouse to play a tender mold, it is not fragrant? Have to come here, the patron saint of Jiachen Humiliated?”
“That idiot probably doesn’t know. Twenty super fires, for Jiachen’s patron saint, it’s just a meal, and that idiot would have to eat or drink for a few months to save. Next twenty super fire.”
“Do you want to compare yourself with Jiachen’s patron saint Hao? It’s ridiculous.”
“Didn’t you see, did Xiao Wei’s so-called guardian knight stop talking?”
“I guess Where do you hide and cry…”
The barrage slid halfway, and the live broadcast room became red again!
But this time, it was not Feng Jiachen’s live broadcast room, but Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room!
Super rocket!
One, two, three… ten, twenty, thirty… fifty!
All the viewers in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but take a breath.
My Nima, send fifty super fires at once? ! Is that human being? !

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