Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 368

“Thank you for your support, and thanks to Brother Knight for your reward. Let Jiachen win this PK. Jiachen will definitely continue to work harder in the future…”
Before the voice fell, the top of the live broadcast room burst!
A super giant ship with sci-fi color slowly appeared in the sight of everyone.
Shocked, dumbfounded, stunned…
Everyone was stunned.
What gift is this?
Kind of like… a battleship?
Why have never seen it before!
Completely confused!
Not only was the audience in the live broadcast room dumbfounded, even Feng Jiachen himself was dumbfounded.
Funny fish, why is there such a gift as a space battleship, why she has never heard of it before.
No one knows what space battleship means.
Except for the guardian knight of Jiachen in front of the screen.
The moment Jiachen’s guardian knight’s pupils tightened when he saw the space battleship appearing, he felt that his heart had been struck by a heavy hammer, and his breathing became difficult.
How can it be? !
How could it be a space battleship? !
Jiachen’s guardian knight had countless voices roaring crazily in his heart. He couldn’t figure out why something like a space battleship appeared in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room. are you crazy? !
Is that person crazy? !
Didn’t he know that a space battleship costs one hundred thousand yuan!
What is it for him to be 100,000 yuan?
Paper? !
Just give it away!
Jiachen’s guardian knight’s eyes are blood red, and his chest is extremely ups and downs. He didn’t expect that at the last moment, the mysterious local tyrant in Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room would show him this.
I am not convinced!
At this moment, Jiachen’s guardian knight only had these three words in his mind, and he could afford one hundred thousand space battleships!
He would never allow himself to lose to his opponent in this way at the last moment.
Jiachen’s guardian knight tremblingly took out his mobile phone, preparing to give Feng Jiachen another space battleship.
He has already given gifts of almost 300,000 yuan, which is no less than 100,000 yuan.
As long as the space battleship is sent out, he can hold Feng Jiachen under his crotch.
Jiachen’s guardian knight gritted his teeth and prepared to click to buy. At this time, Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room was red again.
Another sci-fi super battleship popped up from the top of the live room, and the cool gift special effects instantly occupied the entire screen.
Then, the second ship, the third ship… all the way to the ninth ship!
The appearance of nine space battleships in a row completely defeated Jiachen’s guardian knight’s last psychological line of defense. With a click, Jiachen’s guardian knight’s mobile phone fell to the ground, and then rolled his eyes, and the whole person fainted directly.
Feng Jiachen on the other side was a little panicked at the moment. She found that since the ten space battleships were brushed out, the blue bars representing Xiao Wei’s influence have directly started to soar, and in just a few tens of seconds, she flung her red bars. That’s a big deal!
At this time, there is only one minute left before the end of the PK. After this minute, if her red bar cannot catch up with the blue bar, there is only one result waiting for her, that is, losing the PK!
But now, Lan Tiao has already thrown her out more than twice, how can she chase her? !
Feng Jiachen was a little frustrated and she couldn’t think she would lose this guild PK if she killed her.
Obviously her guardian knight had sent out one hundred and one Super Fire, which stabilized the battle, but at the last moment, ten battleships suddenly appeared on Xiao Wei’s side.
She had been an anchor for three years at Teow, and she had never seen a gift like a battleship.
“Cheating! It must be cheating! Funny fish doesn’t have a gift like a battleship!” Feng Jiachen shouted angrily in front of the camera.
The barrage also responded.
“Cheating? Impossible, right? You look at it with such a pair of eyes. You can cheat unless Xiao Wei is smart.”
“No cheating? No cheating, then explain what the hell of the ten warships just now? I was teasing the fish. live for five years, did not even seen a battleship that gift. ” ” me too, I’m funny fish oldest group of viewers, I’ve never heard such a funny fish warships gift. ” ” the ships will not Was it Xiao Wei who asked the hackers to swipe it?”
“I think it’s not just the battleships, but the super rockets in front were also Xiao Wei who let the hackers swipe it. Under normal circumstances, her small anchor with only 30,000 people can’t move it. A local tyrant of this level joins in.”
“Yes, and that local tyrant’s account is still a new account just registered today. Obviously it came prepared.”
Seeing everyone pointed the finger at Xiao Ma, Feng Jiachen couldn’t help but sneered and started directly. The live broadcast room shouted Xiao Ma: “Xiao Ma, don’t you plan to explain this to me?” In front of the camera, Xiao Ma was a little at a loss. In fact, after the ten space battleships came out, she was also confused. She had never heard of such a gift as a battleship with the fish before.
“Can’t tell?” Feng Jiachen couldn’t help being even more proud of seeing Xiao Wei speechless.
“Sure enough, cheating!”
“Xiao Wei, I said you can point your face. You want to win, I can understand, but you can’t rub everyone’s IQ on the ground just to win, are you blind as the audience in the live broadcast room?
” Get a space battleship out today, shouldn’t you get an aircraft carrier tomorrow?”
Feng Jiachen sneered again and again, mocking Xiao Wei.
Xiao Wei’s mouth grew longer and wanted to explain, but she didn’t know what to say, because she really couldn’t explain the space battleship.
“That so-called guardian knight of you is also a virtual character you made out?” Feng Jiachen continued to sneer.
“I’ll just say you such a small anchor, how could there be such a powerful local tyrant to cheer for you, it turned out to be a deception.” Feng Jiachen was very proud, although she was sarcastically sarcasm Xiao Wei, but in fact, she was in love with Xiao. Yu didn’t hate it much, and even wanted to thank Xiao Wei, because if Xiao Wei hadn’t made such a hand, Jiachen’s Guardian Knight would not give her so many gifts.
With more than one hundred super rockets, plus other gifts from local tyrants and fans, the total number of gifts she received tonight is close to 600,000!
Six hundred thousand, 40% of the guild and platform were taken away, and the rest fell into her hands and there were more than three hundred thousand.
More than 300,000 yuan, it only took less than an hour to earn, how is this different from picking up money?
“Some small anchors really don’t even want their faces for the sake of being in the top position.”
“Tianyu’s network system is also rubbish enough to allow hackers to intrude in and tamper with the gift data.”
“Let me say, the hacker standing behind Xiao Wei It’s also a silly fork. Isn’t it good for you to give Xiao Wei two hundred super rockets honestly? You have to send something like space battleships to nothing.”
“That’s right, you give two hundred super rockets , and our audience pays them back. It was fun to watch, but you TM came out with ten space battleships. It was really no brain.”
“Where is the super pipe? Where is the super pipe? Why haven’t Xiao Wei’s live broadcast room been sealed?” Feng Jiachen forced.
When such a major incident occurs, Feng Xiaowei’s live broadcast room is all light. If it is more serious, Douyu’s Legal Department may even sue Xiaowei.

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