Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 374

“Okay, don’t say anything, let’s eat.” Wang Hongyi said with a stern face, and Peng Yanfang had to put her face on her own, and that was no one to blame.
“Don’t eat, let’s eat a fart!”

Pop ” Peng Yanfang put the chopsticks on the table with a cold face, got up angrily, dropped a word and left.
“She won’t eat. Let’s eat.” Wang Hongyi shook his head and smiled, disapproving.
However, his gaze swept Chen Feng inadvertently. He thought he had already overestimated Chen Feng, but unexpectedly, he underestimated him.
This door-to-door son-in-law from Cangzhou is not easy.
Whether it’s relying on one’s own ability to talk about placing orders or making Li Shiping have to stand on his side, ordinary people can’t do it.
As soon as Peng Yanfang left, Wang Shiyuan naturally didn’t feel in the mood to eat anymore. She grabbed two mouthfuls of rice and left the table.
Li Shiping also left immediately on the grounds that something happened to the company.
It was a good celebration banquet, and just broke up like this. Only Chen Feng and Wang Hongyi were left on the huge dinner table, but they just happened to have a leisurely meal.
Perhaps it is because of a good mood. Today, Wang Hongyi drank a lot of wine. After the half tour, Wang Hongyi’s complexion has become a little red, obviously because the spirit of wine has been on his head.
After going up, Wang Hongyi felt a lot of emotion, and couldn’t help but recall the past tragic years, and talked to Chen Feng many bits and pieces of the past years and Xia Weiguo in Zhonghai.
Chen Feng listened quietly and echoed with a smile from time to time.
It can be seen that Wang Hongyi missed those years very much, and he really regarded Xia Weiguo as a brother.
Thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn’t help thinking of the leg that Xia Weiguo had been interrupted.
According to Xia Weiguo, his leg was interrupted in Zhonghai, but Xia Weiguo refused to say who interrupted it.
Obviously, the other party’s background is so big, even so big that Xia Weiguo dare not even mention it.
“Uncle Wang, can I ask you a question?” After a long silence, Chen Feng finally decided to ask Wang Hongyi.
“You want to ask who interrupted your dad’s leg?” Wang Hongyi paused, as if he had expected Chen Summit to ask this question.
“Not bad.” Chen Feng nodded.
Seeing Chen Feng’s admission, Wang Hongyi’s eyes suddenly became a little complicated. After a long time, he looked up at Chen Feng and sighed: “Xiaofeng, I said that your father’s leg was interrupted by me. Do you believe it?”
Chen Feng His pupils shrank, Wang Hongyi interrupted? !
How can this be? !
“It sounds unbelievable, right?” Wang Hongyi smiled bitterly.
“It’s unbelievable.” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng said calmly: “Why did Uncle Wang interrupt my dad’s leg? There must be some reason in the middle?”
Wang Hongyi sighed. Tone: “It’s been so long, is the reason important?”
“Important!” Chen Feng said loudly, saying every word: “I must know how my dad’s leg was broken back then.”
“Oh, since you are like this. I want to know, then I will tell you today.”
“I did interrupt your dad’s leg, but I was also forced to do nothing. If I didn’t do that, your dad might not survive now.” Wang Hongyi Tao.
“Someone is forcing you?” A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.
“Yeah.” Wang Hongyi nodded.
“Who is it?”
“Wang Dongyang.” Wang Hongyi spit out three words.
Chen Feng frowned, Wang Dongyang…who is it?
“You may not have heard of the name Wang Dongyang.”
“But you must have heard of his grandpa’s name.” Wang Hongyi sighed.
Chen Feng’s pupils shrank and his surname Wang was well-known, could it be… “Wang Chongyang!” Chen Feng suddenly raised his head and couldn’t help taking a breath. How could Xia Weiguo and Wang Hongyi provoke him to this level? The presence? !
As if he knew what Chen Feng was thinking, Wang Hongyi sighed: “Actually, Lao Xia and I didn’t want to, but back then, we were doing business at sea. We would inevitably encounter Wang’s family when we were doing business at sea.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. The Wang family is an authentic maritime overlord. China has most of the cargo ships built by the Wang family.
In addition to cargo ships, the Wang family also intervened in China’s foreign trade business. It can be said that all things on the sea cannot be bypassed.
It is very likely that Wang Hongyi and Xia Weiguo were doing business such as maritime trade. Maritime trade has been the exclusive domain of the Wang family since ancient times. If people want to intervene, they must first ask the Wang family for their opinions.
“At that time, I had just arrived in the summer sea and the old, not how familiar with the sea, hear the sea trade business is good, and I’m old summer they bought a boat, ready to run the ship.” “The results just ran no two days , Our boat was burned.”
“The reason is that we didn’t worship the Wang’s mountain gate before we ran the boat.”
“When I heard this, Lao Xia and I were angry at the time, and neither of us was stunned.
Knowing exactly what the Wang family meant in Zhonghai, he relied on his skill to beat several people who burned the ship to death.” “The next day, Wang Dongyang appeared and said that one of the people we injured yesterday was one of them. It’s his cousin.”
“At that time, Wang Dongyang gave us two choices, kowtow to apologize and break our legs, or die!”
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. From Wang Hongyi’s words, it’s not difficult to know how overbearing Wang Dongyang was. Wang Hongyi and Xia Weiguo only injured Wang Dongyang’s cousin, and Wang Dongyang would make them kowtow and apologize. Legs, this is still the case when Wang Dongyang’s cousin burned the cargo ship of the two people first.
“After Wang Dongyang said this, I knew that I had no choice with Lao Xia.”
“If we don’t kneel, we will never see the sun the next day.”
“Finally, I kneel.”
“But Lao Xia did not kneel, his temper was too stubborn back then, even if Wang Dongyang held a gun to his head, he would not kneel…” At this point, Wang Hongyi’s tone paused, and after a while, he sighed heavily. He sighed and said: “Finally, I personally broke Lao Xia’s leg, and pressed Lao Xia, and knocked Wang Dongyang three times, which resolved Wang Dongyang’s anger.”
“After Wang Dongyang left. , Lao Xia also left Zhonghai disheartenedly.”
“Not long after, I heard the news of Lao Xia’s marriage.” In the following words, Wang Hongyi did not go on, but Chen Feng also probably understood what happened next. .
Xia Weiguo, who was originally full of ambitions and ambitions, was completely devastated after being hit by Wang Dongyang.
Going home to live a plain life of marrying a wife and having children, with firewood and oil.
Not only did Wang Hongyi not sink into this situation, but instead worked hard. In just two decades, he worked hard again and set off a career.
The two took a diametrically opposite path.
Chen Feng finally understood why Wang Hongyi treated him so well.

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