Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 380

These two words fell into Liu Shaobo’s ears, and Liu Shaobo almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. What is meant by beating Liu Shaobo? Did Liu Shaobo from TM provoke you? !
Although his heart was angry, Liu Shaobo was surprisingly calm at this time. Seeing Chen Feng still wanting to do something, Liu Shaobo waved his hand hurriedly and begged for mercy again: “Brother stop, if you have something to say, and if you have something to say, don’t beat anyone!”
“What do you want to say?” Chen Feng gave Liu Shaobo a cold look.
Liu Shaobo rolled his eyes and said, “Brother, I know you are a thug sent by someone else. Can you tell me how much money the person who sent you gave you to beat me?”
Chen Feng’s mouth raised. For a bit of fun, Liu Shaobo, an idiot, thought he was a thug sent by someone else.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Liu Shaobo was a little panicked. He wiped the cold sweat from his head and stretched out two fingers to open his mouth again: “Twice!”
“Brother, no matter how much the person who sent you here gives you, I It can be twice as much as him! You can transfer money now!”
“My dad is the chairman of Kangmei Group, he has a net worth of 100 billion, and you don’t have to worry about money.”
“Really?” Chen Feng’s mouth Raising a touch of sarcasm, Liu Shaobo is safe to coax him as a mentally retarded.
“Yes, yes, brother, if you don’t rest assured, I’ll let my dad transfer the money to you.” Liu Shaobo showed a humble smile on the surface, but the viciousness and resentment in the depths of his eyes were undisguised, as long as After exiting this elevator door, he will kill Chen Feng in ten million ways!
“Then you let your dad turn.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, glanced at Liu Shaobo, and motioned Liu Shaobo to take out his mobile phone to notify Liu Yuanqing.
Liu Shaobo looked overjoyed, and after cursing a few words about Chen Feng as an idiot, he prepared to take out his mobile phone from his pocket and call Liu Yuanqing.
But as soon as he took out the phone from his pocket, a black shadow appeared in front of him.
Chen Feng slapped Liu Shaobo’s face unreasonably.
With this slap, the corners of Liu Shaobo’s mouth were cracked and blood was flowing.
It also made Liu Shaobo’s whole person into a state of bewilderment. Didn’t you say that the transfer was done? Why are you hitting me?
Looking at Liu Shaobo with a bewildered look, Chen Feng couldn’t help but sneered: “Idiot, let you turn around, and let you eat shit, are you going to eat shit too.”
“What…what do you mean?” Liu Shaobo For a moment, he immediately reacted. Chen Feng was playing with him from start to finish, and he didn’t even want him to call.
Thinking of this, Liu Shaobo’s complexion instantly rose, anger, aggrieved, and various emotions poured into his chest.
He gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Feng: “Brother, what hate do I have with you? You want to humiliate me like this?!”
“Humiliation?” Chen Feng sneered, “You deserve it too?”
“Ah! I fought with you .” !” After being stimulated by Chen Feng several times, Liu Shaobo finally lost the last trace of reason, and his eyes were blood-red and rushed towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng sneered, not angry with Liu Shaobo, grabbed Liu Shaobo’s collar, and pressed the top of his knee against Liu Shaobo’s lower abdomen.
The tearing pain came from the lower abdomen, and Liu Shaobo’s whole body instantly bowed into a soft-footed shrimp, and his face turned into a pig liver color. Before the pain was relieved
, Chen Feng had another note. The top of the knee was on Liu Shaobo’s abdomen.
The tearing pain came again. This time, Liu Shaobo couldn’t bear it. He rolled his eyes and fainted on the spot.
After a few seconds, the elevator finally reached the top floor.
Chen Feng dragged Liu Shaobo out of the elevator, and then a call came to Li Le’s mobile phone.
“Drive the car to the underground parking lot. I’m going to a place.”
“Okay, Brother Feng.” Li Le didn’t think much about it. He nodded and agreed. He never doubted Chen Feng’s order, he almost arrived. The point of blind obedience.
A few minutes later, Li Le saw Chen Feng in the underground parking lot.
Seeing the motionless’corpse’ next to Chen Feng, Li Le was immediately taken aback. He trembled and pointed at Liu Shaobo and asked with a trembling, “Feng… Brother Feng, is this dead or alive? ”
Live.” Chen Feng faintly vomited a smoke ring.
“Just live as long as you live.” Li Le couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard that the person lying on the ground was alive, and then couldn’t help but glance at the’corpse’ on the ground, and asked with a lowly mouth: ” Brother Feng, who is this?”

Liu Shaobo.” “Liu Shao…” Li Le was taken aback for a moment, then his whole voice was sharp: “Liu Shaobo?!”
“Brother Feng, you said he was Liu Shaobo?!” Li Le Looking at Chen Feng incredulously with wide eyes, it seemed that there was a problem with his hearing.
“Why, is there a problem?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
Li Le swallowed and looked at Chen Feng with trembling eyes: “Brother Feng, do you know who Liu Shaobo’s Lao is?”
” Liu Yuanqing .” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Li Le had this reaction. In his expectation, after all, Liu Yuanqing is the largest shareholder of Kangmei, the head boss of more than 100,000 Kangmei employees.
Now that the big boss’s son was knocked out by himself and placed in front of Li Le, Li Le was not scared to pass out, and he was already considered to have a good psychological quality.
Hearing Chen Feng’s admission, Li Le’s heart trembled again, and his entire face was crying.
“Brother Feng, who are you not good at, what are you doing with this stuff?”
“The old man of this thing is the head boss of our Kangmei, he stomped his feet, and the whole Zhonghai will tremble three times.”
“Brother Feng, run away. Before this thing wakes up, hurry up and run, maybe even pay. He can save his life.”
Li Le’s attitude is very pessimistic. He would never have thought that Chen Feng would faint the young director of Kangmei. Everyone in Kangmei knows that Liu Shaobo must report how much he is a man.
Dare to offend him, from being kicked out of Kangmei, and from being interrupted.
And looking at Liu Shaobo’s current look with a swollen nose and swollen nose, it is obvious that he and Chen Feng have already forged a death feud. This kind of ugliness directly kills Chen Feng.
“Run? Why should I run?” Chen Feng smiled faintly, a little disdainful, he abolished Chen Yingrou, did not run away, let alone Liu Shaobo.
“Don’t run away?” Li Le was taken aback for a moment, and then he seemed to think of something. He took a deep breath, and his expression suddenly changed: “Brother Feng, you don’t want to kill Liu Shaobo and hide this. Come down?”
Chen Feng smiled, did not speak, but it would not kill Liu Shaobo, but it is necessary to teach Liu Shaobo a lesson that he will never forget, otherwise I don’t know how Liu Shaobo will pester Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng did not speak, and Li Le acquiesced to Chen Feng. He hurriedly talked to persuade him: “Brother Feng, you must not have such thoughts. It is too late to look back. The power of the Liu family is almost covered by one hand. In the realm of heaven, I heard that Liu Yuanqing has a good relationship with many big leaders in Yanjing. If you kill Liu Shaobo, he will definitely find you.”

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