Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 391

Moreover, he is Bai Wenli.
It is the Prince Charming Bai Wenli in the eyes of thousands of girls in China Overseas University.
In front of the 20,000 teachers and students, he confessed to Lin Wanqiu that this is Lin Wanqiu’s supreme glory.
Regardless of whether Lin Wanqiu is truly innocent or fake, Lin Wanqiu will not refuse him at this moment.
Bai Wenli’s affectionate appearance also touched many men and women in the venue, and these men and women started to roar in a roaring manner.
“Promise him!”
“Promise him!”
There was a continuous roar like thunder in the venue.
Everyone’s platform gave Bai Wenli full confidence.
For a moment, Bai Wenli was very proud of himself. If nothing else, he could take Lin Wanqiu tonight and take Lin Wanqiu to the presidential suite of the Hilton Hotel to spend a good night with Lin Wanqiu.
“Wanqiu, promise me, okay?”
Bai Wenli picked up the microphone again and shouted at the backstage, his eyes hot to the extreme.
As if to respond to Bai Wenli’s request, thunderous applause also sounded in the venue.
Finally, Lin Wanqiu stepped out of the backstage in the eyes of much attention.
A beam of oval light shone on her graceful figure wrapped in a white dress, and at the same time, she also projected her delicate face like an elf onto the huge high-definition screen in the center of the venue.
The audience fell silent for a moment.
This is too beautiful, right? !
How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world? !
Everyone’s breathing stopped for a moment, and this thought came to mind.
The skin is fat, the eyes are bright and the teeth are bright, and the eyebrows are curved.
The meticulously crafted face, coupled with the cool temperament like an ancient iceberg, is completely a replica of the Nine Heavens Profound Girl!
Some people even now say that Lin Wanqiu is the Nine Heavens Profound Girl descending to the world, and some people believe it!
At this moment, no one would think that Lin Wanqiu is not worthy of Bai Wenli, and even how much Bai Wenli is not good for Lin Wanqiu!
After a moment of sluggishness, Bai Wenli’s eyes became even more fiery. He walked a few steps to Lin Wanqiu, and confessed to Lin Wanqiu feverishly: “Wanqiu, will you be my girlfriend?”
Lin Wanqiu didn’t have the slightest look in Bai Wenli’s expected eyes. He was moved, but gave Bai Wenli a cold look, and said coldly,
“I have a boyfriend.” Do I have a boyfriend? !
Hearing this information, the hearts of many boys in the venue trembled.
This beautiful god has a boyfriend? ! who is it? !
“Wanqiu, what are you talking about? I didn’t understand?” Bai Wenli’s face also stiffened for a moment, but soon he calmed down, and said with a strong smile, he had to say that Lin Wanqiu’s choice was Too much of his expectations.
In his vision, Lin Wanqiu should accept it ecstatically when he heard his confession.
As for Chen Feng’s stinky cock, how far it should go.
After all, as long as Lin Wanqiu’s eyes are not blind, he can see how big the gap is between Chen Feng and him.
Unexpectedly, Lin Wanqiu was so direct and didn’t give him any face.
“Are you deaf? I said, I have a boy! Friends! Friends! Now!” Lin Wanqiu’s voice was as cold as ever, even with a trace of anger. She has a good temper, and she is weak, but this is not her responsibility. Reasons for bullying!
After being rejected twice in a row, even if it was Bai Wenli, he couldn’t hold on to his face.
His original intention was to slap Chen Feng in the face, but he did not expect that he was hit in the face first.
“Wanqiu, don’t tell me, your so-called boyfriend is the stinky cock with a second-hand Santana.” Bai Wenli’s expression became gloomy. Since Lin Wanqiu doesn’t give him face, then he doesn’t need to give Lin Wanqiu face anymore. .
“What do you mean?!”
“Driving second-hand Santana’s stinky cock?!”
“Bai Wenli saw Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend?!” The audience was shocked, and the message from Bai Wenli shocked many people’s eyes.
Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend is not a tall, rich and handsome man, but a cock who drives a second-hand Santana? !
“Who is my boyfriend has something to do with you!” When Bai Wenli humiliated Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face became even colder, and an unprecedented anger surged into her chest.
“Of course it matters.” Bai Wenli was a little annoyed, “Lin Wanqiu, you are so beautiful and outstanding. You shouldn’t find a dick like that as a boyfriend. You are complacent .” “You…” Lin Wanqiu’s tone stagnated. , Obviously did not expect that Bai Wenli would say such shameless words.
“You should be with me, only I can be worthy of you.” Bai Wenli also gave up. He has lost such an adult on stage today. If he can no longer take Lin Wanqiu, then this person will be lost.
“Bai Wen
Li , what are you doing?!” At this time, Xiao Wei also trot to the stage with an anxious expression, and more than 20,000 teachers and students under the stage looked at it with eyes. Bai Wen Li could be faceless, but Lin Wanqiu could not.
“What’s the matter?” Bai Wenli sneered: “You’ll know soon.”
Seeing Bai Wenli picked up the microphone and turned to look at the audience, Xiao Wei suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.
“Chen Feng, I know that you are right off the stage. If you are a man, stand up, come to the stage, and fight me out!”
Bai Wenli’s deafening voice spread through the microphone through the entire venue.
The entire venue exploded in an instant.
Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend is actually there? !
Right off the stage? !
This is too amazing!
Moreover, listening to Bai Wenli’s meaning, it seemed that Lin Wanqiu’s belonging was decided by a duel with Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend.
This is too exciting.
For a time, all the students became excited.
“Bai Wen Li is too courageous. It’s fine to show his love in public. Now I have to fight another boyfriend?”
“Crazy, crazy, completely crazy!”
“Bai Wen Li’s doing this will probably cause a lot to the school. Influence, this matter is not very glorious after all.”
“Cut, how much impact can it cause? This is a university, not a high school. Public confession, how much impact can it cause.”
“Take a thousand steps back, even if it really caused the impact. Bai Wenli’s father can also suppress things with one hand.”
“In other words, what is the background of Bai Wenli’s father? Why does Bai
Wenli often go in and out of the principal’s office.” “Bai Xiaotian knows?”
“Bai Xiaotian? You said Bai Wenli’s father is Bai Xiaotian?!”
” Damn , no, Bai Xiaotian is a few better grades than Zhu Qingfeng. If I remember correctly, our school library is donated by Bai Xiaotian.
Right .” “Yes, our school library was indeed donated by
Bai Xiaotian.” Bai Wenli’s father turned out to be Bai Xiaotian, and Bai Xiaotian also donated a library to Zhonghai University.

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