Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 397

After Bai Wenli’s piano solo, the violin solo was followed on stage.
After the violin solo, it is the finale tonight, the Seven Fairies Go Down!
The Seven Fairies are an ancient dance, and the seven fairies are also seven veritable little fairies.
Take any one out and put it in school. They are all beautiful women in the class.
Among them, Lin Wanqiu is the most dazzling.
She is like the moon among the stars, once she appeared, she attracted everyone’s attention in the past.
With a white long dress and a graceful figure, Lin Wanqiu at this moment is a lively fairy in the jade palace!
In the soft music, Lin Wanqiu stood on her jade feet and danced gracefully.
Every frown and every smile of her is fascinating and touching.
Everyone in the audience was silly.
Without the slightest surprise, after tonight, Lin Wanqiu’s name will surely resound throughout China Overseas University.
The song is over.
Lin Wanqiu bowed and stepped down.
However, the more than 20,000 spectators in the audience have not yet recovered from the stunning picture.
Some meaning is still unfinished.
It wasn’t until Lin Wanqiu completely disappeared from the stage that the audience remembered the tsunami-like applause of the Mountain League.
After Lin Wanqiu stepped down, she did not take a break for the first time, but came to Chen Feng with a blushing face.
“Brother Chen Feng.”
“Wan Qiu.” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at the girl. Perhaps because of the effort she had just performed on the stage, the girl’s pretty face was a little red at the moment, which seemed very attractive.
“Brother Chen Feng, how do you think Wanqiu dances…?” Lin Wanqiu lowered her head and asked in a low voice.
“Dancing well.” Chen Feng smiled.
Is it just a good jump?
The girl said silently in her heart, her beautiful eyes inadvertently dimmed a bit.
At this time, the host wearing a red gift appeared again. She picked up the microphone and said with a smile:
“Everyone is very curious about the blind date. Who is the last mysterious guest to appear tonight?”
“Curious!” Many audience members. Replied in unison, very enthusiastic.
“I know everyone is very curious, but before this mysterious guest comes out, I can’t tell you the identity of this mysterious guest for the time being.”
“But I can reveal a little secret to everyone. This mysterious guest is a big beauty. “It
‘s a beautiful woman who sings very well. Many of the people present should have heard the song sung by this beautiful woman, and she is still a loyal fan of this beautiful woman.” After the host said this, the station It exploded completely.
Big beauty, she sings very well and she has many fans.
Then this mysterious guest must be a big star!
Many viewers became excited. It was the first time that China Overseas University invited some well-known entrepreneurs or scientists over and invited big stars in the celebration of China Overseas University.
In terms of the grade of China Overseas University, the coffee of this big star must not be much lower, at least the grade of the first-line star.
Which first-line star or singer is it?
Everyone became curious.
“Okay, let’s not say much. Next, let us use the warmest applause, and invite the mysterious guest tonight!” As soon as the host’s voice fell, thunderous applause broke out from the audience.
In the brilliant lights, a beautiful figure appeared in the eyes of all.
The moment this figure appeared, there was an extremely sharp scream from the audience.
Then, as if it caused a chain reaction, the audience began to scream.
“Chu celadon!”
“It turned out to be Chu celadon!”
“My God, how come the school invited Chu celadon!”
“Goddess, I love you!”
Everyone went crazy.
The older generation may not understand this madness, but the younger generation is completely used to it.
Chu celadon is too hot!
Since China’s history, the only actress whose debut is the pinnacle.
As early as when other girls were still in high school, she was already popular in the entertainment industry.
Today, the three characters Chu celadon have become a symbol!
Moreover, the most incredible thing is that after so many years of debut, Chu Celadon has no scandals!
Other female stars, more or less will spread some ambiguity with male stars.
But in Chu Celadon, these are not found at all.
Because there are no black spots, Chu celadon was regarded as the goddess of the nation by the general public a few years ago, and became the dream lover of most Chinese men.
It is conceivable that she appeared at China Overseas University today, how crazy the boys at China Overseas University would be.
The situation at the scene even showed signs of being out of control!
The backstage where Chen Feng is located is naturally not much better.
A group of handsome men and women were stunned when they heard that it was Chu celadon who was on stage.
“It turned out to be Chu celadon! It turned out to be Chu celadon! I must ask her for an autograph later!” Xiao Wei was very excited. After all, Chu celadon was her only idol and the goal of her efforts. I could see Chu celadon on TV, but I didn’t expect it. Today, we are only a dozen meters away from Chu celadon.
Compared with Xiao Wei, Lin Wanqiu was more calm, because she had seen Chu celadon at the high-speed railway station in Cangzhou before, and at that time, Chen Feng also saved Chu celadon’s life. Afterwards, Chu celadon asked Chen Feng for WeChat.
“Hello everyone, I am Chu Celadon.” After taking the stage, Chu Celadon greeted everyone in the audience generously. The audience once again boiled and the audience applauded frantically, with thunderous applause that even the roof was about to overturn.
One minute later, the applause has not stopped, and there is a trend of getting stronger and stronger.
“Everyone applauds again, Celadon can’t sing.” It was n’t until Chu Celadon spoke with a smile that the applause from the audience gradually subsided.
However, the enthusiasm in the eyes of many audiences has never faded.
“What song do you want to listen to?”
“Old friend!”
“July flowers bloom!” There were chaotic voices in the audience. Most of the songs these voices said were famous songs of Chu celadon, and they were very popular. high.
“Then an old friend.” Chu Celadon smiled sweetly and made a decision.
Backstage, Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help but glance at Chen Feng. She is also a woman. She always thinks that Chu celadon sings old friends means something.
“Before singing an old friend, I have bad news to tell everyone that my accompaniment teacher happened to be ill today, so…”
Chu Celadon watched the next circle of the stage and smiled: “I want to invite someone Old friend, come and accompany me. ”
Old friend? !
The three words shocked the audience again.
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the so-called illness of Chu Celadon’s accompaniment teacher is just an excuse. This old friend, I’m afraid, is the point!
Moreover, there is an old friend of Chu Celadon in the field. Who is this old friend?

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