Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 4

Xia Mengyao bit her pale lips, her beautiful eyes gradually turning red. She knew that her mother was right, and Chen Feng was indeed unpromising, and reason told her that she should have left Chen Feng long ago.
But every time he thinks of the gentle and petting eyes when Chen Feng looks at her, Xia Mengyao’s heart can’t help but soften.
Yes, this man has nothing to do, but this man, because of her unintentional stomach upset, will get up early every day to cook porridge for her for three years without interruption.
This man has no abilities, but for three years, regardless of wind or rain, he will pick her up to and from get off work every day, and will only leave after watching her enter the company safely.
In three years, this man has done too much for her…
Before she knew it, Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was full of tears.
“Mengyao, you won’t… fall in love with Chen Feng?” Lin Lan looked incredulous when she saw her daughter look like this. Is this still her own daughter who is as proud as a peacock?
Xia Mengyao didn’t speak, and she couldn’t cry.
She herself didn’t know what to do.
Looking at the crying Xia Mengyao with rain in the pear blossoms, Lin Lan was upset. This was what she had never expected. When Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng got married, she strongly opposed it, but she couldn’t hold back Xia Weiguo. Keep the two together.
However, Lin Lan understands her daughter and is more arrogant than she was back then, so Lin Lan is very confident. Xia Mengyao will never look down on Chen Feng’s uselessness. As long as two or three years have passed, Xia Mengyao will see through Chen Feng Essentially, Xia Mengyao would leave without her saying.
But this time, she was slapped!
My daughter, not only did not leave that wimp, she seemed to fall in love with that wimp!
“Mengyao, mom knows that Chen Feng is very good to you, but you have to understand that two people have to live together for a lifetime and have to consider many things. You can find a man who is kind to you and has a lot of money…”
“Mom, don’t say it, I believe in Chen Feng.” Lin Lan wanted to persuade again, but was interrupted by Xia Mengyao.
At this moment, Xia Mengyao strengthened her inner thoughts, no matter how useless this man is, she will never leave again, this is her life!
“Oh, Mengyao, you will regret it…” Lin Lan sighed. Seeing Xia Mengyao’s expression, Lin Lan knew it was useless.
Regret it? No, no! I will never make you regret it!
Outside the door, Chen Feng clenched his fists.
I believe in Chen Feng.
He waited for these words for three years!
Mengyao, thank you. From this moment on, even if this world makes you regret it, I Chen Feng will not make you regret it!
Chen Feng turned around and walked away. From now on, he has another task to make Xia Mengyao the happiest woman in the world!
He wanted to show Lin Lan, useless, and could give happiness to his beloved woman!
“Master, do you have time now?” Chen Feng received a call from Chen Zhong as soon as he left the hospital.
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng frowned. He had told Chen Zhong yesterday that if there was nothing important, don’t disturb him. He didn’t want his peaceful days to be broken.
“Master, the old slave sees that you don’t have a place to stay in Cangzhou, so the old slave took the initiative last night and bought you a villa from Shen Hongchang. It is on Yuquan Mountain. Master, you can come now if it is convenient. Take a look.” Chen Zhong’s tone was kind of flattering. After calling Chen Zhennan last night, Chen Zhong knew that even if Chen Feng was an illegitimate child, it was not something he could offend, so he stayed overnight. Bought the best villa in Yuquan Mountain, which is regarded as a gift for Chen Feng.
villa? Chen Feng subconsciously wanted to refuse. Although he had obtained tens of billions of assets, he still doesn’t want to be too public. He prefers to keep a low profile. He would rather be the son-in-law of the Xia family than the richest man in Cangzhou.
But after hearing the three words Yuquanshan, Chen Feng changed his attention again.
Because Xia Mengyao once mentioned, I really like the environment of Yuquan Mountain. When I make money in the future, I will buy a house in Yuquan Mountain and then get up early to climb the mountain to watch the sunrise.
At that time, Chen Feng couldn’t afford Yuquanshan’s house, let alone the house, his salary, even Yuquanshan’s toilet, could not afford it.
Because Yuquan Mountain is backed by the water, the scenery is charming, and coupled with the excellent Feng Shui, the houses on the mountain are the most expensive in the entire Cangzhou. Even ordinary residences start at 100,000 per square meter, let alone high-end villa areas.
It can be said that without the Chen family, Chen Feng would not be able to afford a house in Yuquanshan for the rest of his life.
But after having the Chen family, there is no need for Chen Feng to take the initiative to buy it. Chen Zhong has already placed the bought villa in front of him.
Well, just accept it, as a gift to Xia Mengyao. Chen Feng sighed in his heart, but how to make Xia Mengyao accept this gift is a question.
“Okay, I will come.” Chen Feng agreed after he figured it out.
“Master, I will send a car to pick you up.”
“No, I’ll go by myself.” Chen Feng said, Yuquan Mountain is not far from the hospital, and besides, he doesn’t want to be too ostentatious.
“Yes, Master.” Chen Zhong didn’t dare to say more.
Chen Feng rode an electric bike along the road to Yuquan Mountain.
As a well-known wealthy district in Cangzhou City, Yuquan Mountain is well secured.
Even in the ordinary residential areas on the mountainside, there are three steps one post, five steps one sentry, living in such a place, residents do not have to worry about their own problems.
After arriving at the hilltop villa area, the guards were even tighter.
If only the wealthy people in Cangzhou City live in the residential area on the mountainside, then the residents in the villa area on the top of the mountain can be described as rich.
Only nine villas were built on the top of the mountain.
In every villa, there are big figures in Cangzhou City.
Li Juncheng, the top leader in Cangzhou, and Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou…
This is the gathering place of Cangzhou’s top elite class.
It is conceivable that if you want to buy a villa here, what a price is needed, I am afraid that money alone will not work, but it has to be powerful!
Chen Zhong naturally has this power. As the chief steward of the Chen family, the number one wealthy in Kyoto, Chen Zhong can only show his humble side in front of Chen Zhennan and Chen Feng.
But outside, Chen Zhong’s status is not inferior to some top powers, and even worse. After all, standing behind Chen Zhong is the Chen family!
The Chen family that can rule the king in Kyoto where the nobles are everywhere!
“Hey, that kid over there, stop for me!” As soon as Chen Feng rode to the door of the villa area, he was drunk by a voice.
A bunch of security guards in black uniforms gathered around.

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