Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 400

In the Chen family, except for the thirteen houses controlled by Qin Xuerou and the big house controlled by Chen Zhennan, almost everyone in the other eleven houses wanted him to die!
The strength of these eleven houses has long been so great that ordinary people can’t imagine it, and it is simply not what the Chu family can resist.
Even if Chu Zhenguo came forward in person, it was useless.
“Mr. Chen’s meaning, Celadon probably understands, but Celadon doesn’t think that the Chen family will not even give grandpa’s face. If grandfather comes out in person, it won’t be a problem to protect you for three to five years.” Chu Celadon Said, the reason why he can protect Chen Feng for three to five years, not more, is because the old God of War is already 98 years old this year, and he has three to five years to live at most.
Once the old God of War died, the Chu family would collapse like a mansion, and all the glory of today would be the same.
At that time, let alone protecting Chen Feng, the Chu family just wanted to protect themselves. I’m afraid it would be difficult.
“Mr. Chen, Grandpa said that you are a Qianlong. If you give you three to five years, you will surely be able to rise into the abyss, soar into the sky, and have the strength to confront the Chen family.”
“The only thing you lack , Is time. And my grandfather is one of the few people in this world who can give you time.”
Chu Celadon was a little unwilling to continue to persuade her. She knew very well that the reason why grandpa wanted to protect Chen Feng was not only for her. In addition to repaying his life-saving grace, there is also selfishness.
This selfishness is the Chu family.
The current Chu family has long been strong outsiders.
Perhaps in the eyes of the outside world, the Chu family is the first of the four members of Zhonghai, and its strength is not much worse than that of the top six members of China.
But only a few people in the Chu family knew that the current prosperity of the Chu family was just a dream.
Because the old God of War is too famous, all the descendants of the Chu family live under the aura of the old God of War. They listen to the breath of the old God of War, and hang on to the words of the old God of War all the year round, thinking that they are the old God of War. Future generations are proud.
But no one thinks about the way to make progress.
I want to eat my money.
The direct consequence of this is that the talents of the Chu family are now withered.
Compared with the other three great masters of China Shipping, the Chu family has no achievements in the three realms of military, political, and business.
There is neither an official in Xinjiang, nor a rising star.
Once the old war god dies, the Chu family will collapse like a mansion, and all the prosperous past will disappear.
The head of the four major members of China Shipping will become a joke.
The old God of War had a foresight, and he had realized this problem for a long time, so he has been looking for a way out for the Chu family all these years.
But there has been no suitable candidate.
It was not until Chen Feng appeared this time that the old war god saw a glimmer of hope.
It is not so much that the old God of War wants to protect Chen Feng, it is better to say that the old God of War is betting on Chen Feng.
He is betting that Chen Feng is not a mediocre, betting that Chen Feng will have the strength to confront the Chen family in the future!
Once he made a right bet, the Chu family was revitalized.
He didn’t believe that after the rise of Chen Feng, could he not support the Chu family after he died?
Chen Feng was silent for a long time. Chu Celadon was right. What he needs most now is indeed time. Only by giving him time can he grow up.
But the old God of War, can he really give him three to five years?
The Chen family, will the old war god give him three to five years?
After a while, Chen Feng shook his head: “Miss Chu, I still said that. I understand the old man’s heart, but I can’t go to the Chu family yet.”
“I want to wait for someone’s attitude.”
Waiting for someone’s attitude?
Chu Celadon’s eyelids twitched. There is no doubt that the attitude of this person in Chen Feng’s mouth is the key to deciding whether Chen Feng will go to the Chu family.
But, who is this person?
Could his attitude be more important than grandpa’s attitude?
Chu Celadon nodded, remembering this sentence in her heart. When she went back, she must ask who the person Chen Feng said was.
“Ah! What’s the matter?”
Chen Feng and Chu celadon dressing room were chatting closely. Lin Wanqiu outside the dressing room was a little absent-minded, and Xiao Wei called out. There was no response to both sounds, and Lin Wanqiu didn’t recover until the third sound.
“Wanqiu, what are you thinking about, so ecstatic?” Xiao Wei couldn’t help asking.
“No… nothing.” Lin Wanqiu denied with some guilty conscience.
“Is it really okay?” Xiao Wei smiled slyly, as long as she was a person with long eyes, she could tell how wrong Lin Wanqiu’s state was just now, her eyes drifting into the dressing room from time to time.
“Wanqiu, are you eating Chu celadon vinegar?”
“No…no.” Lin Wanqiu became more panic. She did like Chen Feng, but she also knew that she was not worthy of Chen Feng at all.
The women around Chen Feng are more prettier than the other, and even big stars like Chu celadon favor Chen Feng.
“I haven’t said that, the jealous smell on your body can be smelled ten miles away.” Xiao Wei teased.
Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face flushed, and she involuntarily lowered her head.
“Wanqiu, in fact, you don’t need to eat Chu celadon vinegar. You can see that Brother Feng doesn’t have that kind of idea about Chu celadon.”
“As for Chu celadon to Brother Feng… I can’t say for sure. But there is a high probability, and it is not. After all, Chu Celadon is the hottest female celebrity in China. The man who chased her can be ranked from here to France. What kind of man has she never seen? Although Feng brother is excellent, Compared with the men who chased her, I am afraid it is a lot worse.” Xiao Wei analyzed, Chen Feng’s identity, she has not yet figured out the identity of Chen Feng, but the identity of Chu Celadon is clearly there.
The gap between the two can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye.
Lin Wanqiu bit her lip and did not speak. Perhaps there are many men in this world who are better than Chen Feng, but in her eyes, Chen Feng is the best.
The most irreplaceable.
“By the way, what exactly is peak Columbia ah? I think he is very strange, obviously looked like a Cock wire, can be chosen, there is such a big star Celadon Chu friends.”
“And the last time, with a peak brother The uncle who got up to rescue you, do you know? The car that the uncle drove was a bulletproof Land Rover.”
“This kind of car, ordinary people in the country simply can’t drive it…”
“I always think there is something else Feng Feng Other identities, Wanqiu, if you really intend to be with Brother Feng, you must ask these things clearly.” Xiao Wei gave a carefree suggestion.
Lin Wanqiu looked at Xiao Wei with a complicated expression: “Sister Xiao, I never planned to be with Brother Chen Feng.”
“In fact, Brother Chen Feng… is already married.”
“What?!!!” Xiao Wei stared in shock. Big eyes: “You said that Brother Feng is already married?!”
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded: “Brother Chen Feng is a son-in-law, and his wife is very beautiful.”

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