Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 41

But Lin Lan’s face was already overcast at this time, Audi A6, that was a luxury car worth more than half a million. It’s not a waste to buy Chen Feng’s takeaway waste.
“Where did you get the money?” Lin Lan asked through gritted teeth.
Sun Guifang, mother and son, were already stunned at this time. After a long time, Chen Feng was a wasteful car. It turned out to be a car that Lin Lan had bought without telling him. This is a good show.
“Mom, it’s Chen Feng’s own money.” Xia Mengyao lied without a heartbeat.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but warm up. He knew very well that Xia Mengyao said this to take care of his face, but Lin Lan is not that easy to deceive.
Sure enough, Lin Lan glared at Xia Mengyao coldly, and said, “Do you think I’m a fool? Chen Feng is the one who delivers food, with a salary of 5,000 to 6,000 yuan per month. He can not afford it for ten years. An Audi A6.”
“Mengyao, you can honestly confess to your mother, did Chen Feng’s trash confuse you and ask you to embezzle the Yuquanshan project’s construction funds?”
“Mom, what are you talking about?!” Xia Mengyao was a little angry. Lin Lan said so, completely treating Chen Feng as a villain.
“It’s not Yuquanshan’s project money, so where did you get the money!” Lin Lan said sternly, if Chen Feng really wanted Xia Mengyao to embezzle Yuquanshan’s project money for her own desires, then she would never let Chen Feng go.
“Gu Dongchen paid me the money.” Now, Xia Mengyao can’t hide it anymore, and can only repeat what happened yesterday in Guyue Villa.
After listening, Lin Lan looked suspicious, Gu Dongchen would lose Xia Mengyao, and if he lost three million?
On the other hand, Sun Guifang’s mother and son had green light in both eyes. They didn’t know who Gu Dongchen was, but they heard it. Xia Mengyao had 1.5 million in his hands! Even if I bought an Audi A6 for more than 500,000 yuan, there is still nearly 1 million left!
For a moment, the breathing of both of them became heavy.
“Gu Dongchen really gave you and Xu Feirong three million?” Lin Lan asked again.
Xia Mengyao nodded.
After getting back with the affirmation, Lin Lan suddenly became very hot. If it weren’t for Sun Guifang’s mother and son to come today, I’m afraid Xia Mengyao would keep hiding from her, this one and a half million things.
The previous Xia Mengyao was definitely not like this. It must be Chen Feng, who wanted to embezzle the 1.5 million yuan, so he urged Xia Mengyao to hide from herself. After thinking about it, Lin Lan’s aversion to Chen Feng suddenly reached its extreme.
“Why do you want to buy a car for Chen Feng?! Don’t you know how short of money is at home now! Chen Feng is the one who delivers food, can he afford such a good car!” Lin Lan shouted at Xia Mengyao.
After the roar, she turned her disgusted gaze to Chen Feng again: “And you, Chen Feng, it’s better to put away your ridiculous thoughts! I don’t mind if you eat ours or use ours. , But if you dare to be fooled by lard and lie to us Mengyao’s money, you will get me out of the Xia family! Our Xia family will not raise a white-eyed wolf like you!”
Lin Lan’s remarks were too much. Rao Chen Feng had a good temper and was also very angry. He is the heir to the top wealthy Chinese family and needs to lie to his wife for money? !
“Mom, it’s not what you think. I bought the car voluntarily for Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao was about to cry with anger. She did not expect that Chen Feng bought a car with good intentions, and it fell in Lin Lan’s eyes. A selfish liar.
“Shut up!” Lin Lan glared at Xia Mengyao, and said, “Do you still have my mother in your eyes!”
“Chen Feng, I don’t care what method you use, I will return the car tomorrow and give me back the 500,000 that deceived Mengyao. Otherwise, I will make you look good!” Lin Lan Don’t say anything, that’s half a million. Buying a car for a waste like Chen Feng is different from spending on a dog.
“Oh, Lin Lan, what do you think? The matter between me and Chen Feng hasn’t been settled yet. If you want to pay the 500,000 yuan, you must pay me back!” Before Chen Feng could say anything, Sun Guifang stood up first. Came out.
“What does our family matter have to do with you?!” When Lin Lan heard this, Lin Lan was furious. Chen Feng, the white-eyed wolf hadn’t solved it, and Sun Guifang wanted to divide up half a million.
“Lin Lan, how do you say it!” Sun Guifang is also an unreasonable master. He immediately put his hands on his hips and raised his eyebrows: “Lin Lan, you didn’t understand what I just said! Your son-in-law, Chen Feng, he drove to kill me! And he even beat me and my son. It’s impossible to just leave it alone.
“Son, let your third aunt see how Chen Feng beat you.”
As soon as Sun Guifang finished speaking, Lin Dajun lifted up his clothes, revealing bruises on his body. Some of these scars were indeed caused by Chen Feng falling over his shoulder, but more often, Sun Guifang deliberately pinched on the way. Yes, in order to create an illusion for Lin Lan, Lin Dajun was seriously injured.
Sure enough, Lin Lan’s face grew gloomy after watching the injury.
“Sister-in-law, don’t be joking. How could Chen Feng be a trash, beat the army like this.” Lin Lan said, she is not a fool. She has heard about Lin Dajun more or less. She still believed it, but Chen Feng beat Lin Dajun like this, she didn’t believe it.
“Lin Lan, what do you mean! Could I still lie to you! There were so many people watching at that time, it was Chen Feng who beat my son, so don’t be fooled.” Sun Guifang screamed.
Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng did not deny: “I did it.”
It was Lin Lan’s turn to be shocked. Chen Feng was a trash, fighting so hard?
Sun Guifang was full of pride: “Have you heard, Lin Lan, it’s not my sister-in-law who wants to cheat you, but Chen Feng is a trash. He really beat my son.”
“Mom, don’t listen to my aunt’s nonsense. It was my aunt who was touching porcelain at the time. Lin Dajun helped my aunt. He first acted on Chen Feng before Chen Feng counterattacked.” Xia Mengyao explained.
“When the army hits him, he can’t stand next to him? Why did he fight back?” Lin Lan said coldly. Although she felt that Xia Mengyao’s words were true, but in any case, Chen Feng should not treat Lin Dajun and Lin Lan coldly. Sun Guifang’s hands, with Sun Guifang’s shrew character, will definitely disturb the Xia family.
Why fight back? Chen Feng gritted his teeth. If Lin Lan was not Xia Mengyao’s mother, he would definitely rush up and slap Lin Lan. He didn’t expect Lin Lan to be so unreasonable that someone beat him and wouldn’t let him fight back. Could it be that she Is Chen Feng so mean? !
“Mom, you disappointed me so much!”
Xia Mengyao roared, Lin Lan’s words also made her feel very cold. In any case, Chen Feng is her husband, but when he came to Lin Lan, Chen Feng was so worthless, even being beaten.

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